bestelectronic-store Sipik zoom clone story

Wow, i almost feel sorry for these guys. This is part ebay seller report and part report of another Sipik clone light. This was a surreal experience.

I bought what was supposed to be a 3 mode zoom light (High, mid, strobe) for $8.99. I received some kind of cover for perhaps a 7" tablet. Emailed them and they took care of it within a day or two. Several days later a light that looked just like the one in their listing arrived. Below is the revised listing that now accurately represents the light.

The light was a single mode light, so I emailed them and said that I was disappointed. It is a nice light but only 1 mode not 3 as advertised. They emailed back and said that I should do 1/2 click to change modes. I emailed back and said I know how to change modes it is not a 3 mode light. They responded with an offer to refund half my money. I emailed back and told them I would be happy to pay 1/2 price for the light they advertised and they could keep my money for the light I got. I really wanted a 3 mode version of that light and once I knew they had it, I knew that many more could be sold.

At one point I was fed up with the wrong description and I gave them a negative feedback on ebay. Next thing I know they did an info request and got my phone# from ebay. Someone actually called me and said they would refund my money and that when they did they wanted me to revise my feedback. I said OK and indeed they did. So, now I have a free light and they changed the description to be accurate. I'm going to respond to them one more time with a link to this thread. I really hope that someone would learn their is quite a following for these kinds of lights and if a 3 mode were available it would sell very well.

More about the light. I got this one about the same time as the TomTop one from the other thread. Have also purchased a few of the Citipower ones and another unbranded one that came with an Ozram LED. The TomTop unbranded, the Citipowers from Goldmax and pitilam were all identical. Even the other unbranded was the same except for the Ozram LED which was dimmer. All of mine could take either 14500 or AA without frying the driver. Very nice lights for the money.

The silver one from bestelectronic store is different in more than just color. First, the threads on the bezel are deeper, about 2 more threads. The lens is not glued to the bezel but fits neatly in the slider tube. I think a tiny o-ring there or a bead of silicone and it would be water proof. The pill has an o-ring that seals against the slider tube unlike the metal rings of the others. Once I lubed this, it has a very nice sliding action. It would definitely be more water-tight than the others. One place that it does fall short though is that it doesn't have an o-ring where the pill screws into the body. I think I can fix that but haven't yet.

The body itself is just a touch beefier than the others. The switch in the tail cap is press in. It is kind of like the clicky on a ball point pen. It has a little metal ring that contacts a larger one to make the connection. The reason I know this is because mine came with the spring installed backwards. The switch was terrible when I got it so I had to take it apart to see how it worked. Once I turned the spring around and put it back together it has performed flawlessly and has a better feel then the others. Haven't taken the others apart yet so I don't know how typical this type of switch is for this kind of light. All I know is that it feels good and appears to do the job just fine.

The LED is definitely a CREE or a darn good copy;-) Looks like an XP-E to me. It is a touch different than the others though. The die is surrounded by a copper surface while the others are black.

On a fresh 14500 the unbranded TomTop one draws 1.44 amps. The silver bestelectronic-store one draws 1.57 amps. You can see that in the silver one being a little brighter. Flood is pretty similar but the silver one zooms tighter. They both will light up a house that is over 200 meters away but the silver one is more focused.

At $8.69 it is quite a bit more expensive than the TomTop ones. However, I do think it is a touch better light. Worth the extra $? Maybe, maybe not. I sure would be happy to pay $8.99, maybe even $10 for a 3 mode version. Heck if they made it a 4 mode with a real good low and put one more 0-ring in it I would pay even more. It is a nice light.

I didn't need to get it for free. I'm glad they at least fixed the description. However, I really would like it if someone would sell a multi-mode one of these.


At $8.69 it is quite a bit more expensive than the TomTop ones.

You're kidding, right? I know this is a "Budget Forum", but $8.69 being considered "quite a bit more expensive" is rediculous. I consider that peanuts and would gladly pay that much for a light which is superior! Wish I would have known before I ordered the Tomtop one! Also a plus (for me anyway) that it's a US based seller. I imagine you got your light pretty quick, right? Now we just need a full review and some photos. Perhaps in a new thread?

Thanks for this information.


Ok, I just came back and checked the link and it shows "$18.69! Did I miss this previously??? Perhaps.


It shows $8.69 for me +$9.99 shipping.

