BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

I cant believe this thread has been silent for more than a month :(!

I want budget thrower, single 18650 that could kick ass of my stock A60(that is not even here with me!) :D!

Just trying to bump this thread up!

I think the m24 group buy took some of the thunder for this budget thrower thread. I still want something with a big head, a side switch and high amps. Basically a factory modded couroi D01 with BLF designed UI.
Maybe interested in Simons L2 (version next) as a possible host to avoid QC issues.

Me too. But I may just bite the bullet and do it myself; at least then it’s customized to me, for me, by me. Will cost twice as much… but at least I’ll know what I’ve got (and it’ll actually get done).

ahem…cough…18650/26650 single thrower, improvement from convoy L2, sideswitch + tail, lightweight but stainless steel bezel, electronics from BLF … please, convoy?

Something like:

Plus this:

Plus this:

Minus weight…

So you want a single cell L6 with a stainless bezel?
Luckily for you the single cell tube from the L2 does fit the L6 and the L6 will be available as host. (Maybe even with a smooth reflector)
So you just have to made a stainless bezel.

So this just completely died eh? A shame.

I think so…. I was really hoping for a BLF custom budget thrower too… my money, like Johnny up there was on the modified D01.

I think everyone’s going to have to go solo on this.

I'd like to see a BLF budget thrower GB as well. Unfortunately you can't make everyone happy with a thrower - really big (BOSS1) or small - HD2010 head size or even smaller. Then you would have lots of views on the LED's to use - pencil beam max distance or XHP35 HI style for less distance, more output, nice tint, etc...

In my view? I'd like to see something in de-domed, preferably a XP-G2 de-domed or a XPL de-domed, and in the range of 55-60 mm head diameter, maximizing the I.D. of the reflector, along the lines of a D80 but bigger. The Manker U21 is about an ideal form factor for a powerful pocket reflector based thrower - of course I'd prefer an e-switch with the reduced length - power tailswitches generally require too much length.

Ohhh - the reason why I'm saying 55-60 mm head diameter and de-domed is because I's like to see a thrower in the 200+ kcd range available to all BLFers at a reasonable cost, and still within a reasonable size to carry or pocket.

205 kcd ia a range of 906 meters, but that's only to moonlight level of 1/4 lux. For 1 lux, it's range is 453 meters, and for 2 lux, it's 320 meters.

So for a brightness of 2 lux, a range of 320 meters isn't bad. A de-domed XPL or XM-L2 should be capable of that, and still give you a fairly wide hot spot.

Also I think at the current time, I'd prefer a single 26650, and only because of the LiitoKala cell available now - high capacity, low resistance - ideal attributes for a DD FET+1 based driver.

Seems like you know exactly what you want. :wink:

As far as trying to get consensus, how about this: Get an idea of consensus about the price first, then get the (measurably, decidedly) best thrower for that price. What I mean is that trying to hit a consensus on size is probably not going to happen. Different people have different opinions about what makes a ‘good’ flashlight of any category - flood, throw, pocketability, etc. But, in reality, throw is a definable attribute, in that we know what makes for the best throw (even though we can’t agree on what makes the best thrower ), and we can predict that, for instance, a bigger reflector or lens will make the light throw farther. So, why even debate whether the light should be pocketable? Pocketability is not an important attribute for a thrower. We know that a smaller apparent die will make the light throw farther. So why even debate about floody, high-lumen-output emitters? Flood, or spill, is not important to have for a thrower. And there are other elements that work for throw that can just be a given.

So, instead of trying to get consensus on what kind of thrower to do a GB on, just specify from the start that it will be purely the best throw for the money. That can bring a surprising amount of clarity to the situation. The Miller decided one day to do a GB for the SRK-style Q8 multi-emitter light. Since he defined from the start that it will be a flooder, and that throw is not going to be an important attribute, he can say conclusively (and has said, multiple times) that a de-domed or HI version of an emitter will not even be considered, and people accept it and move on. The beam profile of the Q8 is what it is (or will be) and people have only to decide whether they want it for the price or not.

I've already factored in some of these issues - small means lower cost, and portability in my view is essential. If size doesn't matter, you could always mount a magnifying lens out in front any aspheric or reflector based light and get a tigher brighter hot spot - it's been done before, and I've seen the effect by holding one in front of a flashlight. For me, the BLF SRK Q8 was never about a pure flooder, as I expressed in that thread many times - I may have disagreed with The Miller, but I think he realizes this now, and I really don't care what it's called or labeled, a SRK style light will always have flood and throw, and varies with the reflector sizes. As TK wants to do, you could apply DC Fix over the lens, or use a diffuser, and then you will have a more pure flooder.

Actually if I were to tout a pure thrower of any size, I'd go for a fixed positioned aspheric. The B158 for example would be an excellent start, but eliminate the zooming feature. Any reflector based thrower is always a compromise with throw and spill.

I think a "reflector based thrower" has a a certain meaning, and always has some flood by it's nature.

This is pure personnal opinion on my behalf -- I have no plans for doing this -- wayyyyy too much work, and I am beyond burnt out from the BLF Q8 project.

it could be a host GB so everyone can build it to its specs.

Yes, but still implies some decisions that would have to be made in the design of the host, and also this would limit it to only modders, not regular BLF non-modders.

i think something the size of the jacob a60 would be nice.
or even a slightly bigger head like the olight m3x and m24 shooter, but uses one 18650 instead.