BEWARE! Latest Klarus "Tactical" lights now come without tactical ring

Just received a new XT11GT Urban Camo version, (their latest version) and I couldn’t find the tactical cigar ring in the box

I sent an email to Klarus and they told me that they have removed the tactical ring from their “tactical lights” ¿how is that? and If I want one I have to contact the seller and buy one

The tactical ring is very important in a tactical light, it improves a lot the grip when using the rear switch, especially with gloves, and the cheapest one I’ve found is $13

I just wanted to warn you, that if you buy one of their XT tactical series lights, it will come without tactical ring, it’s a very bad decision!

I also noted that the Urban Camo version it’s not their latest version. I have an XT11S and XT11GT “normal” version and both can be mechanicaly locked twisting the tailcap. But the urban camo can’t be locked this way, the side switch always work. I had a dangerous accident when I started to smell something bad and found the XT11GT Urban Camo turned on in turbo inside my coat pocket!!

For years, Klarus makes products without a minimum of sense. Horrible distribution of modes, long clicks to change modes and all kinds of details that should not do.

A tactical light without tactical ring, it’s not a tactical light and should not be buyed for tactical purposes

Personally, I can’t recommend this company to anyone.

For a lot of manufacturers and sellers the word tactical is becoming just another selling point.

Pretty soon we may be able to buy tactical sunglasses, tactical tooth paste and tactical socks.
Imagine a Seinfeld episode in which the soup nazi says: no tactical soup for you.

Every other commercial these days, from flashlights to sunglasses, everything is Tactical. Do people really fall for this crap? Apparently they do if it’s selling.

Is it still High DEF at least?

We have commercials for tactical sunglasses in the U.S. - if I remember right something to do with the military using them in the desert because reducing glare can save your life, or a demonstration using people who have never looked through polarized sunglasses being amazed at the view.

The proper pronunciation in this commercialized context is tacticool. :))

I guess that is the item? That ensures the buyers will be called: tactifull > tactifool ?

I own a few Klarus lights

XT12s , XT20 1200 lumen version.

Considering buying Xt11 Camo, RS30, and 11X version. Could always swap out tactical ring.

I have them already. And tactical dinner plates (now available in multicam camo!) and tactical wastebaskets.

I think IKEA carries the tactical wastebaskets, finally. Bjørk brand or something.

I got an XT2CR and the secondary button failed after just 2 months (defective contact, only works when pressing really hard on it - i cleaned and tightened everything, problem still there). Banggood wasn’t helpful, Klarus wasn’t helpful (they redirected me back to Banggood). The best I could get out of it was 20 bucks back from Banggood. And that took 2 1/2 months, 12 emails, 5 pictures, 2 videos and LOTS of text and nerves. As I consider myself decent at soldering, I ordered a 10 pack of SMD buttons (the same one as Klarus uses from the looks of it) and will repair it myself. So much for the Klarus 5 years warranty. Pretty disappointing and very frustrating experience nevertheless.
Afterwards I found out on Amazon (German and US) that the XT2CR seems to be defective very often, even DOA.

Agreed. Sadly, I got to that conclusion only after carrying the XT2CR on me for a while. It just wasn’t a pleasant UI for me. I know that some people out there like the UI. I just don’t see why. No firefly mode, not even hidden proved to be very inconvenient as the lowest mode is already too bright to read a map or text in the dark or looking for your keys without blinding yourself. In the outdoor mode (the only one that allows to turn the light on in anything other than Turbo) I often pressed the secondary switch too when trying to momentarily press the main switch. And of course it instantly switched to the lowest mode. Which is very bad for a “tactical” use case in my opinion (and for an “outdoor” use case as well). And without a tactical ring it’s pretty slippery as well.

Tactical Spork

i know many here are just average civilian user who doesnt need such feature so to make fun about, but i deal a lot with those great folks that never show up in forums like these ’cause they’re usually too busy out there maintaining the law infrastructure to ensure you not living in a lawless country, thus they do need practical flashlight for serious situation, and from what they told me all they need mostly is just a good old surefire style raised up tailswitch that always turns on at highest setting, no need for tailstand and sideswitches, and a tactical flashlight doesnt need all kind of complicated modes and switches like market is advertising today, keeping it simple for easy operation under stress is the practical tactical design

klarus used to fits the bill for them back in several years ago however recently they’re pretty much ruining it, my last flashlight from them is an XT1A after my first XT11GT, its bright but damn complicated features which i kept it locked out and only use the tailswitch function, the only selling point they have is the brightness otherwise complete garbage

its very stupid for klarus to get rid of the tactical grip-ring while still leaving a space there for it to collect dust overtime, the older XT2C in xpl hi version at 1100 lumens has a good seal in between the tailcap and body unlike the new XT2CR, yet it doesnt included tactical grip-ring as standard accessories and also not widely sold separately

not to mention klarus has really poor internals, heavy parasite drain on battery for most of their USB rechargeable version also PWM on low modes despite klarus claimed all their flashlights constant current

When/Where did Klarus claim that? oO I am very sure it has PWM on at least the lowest mode.

I have a couple of the newer Klarus lights and they seem great as far as output goes but from 80 lumens on med. to 1000 on high is absurd on the XT1A. I do like my G35 though.

if you check around for older reviews of klarus lights, its a clear indication what lies klarus made before still remains despite they took down some of the false claims from their website

i used to be a big fan of klarus flashlights and often lurk around their website, in particular i notice the XT2CR and XT11GT were both claimed to have constant current drive in the early release date before they removed the description months later, which is why most older reviews will indicate the remains of false claims while new kids like you forgotten what klarus did behind the scene

XT11S was way better than the XT11GT

no PWM and complete lockout by loosening the tailcap

I can’t believe you guys missed out on the “tactical” pens.

As for the rings, I don’t care for them anyway. They tend to get in the way with my shooting style.

I’m not sure if “tactical” is a real term. Certainly it gets used to sell products a lot. Thanks for the heads up about the Klarus dropping the ring.

tactical dog

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