Best Throwers For the Money

Seems like every few days there is a new thread asking what is the best thrower for $XX. Decided to put together a list of the best throwers. Post #1 will only include stock lights. Post #2 will include modded lights with a link to the mod.

Going to list a few throwers below but it is only preliminary and I know it will not be completely correct. Want all of you guys to give me input on which light goes in what order.

Stock Lights

Jacob A60, 66-71 kcd, $12, pencil beam with very little spill
XinTD X3, 46 kcd, $25-$45
Yezl Y3, 62 kcd, $27-$32
HD2010, 40-50 kcd, $22-$37
Small Sun ZY T13
Small Sun ZY T08
Maxtoch X2, 120 kcd, $75
Fenix TK75, 120 kcd, $180-$200
Fenix TK61, 170 kcd, $140-$160
Btu Shocker
Supbeam/Acebeam K50, 200 kcd, $150
Thrunite TN32, 204 kcd, $180
Firefoxes FF4, 430 kcd, $215, HID

Modified Lights

Heavily Modified Lights(includes more than just a driver or led switch, custom parts) and Custom Made Lights

Defiant Super Thrower MRsDNF beam shots
Custom Made Ervin Anastasi

Another cool idea would be to add what is a decent “simple” mod for each of these to improve throw?? & a budge line! I guess that would be a cluster. Everyone has a different idea. lol Just thinking out loud. :crown:

DST dedomed.

Build thread.

Dedomed picture second last.

Would help if you included a reference kcd, lux, or throw stat for each light - ideally ones that are taken from a single source, but I imagine there is no way that is happening.

Also, I don’t know if you tried to list those lights in order of throw, but Y3 out-throws HD2010 and T08.

I guess the most simple would be a dedome or copper.

I had to add a 2nd section in post #2 for MRsDNF’s DST. He’s probably the only one who do do that mod. LOL

I corrected the order and added some numbers…

Jacob A60
Small Sun ZY T08 … 37 kcd (Tom E)
HD2010 … 40-50 kcd (Tom E)
XinTD X3 … 46 kcd (Tom E)
Yezl Y3 … 62 kcd (Tom E)
Olight SR52… 84 kcd (official)
Maxtoch 2X
Fenix TK75… 120 kcd (official)
Btu Shocker
Fenix TK61… 170 kcd (official)
Acebeam K50… 200 kcd (extrapolation from TK61 via selfbuilt and official numbers)
Thrunite TN32… 204 kcd (extrapolation from TK61 via selfbuilt and official numbers)

Nice thread and thank you for the time spent doing this. I have a little question, is there any possibility to add self made light as an new category? I would like to add one or more self made throwers, and there are a lot of other interesting builds that can throw quite well too. :slight_smile:

Solarforce s1100 is also a great thrower.

Stock light: ArmyTek Barracuda. Thibg is a beast when it comes to throwing!

SupBeam K40 as well.

Btw my K50 does 545,000 lux and its been tested. I also had vinh work his magic on it so you can add that to the modded section

I can add another category in post #2 if you would like.

Oh that will be great, thank you. Later when i go to my office, will give link and numbers for one build here. And have one in the works as a pure thrower but need some time to finish.

Are you sure all this is correct, I’m pretty sure Tom E said in stock form the HD2010 would out throw the Y3 but after modding the Y3 was better. The HD2010 has a much stronger driver than the Y3 in stock form. And a TN32 out throwing a TK61, don’t think that is right either.

I’m sure the sources I referenced are correct. Whether the numbers are correct - no, I have no clue.

Here is selfbuilt’s review as source that stock TN32 > stock K50 > stock TK61:

Here is Tom E saying stock HD2010 does 40-50: HD2010 Throw in Lux?

Here is Tom E saying stock Yezl Y3 does 61 and X3 does 46: YEZL Y3 CNQUALITYGOODS Group buy. 3 Versions. See post 274 for delivery details.

Eagletac M3C4 is a nice thrower too.

Thrunite TN31 - very good build quality/design budget thrower.

SmallSun ZY-T13
EagleTac TX25C2
SolarForce Skyline 2

Since this is about the best thrower at each price point, noting the price points might help too.

Someone had a freemind diagram of the 1xAA clicky lights before broken down by all kinds of ways. I haven’t seen any diagrams as useful since then but this is something I thought would be useful for this kind of thing before.