BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

I’m definitely waiting to see where this might go. I would definitely be interested in a custom BLF thrower!

It would be nice to see it as a 1x18650 with an optional adapter to lengthen the tube to accept 2x18650.

What about a Jax Z1?
We at CPF (Italy) are trying to make a GB with Neal/Banggood with this torch.
The specs are:
Copper MCPCB with Direct Thermal Path
Turbo mode @ 3,5A with step-down 3 min.
“CPF Italia” engraved
947 Lumens@3A (so not the 3,5 promised…they are working for more amps!)
Lux: 128000cd
Throw: 715m

If you want to take a look at the prototype, here is the link: Review Jax Z1
It’s in italian language, but there are a looot of photos. All kudos to Cyberscudo, the author of the nice review :slight_smile:

The only f*g problem is the price…not for my wallet :_(

i skyped today with Celia from shenzhen-wholesale.

company policy says: no free samples

but one can buy a light, check its quality and then we can start negotiate the changes and price.
or try to get it as host…

anyone take one for the team?

I would be in for a single 18650 A60 type of light.

My HD2010 55mm reflector, XM-L2 de-domed, 6.2 amps on Purple Efest 26650 148kcd. My Courui 68mm reflector FETDD (3) vtc5 XP-L HI 5700k 70cri 283kcd Courui 5000k 70cri 268kcd and my Courui de-domed XP-L can’t remember which? 306kcd. All the same resistance mods and drivers, on the vtc5 batteries, and the reflectors are on the boards, no centering rings. My Vinh modded TK61V4 measure’s 666kcd not the claimed 740kcd so take it for what it’s worth?

BLF FET driver + XP-L HI + big SMO reflector = :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Make it happen! A JAX-style zoomie would be cool too.

Max I’m willing to pay for a decked out BLF dedicated thrower would be $80. Why I’m willing to place my price point so high is because I am sure that I am getting a quality light with an awesome driver…

Jacob A60 size thrower with FET driver and XP-L HI would be great.

How about the new convoy L2?

+1 Wrathbringer27!

I have a lot of lights that just leave me with wanting more.

If $30 is all some can afford, then I do understand and hope that we make one. - I will buy one too!

I however, want a really Good Thrower, not a modded C8 class light… Something above 250KCD with a Genuine XP-L HI. - Oh! - and with Flat regulation to boot!

Not gonna be cheap, I know, but it’s cheaper than 5 more lights that just don’t deliver what I want.


Very new to this, but I’d be more interested in something special that does more. And if price needs to go up then so be it - I hate that ‘wanting more’ feeling.

Looks like you need a login to see the review :)…

+1 to you too! I want a fully capable light! Something that has the capability of something else priced 3 times more! Maybe design wise it’s ugly but it’s awesomely capable, I will still take it! :wink:

I might be able to get one but its not 100% yet! Will see in a couple of days…

HD2010 with XPL or XML2 near 300 kcds ?? :open_mouth: :~

What about something entirely different? What about a recoil type of a design using an XPL and a heat pipe and a 60 or 80 mm reflector? That design has a far reaching and intense beam.

1st surface reflectors are a bit spendy about $20 - $22 for 75mm Anchor Optics

Maybe if we bought as a group buy they could make us an enhanced aluminum 1 st surface reflector at a nice price. Some limited production runs are as low as $13.

I hear you, even though Id like this light to be really impressive, yet budget thrower, wouldnt mind seeing V2 as almost-no compromise light.

And yes, make it fully regulated with decent turbo and good stepdown to decent high for that regardless if its 30$ or 70$, is this possible?

Argh! you are right! :open_mouth:

That is the way the guys at italian CPF are working. A FET driver + 7135, the same of Manker X6.
Stay tuned :bigsmile:

Well, we do have UF 1504 and 1503 at quite a temting price, an A17DD based 1503 do easy 250k mcds 1504

The one thing that we dont have is a nice 18650 55-60mm reflector based thrower, rifle mountable, light- 250gr tops, kinda pocketable too
That hd2010B will do the trick, ESPECIALY if a host only - engraving free ofc, on ultra, unique, tesla or godsfire…boored of those “something-fire based” flashlights….