Big day today! I get finally my new PC

Its sad but my 4 year old 1500$ performance Laptop is a mess even watching youtube clips the sound and picture is not fluidly played anymore, also Windows 7 support running out

Its a potent 4 Core 8 threads I7 with 965M Nvidia but the old windows does cripple its performance and has a couple bugs

So after 10 years I am going again to a desktop PC

Fractal Design Nano S Mini Desktop PC 20x33x40cm sound insulated case
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming | Intel Z390 | AC WiFi + BT 5.0
Intel Core i9-9900K
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 | ZOTAC Mini
1 x 16 GB (16 GB) DDR4-2666 Corsair Vengeance LPX
be quiet! Dark Rock 4
Seasonic FOCUS Plus | 650W | 80+ Gold | Fully modular

In the picture:
Samsung M.2 Pro 512GB PCI Express HDD
Samsung M.2 Evo 1000GB SATA
16GB Corsair Ram

New Case fans
2x Noctua NF-A14 140mm PWM fan floating mount
2x Noctua redux 120mm PWM fan floating mount (transplanted from the 140mm back side)
Additional CPU Fan Noctua NF-A12x25 120mm

And I got today a litter box robot for my cats to save time every day hopefully


I have a ASUS ROG laptop that is six years old.

I upgraded to Windows 10, but the laptop was working fine even on Windows 7.

I wonder why your four year old performance laptop wasn't working so well.

I'm not a computer expert, but I think the problem is probably software-related if it's only four years old.

Iffn you want it…justify it is EZ. :money_mouth_face:

Yes I am sure its software, but also rendering pictures or videos its slow compared to modern 8 Core Desktop PCs and the fans get noisy

Its not funny to put my Ipad on desktop to watch fluid youtube vids, with a 1500$ laptop

Nice build Lexel. Those Noctua fans work like a charm. I’ve got a few of the 140mm industrial 3000RPM fans in my build and they move some serious air (although a bit loud at full speed). Are you planning to OC the 9900k? Those chips like to run on the hot side, but take pretty well to undervolting.

You’ll have to show us some photos of the completed build! :smiley:

Yes the Industrial move 2 times the air with very serious static pressure of 7mm H2O, but you trade off with almost 4 times more sound level
For relative silent PC 1500 rpm is enough for 140mm or 2000 120mm
I got 3 big fans pushing air in the case with 300m3 per hour on paper , likely 120-150 in the PC, 1 out, I could even remove the top and mount 2 140mm with an AIO but that would likely increase total noise

Is that like a roomba that lives inside the litter box :smiley:

IMO, with the new Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs, I wouldn’t buy the 9900k anymore.

I’d either get the 3800X or 3900X.

i just want to say, AMD has just released their latest 3rd Gen Zen CPU, and it crushes Intel into dust.

but as long as your are pleased with your machine, It’s fine

For certain applications I'm interested in, Intel CPU's work best.

Even if they aren't the best bang for the buck, in the future I will stick with Intel.

I know and still the single core speed the AMD is not better
Multicore the 12 core is better, the 16 core will be far better but on gaming no game supports yet that many cores, price vise the 12 core wont be cheaper
Also pushing the 12 core to the performance in the crushing Intel reviews you need a serious water cooling and pump 50% more power in the CPU overclocked

But I need a stable system I trust not half finished bios on new AMD mainboard with issues

My last AMD was a 500MHz one and it cooked itself because one spring of the CPU cooler broke, that were those CPUs with same mounting like RAM modules

Finally Intels new 7nm 12/16 core will again let AMD look bad, but who knows when they release it, probably not this year

By crushed, he meant that AMD has better single threaded performance/clock.

With better thermals, lower power consumption, and better per thread performance by staying in the same power range, I think AMD took the lead.

However, you still have a great system overall.

Very nice build. I like the 9900k but I early adopted Ryzen upon release and have had zero problems for the past 2 years. I will stick with Ryzen for my next build but there is nothing wrong with the intel since it meshes so nice with nvidia. I’ll probably go all red and navi just to stick it to the man.

Solid setup. I am sure you will enjoy it.

By the way, what games do you usually spend your time on :slight_smile: ?

Congrats for your new PC.

However… I wonder why your old machine suffers from lag in YT videos. I have many pc´s much much older that your old one and none of them have any lag in YT videos. Maybe because I dont see the videos in HD, just 360 resolution

If I hadn’t the issues with my old Laptop I would have gotten a 3900X in 4-6 months, maybe even 3950X
In most cases those 4 or 8 more cores are not used, and I am not planning to do heavily rendering of Videos or 3D stuff so 8 Cores 16 Threads is enough

even the 9900K gives me about 2.5 times more speed than the old 4 Core had, the graphics card almost 3 times more

I have ordered this system almost 2 weeks ago
I had to spent now 2.5 hours drive to the PC shop, because they messed up and put all the extra parts, software etc. to another customers PC (which was luckily not already shipped), so I could exchange everything in my box without waiting 2 times for shipping forth and back

Sure AMDs 7nm process gives them a big advantage in the next 18-24 months
till Intel get also 7nm CPUs, they may even skip 10nm at all which they planned to get 2016 running

also many programs support heavily GPU rendering which is a lot more efficient than CPU, so I won’t miss those 4 cores I could have got later

@Lexel, how much did your fans cost?

I’m seeing a lot of money in them.

for all of them around 100€, they have the latest aerodynamic optimization and have 6 years guarantee

I made some slight changes, added SATA data cables for HDDs on the cable management side
The worker tested the PC after he had the right spacer for it, I told him the front Fans are too loud not throttling down, he showed me where to do in Bios the fan control, but at home I see those fans are recognized as AIO pump and you cant configure it to fan

Congrats on the new PC, always satisfying to make those big jumps in CPU generations.

Bought one last year to replace my 2012 one, and probably not going to change before DDR5 is here, even if i really want to reward AMD now for bringing competition back to the CPU and GPU market.

I built my PC with a similar case and high quality fans. I really like them but they do need setting up in bios to really take advantage of them being quiet and make use of 4 pin/PWM.

The air filters and sound dampening of this case are really good