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Hi. Maybe giving an indication of the group buy price would increase interest. This is most often done via PM when people who ask would get answers. Thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’ve been wanting this light for a while now…I’m sure it’ll be at a reasonable price too.

will it be available neutral white?

At this point in the process, yes, I am interested.

Strongly prefer NW.

I don’t think Nitecore will ever offer a Neutral White XP-L HI but I can tell you this, there’s no noticeable blue tint in my MH20GT. It’s a very white tint/beam. Are you familiar with Armytek’s Cool White XM-L2 lights? It’s like that. I hate Cool White tints but I do think the MH20GT is good. Obviously I’d prefer if it was a little warmer but still.

I may be interested depending on price

I understand, but to be fair, we can’t. Our group price will be a fair reasonable price. The discount will be dependent on the eventual volume. To sign up and say your interested doesn’t bind you to actually making a purchase. You will just receive the coupon code if the limit is reached. We do ask that only people who are seriously interested sign up for that reason. Thanks!

Actually, we’ll probably get it in stock next week. I’m not sure if Nitecore has it in stock yet. I’ll have to double check.

I'm interested. Please pm me the price!

Thanks =]
Will the neutral one be available for the group buy? That makes it that much better


Just to be clear just in case. We don’t have the neutral white yet. it may be a few weeks before we get it. We have plenty of cool white. You can request either at purchase but just know that if you want the NW version you might have to wait a tad longer for it to arrive to us first. @BEARS ARE PEOPLE TOO, the price will depend on the final volume but it will be the best we can offer.

Sounds like it will be a great buy. Thanks hopefully enough want it

Also, if you are interested please sign up on the website so we have your email for the coupon code, also so we can keep track a little easier. Thanks!

good to see you initiating group buys!

Indeed! :slight_smile: We’ll plan to do more in the future if this one works out.

I may be interested depending on price.

The OP posted a link in the first post…if anyone is interested, follow the link and put your name on the interest list. You are under no obligation to buy a light by putting your name on the list. The OP is just trying to gauge the interest in doing a group buy for this light and would like to keep track of those that are interested by keeping a list. This is no different from any group buy that is usually done…prices aren’t always known up front. This light runs $99 MSRP, I’m sure the group buy price will be well under that if those that are interested put their name on the list.