BLF-348 replaceable parts...and where to get them

I mentioned in my other thread (updated last week) my wife dropped her BLF-348 and now the switch is messed up. The light will come on when I bypass it with a knife or paper clip.

For the life of me, I’m struggling getting the switch to back out. There is only one hole that I can see. Is it a clockwise or counter-clockwise to remove the switch?

Also, any source for replacing the switch or am I really just starting my own collection of flashlight parts? ME has some switches but until I get it out, I can’t tell how big it is.



Been a while since I had a 348 but it could be one of these press fitted in so you need to press from the button side to remove.

At the end of the day, you could always just buy the SF-348 for under $5 and swap out parts if needed, since they are pretty much the same light.

I can confirm that the BLF-348 tail switch is press fitted and must be removed by pushing thru from the button side. Be sure to press the button only (not the immovable retaining ring surrounding the button) or else you’ll have a helluva time pushing it. It’s in there pretty snug, but I was able to remove it without a vice.