Blank Pillar for C8, 16 mm Emitter, 17 mm Driver??

Looking for someone that sells a blank pillar for a C8 that uses a 16 mm emitter and 17 mm driver? Aluminum preferably, but at this point ill take anything! Looked everywhere I know of and only found one that take a 20 mm emitter.

20mm -> 17mm Adapter for a Nanjg 105C driver

edit Disregard, you meant 16mm star not driver

You can use a 16mm board in a 20mm sized hole, just be sure to center it properly.

The actual emitter is only 5x5mm if we are talking about a xml.

Oh you mean a 16mm star?

Cant you get a 20mm sinkpad and re-flow your emitter?

And as musicmagic said you can use a 16mm star in lieu of a 20mm star, you just need to make sure it’s centered before you bond it to the pill

I didn’t ready your initial question close enough…sorry

I figured you could use a 16 mm on a 20 mm pillar, just be a lot of extra room on the pillar surface. I guess it doesn’t matter. Now those partition boards, aren’t they adapters for the drivers? I was kind of curious how those work to.

Yes, adapters for 17mm drivers to fit 20mm driver pills…I misread your OP…my appologies

Sure I can, but I have a few xp-e’s on 16 mm aluminium pads I would like to use up.

In a C8…ouch, that’s a waste

You could always try to build a few small A123 or 16340 type lights and put them in them
I am building a few of the FT UltraFire 602C w/ the 101-AK-A1 (1400mA) driver in em, since the XP-E might not handle 1400, then run the AK-47A at 1040mA…I had a few XP-G’s that I needed to get rid of too, for a total of like $6-7~ have a teeny pocket light

Something like a C8 needs some oomph to em…and a XP-E is a bit anemic isn’t it?

Not for what I’m building. Im not trying to build a light that will warn ships of land, I’m more or less making scanning lights for wild game, so really dont need to be to intense. Just some cheap lights for a few friends.

Should work nicely then :slight_smile:

Not to highjack my own thread, but how do these work? A little confused.

If you have a pill that takes a 20mm diameter driver, but only have a 17mm diameter one (the Nanjg 105C or equivalent), this is an addon board you attach the smaller driver to in order to fit it inside the pill properly.

More or less an expansion board

The link provided shows in pictures what it’s for

There is also an alternate method, a fellow BLF’er designed a 20mm PCB where you strip the components from a 17mm Nanjg and surface mount to the 20mm board…and get this

P.S. In this build I realized I messed up on the component placement…the resistors and cap should all be going one direction on the board, I have fixed that but in the attempt to re-flash the ATtiny…I broke my SOIC chip