Big day today! I get finally my new PC

yes the ROG Bios are nice, you can even set the fan to the lowest RPM which is around 300 up to 50°C core temperature

on paper, I have 280m³/h at 1500rpm pushing into the case, I know with filter fan grill etc it will be half that value, you can hear them at full speed, but at lowest PWM they are almost not to hear if its not dead quiet in your room and you are pretty close

Maybe it’s a bit overkill, but I decided against an AIO for the CPU, they tend to fail a lot compared to good fans

and finally I have now 4 fans around the CPU
two 120mm 1200 RPM PWM Noctua

- one as back case fan

  • the other is mounted 90° to that case fan venting through the top, also gives a nice flow above the top CPU voltage cooling block

CPU cooler was from the shop that build the PC a BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 which is one of the biggest you can fit in the case
it has the 135mm stock Be quiet! fan, but I do not like that it is quite far away from the cooler having two 2mm thick rubber straps on the fins

- I added a 2000rpm Noctua which has a quite high static pressure

too bad I can only mount it on the pull side, but this will get in hot weather like last weeks enough, and due to drastically new design with less air gap around the blades and spiral form its quieter than the 140mm at 1500rpm, and still

The total system price is definitely not cheap

1694€ for the PC, its build by a company and I have 3 years guarantee on it, I could have saved a bit buying all the components but there is always a risk you end up in a support trap if something fails

- CPU and graphics card alone cost a bit over 1,000€

- 72€ 2. 16GB RAM module

- 134€ Samsung 970 pro M.2 PCIE with NVME

- 1TB Samsung Evo 860 from my old Laptop

- 93€ 4TB Seagate Barracuda for internal Backup, I got also a 4-year external 4TB but I want fast drive inside for easy backup, and an older drive is more risky to fail

- 40.99€ 2 140mm Case fans

- 27€ the 2 120mm 1300rpm Noctua Redux, I simply transplanted the rubber edges from the 120mm CPU fan

- 28€ CPU fan I used the included rubber band that goes all around the frame

  • 6€ some more pull through rubber mounts as the normal ones are hard to mount in the back side

so bottom line I get a bit over 2,000€ for that PC, so its not cheap but very solid, quiet and powerful

I still think you got an excellent price. It has been a while since I’ve priced anything. But in the past, I’ve seen online custom build shops charge more than that for a much lesser machine built.

Something is seriously messed up then. I have a 7-year-old Lenovo laptop with i5 CPU which cost around $800 back then, and it still plays youtube videos just fine under Windows 7.

You can use msi afterburner for fan control.

I have repaired out of need.
I’ve never upgraded from need. :money_mouth_face:

Regarding the premature demise of the $1500 4 year old laptop, I don’t think it’s a software issue, it seems more like a cooling issue where the system can’t dump enough heat and downclocks itself , suggesting part of the cooling system has failed . If you open it up, blow out the dust, check that the fans work, then refresh the TIM, thermal pads, and consider copper shims where appropriate it should perform more like it did previously if not better. It could easily be something as simple as fluff blocking an intake so maybe with a bit of work this system could be restored to functional use.

As for Windows 10 support, that should also be good on a reasonably high end laptop made in the last 4 years - my partners Lenovo is much older yet has Windows 10 drivers - *nix support should be fairly good as well. If you can’t find drivers for that specific model, a good tip is to look for enterprise grade systems built around the same time as they are often contractually required to support those for much longer than consumer systems, and they often use compatible drivers.

I blow out every year the coolers with compressed air of my laptops, I did it like a month ago when problems started, but it didn’t help, the fans run and move a decent amount of air and heat

I will put the original saved OS backup over the SDD when I am finished with moving, and then will do stress test with Prime95 and GPU benchmark to see if it is still bad

I had also in the past 4 years on my Laptops

- 2 times the graphics card replaced under guarantee (DELL and XMG)

  • I gave my 2. last Laptop 2000$ to my dad when it was also about 3 years old, but it simply died by main board failure when he had it less than a year, I sold the SSD, CPU and Ram for like 250 bucks, graphics card was a fast NVIDIA but integrated in the main board

This is mainly the reason I am going back to desktop PC, you can replace dead components

-single core IPC of new Ryzen is acceptable now, not too far from intel, i doubt that you will notice this difference in daily using
in gaming, some latest benchmarks (with latest BIOS. it’s new CPU, so BIOS must be updated to optimize them obviously), show that Ryzen is equal or better than intel
-and to crush Intel CPU, you dont need custom Water Cooling, actually you can use stock fan, it’s much better than the intel one

i believe this is not true

IPC is actually better than Intel now.
Was about the same with Zen and Zen+.

AMD just needs a bit of a clock speed boost, and every victory is achieved.

And I have to agree on the cooler front.

The CPU is very efficient, even the 12 core one. It’s actually the mobos consuming a lot of power.

It is except in gaming workloads, hardware unboxed tested 9900k vs 3700x at 4 GHz.

I’ve seen that air cooling matches if not outperforms aio coolers. I might go noctua on my next build.

I definitely plan to go noctua air cooler for my next build.
Currently I have a large Cryorig air cooler for my i5 6600k and I’m a big fan. I don’t trust most AIOs long-term just in the rare event they go bad.

Yeah, and after I saw this very video from LinusTechTips:

I’m not going with watercooling ever unless it uses some type of special phase change material for extreme efficiency.

OK after Installing Atmel Studio 7 I had graphics errors

I saw a post to disable hardware acceleration and it worked, seems the new RTX graphics cards are not supported by Atmel studio

Or a robot dog that eats Kitty Candy?

i9-9900k Mmmmm candy!

I have never been able to get atmel studio 7 to run on ANY device. Not my win10 pc or win7. Studio 6 will run on windows 7, or a windows 7 pc upgraded to windows 10 but I’ve never had it working on a windows 10 fresh install. :frowning:

I had it running on a Win7 box but I read somewhere that it doesn’t run on Win10.

So now I wiped my old laptop installed new Win10 on it and installed all drivers

Benchmark result is devastating, seems there is something not right with the GPU
really low quality graphics 3D Mark score even way below Office 2013 PC
561 where it should be like 26,000

new one

with way more complex graphics