Better thrower than the Convoy L6??

Hey guys, Looking at getting the Convoy L6 for an ultra thrower.

Can anyone recommend something that will throw further than this?

Probably the only light that comes to mind is the Olight SR95S UT Intimidator which is obviously a bit more pricey.

The cost isn’t a big issue. Just want a beast that is going to throw as far as possible.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t really recommend a thrower since i’m not much into them but i can tell you the L6 is NOT a thrower.

It’s large die XHP70 and OP reflector forbid it. It will nonetheless throw some distance due to the rather large output but you’ll get a lot of light in the foreground.

L6 is not a thrower. Better look at maxtoch, olight or thunite.

Big reflector, domeless small emiter is the key

If cost isn’t a issue thrunite tn42 throws a mile straight out the box

If that’s to much the MaxToch 2x shooter throws 1100+ yards

Don’t mess around, get a TN42, the best stock reflector thrower straight out of the box, Ultimate Reflector Thrower Modded! :wink: :THUMBS-UP: Check around or get with M4D M4X for a code, you won’t regret it!

Wow! Thanks guys! For some reason I thought the L6 was considered a pretty decent thrower for the price.

About to start looking into the TN42. If anyone has any other recommendations I would be keen to check them out as well.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Wanted a thrower
Thought about SMO reflector in L6 but seeing beamshots and reading about it it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

So started looking at the real throwers and dang all expensive for sure
The Niwalker looks very nice, bit the carrier just seems to have issues
The K70 looks nice but the TN42 just throws further
Opted for a NW and asked M4DM4X for a code, now waiting…

Hmmm I really like the look at the TN42. And for the price, even though its at the upper end of the scale seems like good bang for buck.

Can anyone recommend a good source to buy the TN42? I live in Australia so shipping can be an issue depending on the store.

Kawiboy, did you mod your tn42? If you did, how and what did you do?

Yes join M4DM4X s coupon club, pm him
First rule of this club, do not talk about the price you paid
Second rule, do not share the code

Thanks Miller I’ll give it a go!

One of my mods was a De-domed (not shaved) XHP35HD LD-2M2 Linear driver (led4power) set at 3amps, K70 4S battery carrier, very easy!

Burning the de-domed XHP35 in so it dosen’t smoke the reflector up.

Another was a TN42 with a P2-1C XHP70 FETDDSir800 18awg leads, 20awg bypassed battery carrier springs, running 4-VTC5A’s pulling 12.87amps at start-up 7000+ lumens.

This thing is a total Beast !!! :STEVE:

Very nice! :THUMBS-UP:

What kind of lux numbers did you get?

Never tested them officially, but lets just say, it blows away the stock TN42 thrower! :wink:

And I think I have the farthest throwing XHP70 light too! :smiley:

I shaved the XHP70 P2-1C emitter and now I’m going to de-dome a P2-1C for even more throw, when I get the time! I have done a few N4’s but the tint shift was to yellow for my tastes!

You say cost isn’t a big issue and you want a beast. Would you be open to monster aspherics? I just built a few such record breaking lights in the 2.5Mcd range.

Get the L6 as well!

The L6 is more of a jack of all trades really. Quite floody but has decent throw through sheer output. It’s an absolute beauty though in terms of performance, quality and price. To me it’s a light any enthusiast/collector must have… and both stock the TN42 in Australia.

I’ll second getting the Convoy L6 as well (either direct from Convoy or a bit cheaper from GearBest) - amazing floody light.

I’d also advise getting your batteries from well regarded Aussie eBay seller supersports600.

You can ask Simon from Convoy for 15% BLF discount in checkout delaying payment


If I buy one I might have to send it to you for modding :smiley:

Edit: Found it. ;)