Blast from the past the Xeno E03 flashlight.

Yeah pretty sure, tried it with the tail from the other light and it didn’t make a difference. Sometimes you can slap the light against your palm and get it to fire up, but over time that’s worked less and less often. Probably someone more savvy than me could fix it, but I haven’t really modded or worked on my lights before.

I have a couple around somewhere.

They're great little lights.

I don't use AA or 14500 flashlights very often anymore.

I still have my purple one. Still running the same decade of Trustfire “flame” 14500. It was a mini-lumen monster back in the day!

I remember when TrustFire flames were considered a good budget battery.

Nowadays there are better choices, and a lot of fake flames around.

Xenos were a little under powered but built like tanks.

was one of the first 5 lights I ever purchased as I recall. I think I paid something like $33. Just sits in a pile now, unused, with the others :frowning:

very nice construction, knurling, etc. in my opinion.

Same here, but I try and get my little used lights out and carry them around for a week, or so, like my SWM V11R. Problem with the E03 is that it doesn’t have a clip and I clip my smaller lights in a pocket when out and about. I’m sure I could find something, since there are lanyard holes, but I just drop it into a pocket and move other stuff around.

I want a red one, but we’ll see.


My wife still has hers. The biggest reason she likes it is because it’s blue :slight_smile:

There were a few guys putting pocket clips on them. I think it is a Fenix pocket clip but can’t remember the model. It’s on tight and doesn’t slip. In fact it was probably a little challenging getting it on. My wife uses hers about twice a year. It stays in one of her gear bags when we go camping.

It is not bubble gum colored in real life. But for $20.00 red is fine. Still considering a blue one but it has to be warm white tint. Nice and bright with a 14500 but as many have said mode spacing not that great. Amazon just delivered it a few hours ago.

It is red in color. If you had your heart set on bubble gum I guess I am the Grinch. I think Amazon has 2 red ones in stock.

Just checked the accessories package. You get a lanyard and (Drum Roll) a spare switch. Yes switch not boot cover. Cool.

I too got a spare switch, some 6 years back. I like the double O-rings.

I just picked up a second SWM D40A, this time in NW, from Illumination for $35 and free shipping (got three more Xtar chargers: 2 MC1+ ANTs and a VC2 Master Blaster, for the $50 minimum, so I’ll be holding off on another E03, but that’s on my mind.


I must add the E03 is quite a flodder. Nice for around the house work. :+1:

I had waited for so long to buy the e03 that when wallbuys threw out the deals I was ready .It was one of those timed deals where you had to jump jump jump I got two blues & two blacks 16$ for a xpg2? blue and 17$ for the xmls .Also grabbed an e15 AAgrey with the extra body tube to make it a 2xAA..Crazy aggressive knurling on it .for years I'd owned the F8v5 and the F8 v6 lights but felt very out of touch while everyone was enjoying their E03 tigers .very interesting cool cut outs and at 15$ it still would be a must buy light ,,bigger compared to todays smallish sized lights but worth every bit of 15$ ..lastly I grabbed a few Es1's which are a much much smaller AA Xeno light .Same great quality and nice nw tint as well .

Way back when Vectrex asked me to buy him some Fenix clips from the U.S. Fenix store and ship them to him in Gemany. I remember shaking my head thinking who cares about these dumb clips ?? [Two or more years later kicking myself for passing up stellar 1.50$ clips ]

Xeno lights even as a host are worth the price of admission .

Nice enough lights that they are worthy of dropping the next best newest emitter option in them to give new life to a few old soldiers .

E03s ' are built like tanks and just visually cool lights.

I have many flashlight that start in moonlight (firefly) mode now. When the Xeno’s first hit the market I did not have any that started in firefly mode. I did not like that the Xeno’s started in medium mode and the sculpting on the barrel for fingers looks weird. But my my the E03 is a flooder. I just bought a blue E03 warm white from So I can use the Xeno’s for work and DIY projects. They are really gems.

The image links are dead but I put a PD10 clip on several, it was rock solid once in place.

Fenix clips fit Xeno E03

Seven year old thread…yay. lol I’ll have to dig around to see if I still have those old pics.

Bit of a necro, but there might be some spare Xenos still available from EDCplus.

I got a couple, and they’re quite nice.

I hate MLH mode-order, but it’s such a nice light and lowest with 14500s is hella bright anyway, so I know I will be ruining my night-vision anyway if I use it, so I know enough to not use it when I don’t want to ruin my night-vision. So poking under desks during the day, or looking down alleys at night, bright is plenty.

Great general-purpose light, built like a tank, buttery smooth beam, pretty ergo, what’s not to like?

And EDC’s clearance prices? They’re a steal.

I (re)stumbled upon this thread trying to find its “hidden modes” (strobe/beacon/sos). Hell if I know how to get ’em. Which in itself is a good thing, but I like to be complete.

“2/. Fast click (half press) no less than 3 times at any illumimation output, you will get the functional output.”

-Good luck!

Been trying that a whooooole bunch of times, no joy. 3, 4, 10×. If it were bistro I’d’ve been in config mode a dozen times already.

Might be an older one without blinkies, dunno.

I’m not going to cry myself to sleep over it, though. Trust me. :laughing:

I remember buying several of these back in the day. It was the first AA/14500 compatible light with the XM-L (first gen) emitter that I was aware of.