BLF-GT Not impressed

I received my BLF-GT today. I am not impressed !!!
The fit of the barrel tube to the head has poor alignment
with the on-off switch. The lanyard hole on the head
does not align @ top or with the on-off switch. Every
picture i have seen of the GT the alignment is perfect.
I am not at all pleased with the output either.
My Catapult V6 throws almost as far as GT.
Am i expecting to much? I did not think so
at the time of purchase. It was dubbed “giggles”
It should be called the “Sucker” as i was sucked into spending
money on it. Here is a picture to show how poorly it all

Thought you were joking for a minute but then realized you're not. I have the V6 too and it is an amazing little light, but honestly, something must be faulty with your GT to say the V6 throws almost as good. As far as I know, the GT should throw at least three times further than the V6. Alignment wise, yeah, it sure looks off.

Yeah, I am not sure what is or why is. I have tried a couple different set of quality cells.
Maybe i got a dud!! IDK Sure am disappointed…

I measured the BLF GT at 2037.3 throw.

I measured the Thrunite Catapult V6 at 786.8 throw.

Unless you actually measured the throw, how it seems to you doesn’t match with my (actually measured) numbers.

Alignment of the front lanyard point, switch, and battery tube is random on all GTs.

I agree that why i say i believe something is not right. It functions as the manual states with no issues but
It has some sort of issue i believe.

Could it be the narrow beam is just not impressive on the GT? I ordered a TN42 and returned it for that reason as my MF02 had a much better beam to my liking.

You are sure? all other photos i have seen show almost perfection.
If so, that sucks !!

Possibly. I have a MF04S that will be here next week so I will compare and see. I even compared the GT to the ole cheap S70S I have.
Although the S70S does not throw as far as the GT the beam and swath is much better IMO. I really do like my S70S. Use it all the time.
Great light IMO…

You could try flipping your battery tube to see how the other end’s threads line up with the head’s. You can’t do much about the front lanyard attachment.

The parts are machined and threaded individually. It would take much more work to get all the threads timed identically.

It’s easy to cheat the battery tube’s alignment for photos, but even the glamour shots on Lumintop’s product page show different alignments.

Possibly i just expected to much. I can get over aesthetics but the performance is just not there. I suppose at some point i was going to get a light
I was disappointed with. Just did not expect it to be this one.

I have the feeling the MF04S is going to impress you. I'm looking forward to it too when mine arrives.

I sure hope you are right. I am anxious for mine to arrive as well.

What batch do you get? Maybe your were the returned defect?

Not sure but i think it was the first batch…

Not possible. I was on 3rd/4th and final batches meaning close to end of production of light. Most of the 1st/2nd batches are done and shipped way back at beginning of year.

BTW, Thrunite V6 Cata PALES to this guy in throw. Check you some reviews and you will see.

This is a FIRST !!!

The random alignment of the battery tube & lanyard attachment holes with the switch was known before the lights even went on sale in the group buy back in December 2017.

It was a known fact the alignment would be random & NOT indexed with the switch. If you did not know that, it is on you. There was much discussion about it…. & it was crystal clear.

How long have you had your GT?

This is a non-issue & certainly does not demote the GT from ‘Giggles’ to “Sucker”. :wink:

As far as the low output you stated. If it is truly that low you may well have a problem.

this gt was from first batch of 500 I was 352 on the list and I received it on dec 29 2017.

I sold it to Plasma a few days ago.

Everyone I showed it to was amazed by the throw as well as myself., although it is a narrow beam.

ive had a couple vihn modified lites that could not touch the gt in throw, tk75vn, tm16gtvn

the tk75 was a fiat lux best of the best, blf gt easily throw farther on static target that I use locally.

So what you’re saying is that you can confirm that the output is “correct” on this light as far as you know? It really seems to be a perception issue.

Plasma, do you mod lights? You could change to a XHP-70 to get a bigger beam. Maybe that would be more to your liking. Also, a XHP-70 version of the BLF GT is soon coming, so if you don’t mod, you can still get one and sell the XHP-35 version you have now to someone else.