I once bought a wide-angle lens adapter on eBay from an American seller who described it as a 3-element lens. It turned out to be just another commodity-quality 2-element lens. I hate to leave negative feedback, so I wrote to the seller, explaining that it wasn't worth asking for a refund, but asking him to correct the description when listing this lens so no one else would get burned. No correction, no reply.

After 1 week, I wrote again, explaining that if he didn't change the description within 5 days, I would leave negative feedback. He didn't, so I did.

He was furious. He retaliated by leaving negative feedback about me, calling me a liar. By email, he told me,in effect, "Withdraw your feedback, and I'll withdraw mine!" I refused. He stood more to lose than I did. I also pointed out the facts in a rebuttal to his calumnious feedback.

Ah, the good old Ebay feedback arena :\ It used to be ridiculous the way buyers and sellers would tit-for-tat "neg" each other; so often done dishonestly out of spite, as happened to you. I've often wondered why recipients of defammatory feedback didn't threaten to sue Ebay. Surely such fb amounts to libel, and, as the publishers of such, Ebay are the guilty party, no? Maybe I'm wrong, but it should work that way. I've certainly heard of the company deleting fb, it would be interesting to know if that was the reason. Nowadays of course - at least on Ebay's UK site - sellers can only leave pos for buyers, or no f/b at all; they cannot neg the buyer.

I was just about to order the silver one you mentioned, but its 8.69 + 9.99 for shipping?

Thats like almost $20, no thanks.

Anyway 8.69 for that better built more solid silver Sipik clone sounds good, I wish shipping was a bit lower.

I wish more buyers would leave bad feedback so I could see who the better vendors are.

Because sending someone the wrong item, then you have to pay 50% again for the right item after someone calls you on the phone does not sound like 5 star to me. Id just have to pay extra and wait twice as long to get the light I want.

But I can see mistakes can happen, so then give the guy 3 stars or something...or leave that comment.

Geez! It's now up to $28.69! What does this seller think he's doing??? That's nuts! I saw it drop back down to the +/-$9 range the other day and I should have snatched it up then! Didn't think it would jump up so high so quick!



Looks to me like he "bought" it himself. Check the bid history and the buyers FB. 8 transactions and zero pos FB?? Hmm.. Several Ebay sellers doing this ludicrous price hike with this flashlight at the mo. Very strange.

Is this the beginning of the end for budget flashlights? Maybe the Chinese are protesting

Funny you should say that, I have downloaded a BBC programme about Chinese workers protesting. I shall watch it over the weekend.

As well it should be. As a buyer, my duty is done the second the "Pay Now" button is pressed. I found holding the buyer's feedback hostage was a disgusting ploy used by unscrupulous sellers, and it diluted the validity of the entire system.

I've been a member since 1999, and have seen more than a few shady practices. Still no negs for me, though.

Same here 401 feedback on ebay with zero negatives, from both selling and buying transactions, and most of those were accumulated back when buyers could give sellers neg feedback.

Try entering this into the ebay search: "Mini 3w 250 lumen cree Q5" ....what appears to be the same light is $8.99 w/free shipping, different seller name but it may be the same seller (using a different name?) because the item location is suspiciously the same, also that seller has the same light currently on several auctions starting at $.99, a quick research shows the light has been selling recently for aprox. $5.50 to $6.50. I may try an get one for that price..pocket change!! BTW I'm new here and this is my 1st post.

Welcome to BLF, beam0! I hope you have as much fun here as I do. "beam0® before and there'll be m0 gas." :) I tried your eBay search (Mini 3watt 250 lumen cree Q5) and only came up with a $26.99 flashlight. Who is the eBay seller?

EDIT: ruffles (below) is right. Here's the fixed eBay search.

Change the search from "watt" to "w", and you'll get more hits.

Sorry racoon & you're right ruffles it should have been just w instead of watt, my bad - thanks for correcting me, I edited my reply, also I just noticed the one listed for $8.99 also has a make offer option. The seller is: campingsurvivals, here's the link to that one:

Good one racoon (about the mo gas), took me a minute to get it!

beamo was a nickname i had when i was a kid, (derived from part of my last name) also we used to play a neighborhood game we called "flashlight beam" a night time hide & seek using a flashlight, that may be part of the reason i'm collecting flashlights? OK maybe not -just trying to justify the madness!!