BLF Kronos X6/X5 GB - Group Buy now closed.

Ha, :wink: 1st post here but been addicted for a while.
On CPF and saw a thread about this. Sounded to fun to miss out on. :slight_smile:

I’m not much into collecting. Really. For the most part I look for lights that are inexpensive and inspire me to mod them in some way. The SS/Cu X6 is an exception, it already has what I might try to add and much more in a host material not easily doctored. That and the amount of added input from various members makes this a must have just for sheer appreciation of what modding and BLF can do when combined in a customized host.

Can you put me down for 1 ss/cu nw thank you

Still 210,211.Thanks ToyKeeper for the info .I forgot i had ordered 2 pairs :zipper_mouth_face: .So,one pair CW SS X6 and Copper X5 and one pair NW SS X6 and Copper X5.

1) Does anyone know what the main driving idea behind this latest X6 variant is? I assume it was more than just making an X6 out of a different material than the aluminum v1 version… Did anyone write a mission statement or something when this whole project began?

2) What might the v3 version look like? Or was this v2 version meant to be the ultimate X6 with not much more to be improved upon?

Just wondering …

Must this thread keep taunting me? I can resist no longer. Can you add me to the Aluminum cw list.

Thought I’d show the missus. And to my surprise she loved them and said that she wants the small copper one. I said. OK.

PLEASE put me down for one ss/cu pair. NW

XPL-hi if possible


A mission statement?

We should totally write a mission statement… and get a board room with a long table and a conference call system. Donuts and coffee delivered daily. Big pads of paper on easels, with big markers to draw big ideas.

I think the idea was basically the same as every other project on BLF — “that was pretty good, but I bet we can make it even better!”

Take a nice popular light, upgrade it, and make it so that everyone can get one if they want. In this case, a compact thrower — give it newer throwier emitter tech, make it direct-drive, build it out of nicer materials, and include a smaller version. Add in other cool BLF ideas where possible too. Does it need to be more than that?


Can you put me down for 1 SS/Cu NW set please.


Earlier today when I saw cncyana's question re a mission statement, I found it VERY HARD to stop myself from answering with.....

TK, don't forget the business lunches & expense account needed to discuss the mission statement.

HEY!!! I WANT DONUTS!!! :party:

I already have my own coffee! :wink:

Well said, TK. Now that is a mission statement. :wink:

To build new levels of cooperative production on a world level scale, creating new technology and implementing it in exotic materials for fully customized delivery of a product that the demands have called for and the time is now. A collaborative effort of minds the world round, unifying in the threads of Budget Light Forum, justifying beyond measure the goal of our admin, SB.

To the highest quality standard, the most demanding electronic standards of the ToyKeeper, these products will meet and exceed expectations in an unprecedented manner, bringing men’s wive’s into their hobbies, children into the joytime of their parents, unifying family in a never-before-attempted bling bling BAM! manner sure to leave jaws gaping, eye’s wide in surprise and parks and walkways lit to levels heretofore beyond approach.

THIS is BLF, and THIS is where it all happens.

LOL ! What it is! That’s what I’m talking about!

There you have it! Mission accomplished!

What’s kinda sad is that, after this incredible v2 is finished, what else is there for the next X6? I suppose a possible triple emitter but that’s probably too difficult as a GB since that would require finding someone to assembly the internals in the USA using RMM’s store components - in addition to working with Manker in China for the host. And making the internals and externals match up. And then, there’s the shipping headaches…

A thrower version should be the next itineration


> suggested Mission Statement

Version 0.00001 of the Photon Rocket Engine, by Christmas 2001
Tomorrow, The Stars

The X6 SS/Cu v.2 version in this here thread is the thrower version: XPL-HI + optimized reflector.

As previously stated, other than a triple emitter version, it looks like there is nothing left to add…

Maybe the next BLF custom will be a 26650 light with greater amps potential in its corporate mission statement lol !

I’m not sure what all this concern is about v3. Does anybody actually think this design and development crew should be intentionally building a light with flaws or weaknesses just so there’s something left to improve upon for the next iteration?

That tactic is popular for Adobe and Microsoft, big companies which dominate a saturated market… and thus focus on finding ways to convince people to keep paying for the same thing over and over.

This project is just a few enthusiasts who wanted to make something cool. When it’s done, it’s done. Maybe we’ll think of something else cool to make later, but it’d be boring to do the same thing again. It’s not like we get paid for this.