Any experience with this one?

Today I was searching for a Xeno E03 review in Google, and this shop was the first result. They have some very interesting offers, like XTAR WP2 charger for less than $11 with free shipping worldwide. Also, they have Xeno E03 for less than $29.

UPDATE: found some interesting and unique lights I haven't seen elsewhere.

The lights are expensive compared to other sellers.

They need to get their price down

They do have quite the selection though and a lot I don't recognise....or at least remeber (sadly I have a terrible memory)

Shipping isn't free, so that will adversly affect the prices.

Rotating magnetic control switche lights

Red/Green/White Rotating selector

Probably zoom rather than dimming, but it looks good

Osram 6 segment LED, anyone know what it's called?


I've not heard of "power style" before but a few nice lights from them

HUGSBY C28 - 2x18650 light with a rather unusual design.

Yep, they have too many P4 and Q2/Q3 lights

Shipping is free, on the top of the page: "Shipping free around the world"

Hmm odd, I hadn't noticed that so just added something to the basket to see if it added postage on the checkout... which it did.

Q: The price breaks indicated in the online shop normally above 500-1000 pieces. What if you want to order A LOT MORE? Can TOMTOP give you a good quote?


Be Aware!

Ein? XDDDD Example:

Regular Price: $30.00

Special Price: $28.88
Availability: In stock.

Buy 20 for $25.00 each and save 14%
Buy 50 for $20.43 each and save 30%
Buy 100 for $18.57 each and save 36%

Starting from:1 unit

It may waste my money if i can not make it my own. So i will wait.

They do have some good prices Xtar WP6 charger [ like I need another charger ] , but for those that do ...

They have Tons of Li-ion Batteries in all sizes, including Solarforce 16340s. They also have IMR cells.

BE CAREFULL! The flashlights which declares CREE led have STANDARS 5mm LEDs

The dealer does not appeal to me by reading the above posts. I'll stay clear.

Is this worth adding to the sticky dealer database for the unique lights that it offers? The well know popular models that it offers are very overpriced, so I'm not really interested yet. Or if it has an especially good or bad reputation with any of our users here we could add it to the list.

I've sent them some questions. Let's see if they reply me soon Because I like that Xeno For less than $29 with giftbox, R5, good regulation and posibility to use any kind of batts (NiMh, Li-ion, lipo...)

I'm also thinking of buying another WP2 as a present. Very cheap. Don't know, perhaps will buy smt cheap to see if it's not a BS site. If everything is OK, will buy more things.

I've ordered some IMR14500s from them - we'll see what arrives. And when they arrive.

Thanks Don! Please keep us posted.

Yes, keep us posted, because those IMR looks very "suspicious". They seem normal cells (not IMR)

But they are a lot cheaper than the AW ones, so I thought I'd give them a try.

This thing is good priced compared to others:

They can be found also in alibaba:

They have earned the "gold supplier 1st year", which means [from alibaba site]: "To qualify for a Gold Supplier membership, a supplier must undergo and pass authentication and verification procedures conducted by a reputable third-party security service provider appointed by Once approved, Gold Supplier members are authorized to display the icon to demonstrate their authenticity, which means they are a legitimate entity in existence whose identity has been verified."

I think I'll try my luck with them with a couple of UV keychain leds and an XTAR WP2 charger.

Will report the results when (and if...) these items arrive.