BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

Was wondering - the one vertical standing pic seems to show that in a C8 size or so, but others seem to show the head bigger. KD's pics (and website in general) is horrible - nothing much improved.

Not much info here either.

That KD light looks good but the bezel is too thick, reflector will not be as big as it could be. Hate when they do that.

But this Lustfire D02 has the side switch and is 26650.

This listing shows dimensions, they list it as 54mm head;
Here would be bulk buying at $23-30 ;

The Lustfire K 08 lights were beasts and the smaller D01 was a nice C8 size head with 2 26650’s and easy to do simple resistor mod for 5 amps.

wow! nice find! :smiley:

Here are some nice pics and specs, must do translation;

Nice cross section shot shows the head at 60 mm and reflector at 55mm.

On the road X5\_AB-M67_B9&acm=03067.1003.1.149087&aldid=EUNnFISi&abtest=\_AB-LR67-PR67&scm=1003.1.03067.13_15823076098_149087&pos=1

looks like roughly $46-49 US conversion

Same size head as the X3

What’s the main difference between the X3 and X5?

The X6 is here, pricey, but the head diam is 54 mm:

18650 vs 26650 looks like the main difference.

I’m not aware of this happening. Which GB are you referring to?

Hey Krono.

Retail = $68.50
GB= $63.50

Difference = $5, but only if you buy 50 units.

Granted, you get an XPL HI swapped in for a U3.


So it is not just ten cents worth of engraving then, huh?

You also left out that amps are going to be cranked up as well.

too pricey for a budget thrower for me

That’s the GB I have going so, maybe can shed a bit of light.

In addition to the XPL HI and engraving, there is also the higher amp driver going in the light, free tracking included in the price (which is usually an extra charge, most places, from what I understand), (and if wanted) the holster for half price and the remote pressure switch for half price, with the light purchase (shipped together with light).
Also if higher numbers are reached the price reduces more.

I still prefer a BLF thrower which is compact, 18650 (26650 is too bulky, we're talking throw not runtime, which is still fine with a 18650 btw), 55mm smooth reflector, no side switch and removable brass pill for easy modding, preferably lego-able with the EE X6 or to our new BLF-standard: the BLF-A6 ;-)

Something like that sounds good too.

I might even be in for it, if a GB is started on something like you are talking about.

I was just trying to clear the air with the GB I have going being a little more to it than an emitter change and some lettering is all.

I just hate to see a lot of tension over this stuff, when there is really no need for it to be, and each person has their own ideas and preferences of what their ideal light is, so I am not judging anyone for what they want.

Agree! And in the end all I can do is give an educated opinion, and then happily resign to the real decision maker on what kind of flashlight this is going to be: the person dedicated enough to make contact with sellers+manufacturers and starts getting the light made.

You have a great idea here with the lego, how about this;

A Group buy of just a Flashlight head that can lego onto a Convoy C8, or the EE X6.
Both of these tubes are of good quality with good tight threading.
Why keep buying entire flashlights when all you want is bigger/smaller head with better Driver’s and emitters?

Shipping costs would be less, and more importantly all the money can be spent on quality internals, brass retainers, thick walls, quality reflector and good AR glass.
Food for thought.

Yes, I like that idea. Kind of like Solarforce used to sell (maybe still do) heads for their L2 lights.

I prefer single 26650 or triple 18650 for a big thrower. The big or multiple cells help ensure driving it is not a problem and because it uses such a big heavy reflector, it feels more balanced.