BLF Kronos X6/X5 GB - Group Buy now closed.

  1. Same as the BLF A6 driver.
  2. Same as the BLF-A6 driver.
  3. Same as the BLF-A6 driver.

The 1-emitter or 3-emitter question is due to the FET+7135 board layout. If you want evenly-spaced modes, you need to calibrate the PWM levels according to the total lumen output. Otherwise the output won’t be visually linear, but will be more like an elbow shape. This applies to all drivers with more than one power channel. The X6/X5 drivers will ship with calibration for a single emitter. They can be used for triples, but it’s recommended that you make some minor firmware tweaks first.

The BLF-A6 driver (and the BLF-X6v2 driver and RMM’s FET+7135) will pump as many amps as the battery can supply, until it meets the emitter Vf. On turbo it behaves virtually the same as connecting the battery directly to the LED. These things regularly do 15-amp triples with no issues, and have been tested at up to 60 amps or so. The ~6 amps this light draws are no problem for it.

HAHAH I like how TK answered the questions :smiley:

cncyana, expect high 4’s with the Purple Efest IMR14500

how many lumens ?

hi mid low ? kind find any info on that one.

Exact lumen levels haven’t been established yet, but it should be about half a lumen on moon and 1200+ lumens on turbo. In-between, expect visually-linear spacing.

So nice.

MaddoXx, you can expect 7 or 4 modes if its being done like the A6. Amazing firmware. I tried the 4 mode and went back to the 7 mode as it is so versatile.

I like the 7 mode so much I haven’t even tried the 4 mode yet :slight_smile:

TK and DB - thank you for the info! Looking good! I can hardly wait to see the Aluminum X6 too with the more aggressive knurling.

I would almost get the ss/ copper set.

Love the deep cut text a LOT, much better than printed.


Why would you not get the ss/cu set? It’s freakin beautiful!

The only reason would be the the money difference. Of course it’s worth it though. It is beautiful.

I forgot about the tints.CW for the X6 SS and NW for the Copper X5 please.210 and 211 on the list.

Could you please mark me down for:
1x SS/Cu NW and
1x Al NW

Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Aluminum - Neutral white, 1 set :party:

Billy X, if I understand correctly, each set or pair has a single tint. So, does that mean one pair in CW and one pair in NW?

Thanks TK…I missed that.

Hi, please add me for one ss/cu set with NW emitters (xpl HI if possible) thanks!


Wow first post and into the GB she goes ! :smiley: