BLF-GT Handle Ideas~~ COME ON IN!!


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Nice design. Is the actual handle an existing product??

:THUMBS-UP: …. Thank you sir!! . :slight_smile:

I would not use a screw to fix it maybe some quick release thing similar to bike wheel ones?

I don’t see a big problem with a screw but this is really nice idea. Quick release would be sweet. :THUMBS-UP:

Using the tripod mount opposite the switch would make the weight a slung weight scenario, the handle wouldn’t touch the anodizing on the GT except at the tripod mount (easily protected with a paper spacer)

Removability is not really desireable. Like wanting to take the door handles off your car and take them with you when you go in to work. If the light is too heavy to easily carry, the handle makes it a moot point. Removing the handle would again make it difficult to carry, so why would anyone need a quick removal? Storage in a pouch? But are you storing your light or using your light? At any rate, a hex key on your key ring would make it quick release easy enough.

7075 Al, the strength of mild steel with the weight of aluminum, :wink:

Would that close? I think the inside edge, under the bolt would hit the Gt before it would marry up? (due to the large flat) I could well be wrong though!
I suppose you could slide it on then do it up tight / maybe that’s what you intended lol!
That is a good design other than that :wink: The one sided approach would be cheaper to produce, but I don’t like how it looks (my taste )

adding a mechanical solution to activate the switch over the handle would be great

Something like this would be nice:

Boom! Nitecore’s TM handle, straightaway what I thought of when the thought of a handle was first breeched.

I had one for my TM36 Lite and it was a game changer. Should have kept it to use with the TM16 but it’s not as necessary on the more easily carried 16… the 36 shortie was a bugger to hold!

The Nitecore handle is the NHM10 Handle Mount Kit, available at AliExpress for $30

Pictured above the handle is on a TM36… below is he TM36 lite without the handle, as you can see, sometimes some help is required…

Where is the center of gravity on the GT? aka, the balance point?

I wonder if it fits.
Should be reversed though, because the ‘engine’ with switch of the GT is very wide.
You’ll and up with the TM handle mounting somewhere in the middle of the battery tube, i guess…
But you can position it where your hand will be right above the centre of gravity.

Fritz had a nice idea for a handle too, coming from the tail cap area.

Clamped onto the tube allows a lot of leeway, a lot of options to use it however you see fit.

Also allows for easy cell changes. Of course, our tail cap comes off and the carriers slide out so this helps a lot too.

ARsee, why the hinge? Why not just bolt it together on both sides? Simplify the construction and streamline the overall design. Or even a toothed bottom end, like a dovetail, that would suffice with the bolted top section applying the necessary pressure to lock in the joint.

Aha, you found a picture that says it all.
Do you think it will fit the GT tube?
I’m not willing to gamble on a $30 handle.
And maybe a group buy of some sorts is possible and bring the price down?

Ok sorry…

Jerommel, B&H Photo and Video has it for $28 and they state “The internal diameter is 1.97” and the length is 4.65”.” I measure the GT tube at 2.19”, so it would probably be possible to use longer screws for the clamping force and spring the mount slightly. Should work. Think I will order one and try it. If nothing else it should fit my TM16. :slight_smile:

the nitecore tubes are 50mm

Of course, the beauty of a handle like the one above is that you can move it to adjust for balance, or reverse it. You could also stand it on that handle, or hang it up.
Unfortunately making such a thing and then having it anodised, it could easily soar past the price of the Gt lol!
Modifying a cheap one like that is the way to go.
DB would love to know how you get on with that please. :slight_smile: If it’s too tight you could always slightly soften the aluminium with some heat, not overdoing it obviously unless you want it golden.

Dale has a lathe. He could easily chuck the part and bore it out a little.