BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

Any custom BLF light should have square cut threads, not the cheap skinny sh*tfire threads.

NICE!!! :beer:

You tell’em PAL!!! :bigsmile:

If a UranusFire S3 clone can have them, why can’t the rest of them?


Sounds like a medical condition I should speak to my physician about.

That price on an HD2010 seems really high… especially unmodded in any way. I’d way rather have a Courui D01.

Cross pollinate:

I think that I like this thread better.

The other light is too big for a pocket (as is this one), but at least this one does not pretend.


Agreed… if I wanted a pocket thrower, I’d mod a C8 or something.

I want a BIG head Monster Budget thrower. I’m talking 65mm or larger reflector diameter… 70-80mm is better.

I would like a blf trower . Personally i like the 3 x 18650.
It gives you more runtime so you dont need to swap battery’s every 2 minutes especially with a high amp led xD

Courui D01 is already a budget thrower and uses 3x 18650 in parallel for long run time. It has been modded lots of times successfully by different people. What I’d like to see, if a BLF Courui D01-SE is born, would be a FET +1 7135 driver with TK’s A6-SE firmware, a XPL High Intensity emitter, and better wiring throughout (tail-cap wiring is currently quite stupid) to keep the amps high to the emitter.

I’m already a big fan of my thrunite tn31, so a big headed flashlight is no problem for me. It’s kind of fun to bring out the big boy and watch everyone else’s jaw drop in awe.

^ +1 on Every David just said.

I already planned on a D01 anyhow… if I can pay a wee bit more and get a much improved light pre-modded to BLF preferences, all the better!

+1 but with 86mm reflector from kaidomain. That would be my Dream with a driven Hard XHP-70 i know it would not be very throwy with this LED but a Monster

Is there ANY that size? I’m thinking about the Maxtoch 2X

Its 68mm dia

Now I think the issue would be either to run a GB for light with the Acebeam K40 kinda build or the plunger styled lights…


What you have just described is EXACTLY what I want, David!

I have an Acebeam K40M and it needs a THROWY partner:-)


+2 :bigsmile:

Oh yeah, just remembered - the Courui D01 needs a better thermal path from the emitter. The thin pill/plate that is used in the stock light is not going to work for a hot-rod mod! Some guys have already in the past made and sold replacement pills for this light, so we at least know what we need already. :wink:

So, if we’re in agreement about the BLF Courui D01-SE group buy, who’s gonna be the one to get it going? 8)

Well, I for one like the way you’re thinking, so How About You, David?

Thank you very much!

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! :smiley:

Oh wait. You’re serious? :open_mouth:

Sorry, haven’t got the time. If I did have any spare time right now, I’d be working on my contest light. :frowning: