BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

Thing is: a reflector plus housing does not have to be heavy at all, it is just aluminium, see what Thrunite and Fenix do with the weight.


I pretty much agree with all of this, but will also say that a 1x26650 body would feel good in my hand. - But, I am willing to go along with the crowd on whatever they decide. :slight_smile:

This would be for a Compact thrower.

Already got the Midrange Thrower covered, because I took Martin up on his Group Buy for the Olight SR52 HI - It was shipped yesterday by DHL!… Only other time I have used DHL was for a K40M (Banggood), and it was 5 days - Payment to Door!

CAUTION! - The use of a Premium shipper will almost Guarantee that Customs will want their share from you! :frowning:

For me being in the US, if it’s a Flashlight and it’s less than $200 it’s Duty Free!

YMMV :frowning: So please check here first!:

Sign in | The Duty Calculator - Better to be safe than sorry.

So that leaves me open to the suggestion by djozz for a Compact thrower, and for a…

…Custom, BLF Big Head Courui D01! - You know… The one with the Extra Large custom KD reflector? - I would be in for one of those with perhaps a XHP-50? - Or Not… I’m sure that the XP-L HI would give better throw, but 3000 lumens from the XHP-50 Would be nice. :slight_smile:

The XHP-70 would give 5000 lumens, but at the expense of a larger hot spot… Sort of taking it out of the ‘thrower’ category, and into the Blaster realm, relative to the smaller XHP-50 or XP-L HI . - JMHO.

What do you guys think?

Now for a Pocket thrower? - I have a P60 XP-L HI V3 2B coming from RMM… Will be here Saturday. - It’s going into a Solarforce L2M. - 1x18650 or 1x 18350/16340 if you want! - So it’s a Shorty too! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, and Have a Great Day!

I think everyone should have at least one Xhp70 light. I have one running 7+ amps in a Solarforce host and it still blows me away everytime I switch it on, lighting up everything as far as I can see where I go to test my flashlights.
I use protected cells and they handle it without issue. I dont know the actual distance as there are multiple tree lines but nothing can hide in the swathe of light. Thats with a 55mm reflector.
My mate who has no lights at all said “omg,I need to get one of these when he pressed the power switch.

I think it’s time to repost this.
Looks like a decent candidate for a BLF thrower. (

I’m good with 26650 as well, still like the Convoy’s or maybe the tube from the Xtind.
With Convoy working on a new L2, maybe Simon can whip up something special?
L2 is nice because it already has 2 piece battery tube and nice brass fittings.


Shenzhen wholesale would not provide a sample unless paid for. When shipping was added as well, it wasnt so good.

For that amount ($55) you could almost buy a Maxtoch M12 Mission.
With braided springs and dedomed Led (on stock board) mine did 155Kcd already.
With LD1 driver and XM L2 U2 dd on Maxtoch DTP board it does 240Kcd.

But: way to pricey for a BLF GB.

I would go with Djozz for the Aliexpress 1 * 18650 light.


P.S. My Courui D01 does 345Kcd (braided springs, LD2 driver, copper pill, XM L2 U2 dd on Maxtoch board).


I’d be interested in just the lego-able head for say $25 for 100kcd up to $50 for 200kcd, depending on what other features are thrown in (pun intended :slight_smile: ).

So how much would you pay for this with an XP-L HI and a driver like the BLF A6 (FET +1 7135)? I am thinking this would be a good candidate for a GB…

How about a GB for just this as a host? What would you pay for a host like this?

This light ready to shine?

I would pay $35. - Do you think that is reasonable, or am I out of line?


That’s just an hd2010 copy so could go that route potentially for this rough ~$35ish price point, but I think the point is to be slightly different than what is currently available


So, Cree has made a new LED - perfect for a Pocketthrower!

So we don’t need no big ass reflector.

I would say somewhere between 30 - 40$. Depending on the groupbuy discount.
But we can not really say anything before we know its quality.

What about a modded Warsun MX900 ?

A good thrower, double switch, works with 1/2/3 18650 so perfect for runtime, compact, budget light (25:money_mouth_face:, beautiful style.
It’s a bad idea?

here is the link: Warsun MX900 at Banggood

It looks great but the head isn’t much bigger that that of a C8 (48mm compared to 45mm).

I bought something like this (57mm head diameter, 49mm reflector, 1x18650) but with XM-L (was the best led back then) and crappy driver at dx a few years ago for 18 dollars, so with good driver and XP-L Hi it should still be able to sell for 25 dollars shipped. Just the host: under 20 dollars.

Well, that would depend on a few facts:

1) how much current can it handle
2) what is the light intensity (candela per square mm)

And bear in mind that this Led would give you a thrower with a pencil beam if fitted in a decent size light.
Kinda like the old skool Solarforce Skyline 1.

SO: DJOZZ PLS BY AND TEST FOR US :bigsmile: :wink:


Actually the reflector is exactly the same size as a deep C8. Another bad design problem is the poor blocking LED spacer in Warsun's - it can be fixed of course, but you have to raise the MCPCB, etc., and the Warsun owner is a pain to deal with - I know... Fully modded the right way, it's a great light with more heat sinking than a typical C8, but, you do have to consider it right there with other C8's for throw performance.

I got a couple, worked on a couple more.

You are right; I remember all the shit about… :frowning:
If only it was a little more pleasent to us…(I mean the boss of the brand)…a flashlight with a lot of potential denied by some issues :_(

But I remember there was a deal with Warsun too, and I read about some little improvement on the light. A sort of version 2.0 (there are some good review on banggood by users)

Looks like this is still a longways off ,till then I need a Best bang for the buck thrower , ideas and opinions welcome ?