Black Color Sky Ray King 3x XML U2 1B Custom-made batch

Hello Guys,

Update: 2012.11.02

NEW Batch of Sky Ray king Black is now in stock for sale.

Price : 65 usd including Registered shipping.

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LED: Cree XM-L U2 1B CW / CREE XM-L T6 3C NW
Brightness: Max Output 2500 Lumes
Total Emitters: 3
Material: Aluminum Alloy body; Stainless Steel Bezel
HAIII Anodised Finish
Battery Configurations: 4*18650rechargeable batteries (not included)
Switch: Press switch on the side
Modes: 3
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Lo >Hidden Strobe ; Press the switch for 3 seconds, the strobe mode will be activated.
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Reflector

Accessory: 1x Landyard , Packing box ; Spare O rings

Quality of this batch is super nice! Highly Recommended!

Any question please feel free to ask.

Thanks and Best Regards!


I do like the black colour but I have one question.
Is the driver the same as in the original king?

I’m not sure about the difference in efficiencies between T6 and U2 but if they’re driven at the same current then wouldn’t the U2 be the same as the T6?

Med mode please.

I have 1 SRK in gold…Whats the trade in ??

I also want to know about the driver please RIC … is it the same as the existing gold King, or improved / bumped up a little?


+1 on driver question, please :slight_smile:

Your spec sheet says HI>LO>STROBE whereas the original King has HI>LO>OFF and Strobo is hidden, accessible holding the switch depressed with the light on.
Is it just a typo on your sheet, or driver and modes are different from original king?

Yeah, just black ano alone wouldn’t justify buying a second King. Would like a medium mode just a little more than the current low and the low replaced with a moon mode. Many have avoided buying a King because of the two mode limitation. Make it a versatile 3-mode and you will not only sell this to members that already have the original King, but you will sell plenty to those who hated the gold and/or 2 mode design.

Really hard anodized or the usual soft stuff?

I don’t care much about either color, but it needs more modes. 5 (or more) widely-spaced modes without any flashing would be perfect, but just a medium with other flash modes would be fine. My DRY is almost perfect, other than heatsinking - 4 modes all steady. I wonder if flashy modes really sell more lights? Not that I expect everyday people to be using li ion powered lights, people who would be awed by strobe.

I get no picture on the FF website in either Firefox or Safari.

Strobe in a $65 flashlight is a killer for me. I'll put up with it in an inexpensive light, but I'm with JohnnyMac on this one. This thing should have a more sophisticated UI with H-M-L. Hidden Strobe is ok, but having to cycle through an unwanted mode is a pain. Just coming out in a black color is not enough.

They wait for us all to settle on Gold, and then make the black so we all have to buy another one. Damn sales schemes hey? haha.

I do like the gold, but the black with free custom logo feature and U2 is pretty awesome. If it had a medium brightness or lower low and drove the U2’s a little harder this would be an easy sale for me!

Does anyone have examples of custom logos they’ve had done yet?

Thanks Ric, finally a black option! I’m assuming that the only differences from the other version are the colour, U2 bin and custom logo.
How exactly does the logo thing work? Do we just place an order then email a .ai file?


Does this use the same driver as the “original” golden version? Your advertising specs state this black version as 2500 lumen, whereas the gold version is advertised at 2000 lumen, but we all know that advertising by manufacturers is rarely accurate.

Or … are the only differences the colour and the U2 leds?


Ric, are you still alive? I think many of us are awaiting your response.

Damn pictures aren’t showing.

I will ONLY buy it if you can do five modes with no blinkie!!

Candlelight, moonlight, low, medium, turbo!

And make her pull some BIG amps on turbo! :wink:

If you can fit TOYSAREFORBOYS on the flashlight I’d get that, but failing that either TAFB.XXX or if you can’t fit that then just TAFB. Want a MONSTER big font, like fills the entire flat area :wink:

-Jamie M.

I will order 2 if you can do a medium mode J)

A U2 binned XM-L is roughly 6-7% brighter than a T6 when all other things are equal. The U2 is slightly more efficient.

The xm-l’s are binned based on output at 700 mA; e.g., output for a t6 at 700 mA is 280 lm min, whereas a u2 puts out a min of 300 lm at the same current.

At least, that’s my understanding.

i.e., what cainn24 said :stuck_out_tongue: