Blast from the past the Xeno E03 flashlight.

Mmm, that’s why I like the E03 a bit better’n the ES1, that 14500 compatibility.

That’s a solid chunk o’ light for an AA!

yea, the E03 was one of the very first of over 100 lights I have purchased. I thought a lot of it at the time, paid some $30+ for it as I recall. I do remember being a bit mad finding out that a later version of the light had these additional modes.

Imagine getting the FW3A for less money today. People were getting it on Amazon for less than $30 with a code from Vipon :slight_smile:

We’ve really come a long way.

I still use my e03 now. I looked at at the box and it was 10 years ago since i last bought it. Still works and i wonder if emitter swap is compatible with this light.

I’ve a G42, real shame xeno doesn’t seem to be produced any more. My G42 is probably the nicest fit and finish of all my lights. I was put off the original E03 by the bright low on 14500s, but in retrospect, I should have got one!

They work great with AA’s, if you don’t want them as bright.

My blue Xeno EO3 T5 was one of my first li-ion lights that I bought and it’s still kicking butt.


Still hate the MLH mode-order, but treating it like a 1-mode light, it’s hella nice.

WW with diffusion film, great for poking around the house at night…

I use mine as candles, with wand diffusers, during our annual fire and power outage season.

Just posted, a below-cost sale:

Several Xeno and other brands.

I’m a Xeno brand fan myself. Well-made lights.

Had to check to see if this was an E03 and yep sure is. I forgot how long XML has been around.

Just got 2 more e03’s. Gotta love’em. It’s about 2 years since I posted about the last 2 which was years after the first 2. I seem to be using the ww more than the rest even though it has the lowest output

i ordered mine from edcplus 2 days ago and it’s already out for delivery…still more left if anyone is interested. Jason and company are really on the ball…!

I have WW and NW, and like them both.

The main claim to fame with this one was the availability of warm white and neutral options for relatively low cost which was very rare 10 years ago.

I still have my working neutral XM-L version with the ugly ringy beam. I think the reflector must have been meant to work with the XP-G.

Diffusion film. Trust me.

Soooooooooo nice…

Yep. XM-L T4, T5 and T6 IIRC.


I still haven’t use my extra tail switch. Such a durable light.

I just bought one of these, from a seller here on blf. Never knew anything about it til reading this thread. Just looked cool when I googled it and I saw it runs in 14500. Excited for it to come in now

how hard would it be to put in a new driver and led…mine just bit the dust

Got a e03 this week, absolutely love it. Buying 2 more .