BLF Kronos X6/X5 GB - Group Buy now closed.


All unused codes have been sent to standby list participants. Please let me know if you have any issues with the codes.

If I somehow missed you, please let me know.



Hello guys!

We have allowed two weeks for those to make their purchases of the WOOD box sets. You have one more day before we release the codes to those on the standby list. So, if you have not made your purchase yet, please do so!

As far as the NON-box sets, they are now open to the standby list, and codes have been sent to you. If you wish to be added to the standby list, please let me know. If you posted previously that you wanted to be on the standby list and I missed you, please indicate that so I also put you on the list. Just let me know which post number you originally made your request. Please keep in mind that the two S/Ns on the NON-box sets are NOT likely to match..



If you havent heard, S/N’s for SS/Cu sets 251-400 (Non-Wood Box sets) were mixed together upon shipment. I can only surmise that, being in individual cardboard boxes, the shipping clerks at BG pulled them not realizing that S/N’s needed to match…ugh :~

Nevertheless, we are formulating a plan to resolve this. Most likely, there will be two options for those that have a concern:

OPTION 1: For those that want to exchange their tubes directly with another member, Neal will collect S/Ns via PM from interested members, put them together/in touch with one another, let them exchange battery tubes, and BG will reimburse them for shipping expenses. What we ask is that you help your fellow BLF members out. If you are not bothered by mis-matched S/Ns, and the other person isn’t either…great! However, if the other member would like to swap battery tubes, please be open to helping your fellow BLF members out, and exchange with one another. If this option is for you, DO NOT POST YOUR S/Ns HERE. Please PM Neal the S/Ns for each of your affected sets, both X6 and X5 S/Ns. Neal will then match them up, and contact you for exchange info. This would be the most expedient way to remedy the issue.

OPTION 2: We realize that the above solution may not be for everyone. If there are those that don’t want to go this route, we are working on a solution and will release details when finalized. This plan, however, will most likely take quite a bit longer than exchanging tubes when compared to option 1.

We appreciate Neal/BG for stepping up and working with us to correct this issue. We REALLY appreciate you, fellow BLF members, for your patience and understanding during this process.

I will update as we get more information. We are fully aware that this might cause more issues, and intend to keep those to a minimum.



I have updated the Standby list, but it has been difficult with the number of posts showing up, and the quantity of PMs I am receiving. So, if I somehow missed you, or you want to be added to the list. Also for the Standby folks, did you want a box or not…I probably left some off. It is not necessary to indicate tint, as codes are not tint specific.


1/25/16 Edit: Pics Added

Here is the breakdown on what is left in stock. Wow…people really helped with the lack of 3B tints :slight_smile: :

48 Wood Boxed SS/Cu sets left:
4 x 1A and 44 x 3B

11 Cardboard Box SS/Cu sets left:
11 x 1A and 61 x 3B

Edit: We are waiting on these people to make their purchases. After a certain amount of time, they will forfeit their codes, and we will give them to others on the standby list.

IOW…if you received your code(s), you need to use them!

PLENTY of Aluminum sets still available. No need for a reservation since 400 sets were produced. Aluminum set GB code: 3aeb2e



Since all 400 Aluminum sets were not reserved, we are now opening the code up to all BLF members!

Aluminum X6/X5 set GB code: 3aeb2e

Some more pics from Dale:


1/23/16 EDIT

SS/Cu codes are being PM’d out. The Al code does not appear to work yet. Waiting to hear back from Neal. Edit: Al codes working!



The version of code Manker is using is now in its own branch of the repository:

UI message from TK:


Howdy X6/X5 GB participants. We are getting close. BangGood has received the lights! :party:

Note: If you haven’t heard, there are no assigned S/Ns. There are 250 boxes that have a S/N on them. More boxes will be made WITHOUT S/Ns for those that want them. We are painstakingly going through the thread and trying to devise the best way to accommodate everyone and get the GB codes out. We will get those out when we can. Here is the breakdown on how lights, S/Ns and boxes will be handled:

SS/Cu Light Sets (S/N 001/400 through 250/400) Cost-$96/includes box with matching S/N:
SS/Cu X6/X5 sets with Serial Numbers 1-250 have a box with a matching Serial Number. These 250 boxed, S/N sets are reserved for those that signed up for boxes first. The Serial Numbers will be random…i.e. not reserved. If you are in this group, your reservation has “Box” beside it.

SS/Cu Light Sets (S/N 251/400 through 400/400) Cost-$85/No Box. Optional Box $11:
SS/Cu X6/X5 sets that have Serial Numbers 251-400 do NOT have a box w/matching Serial Number. However, non serialized boxes will be made available as an option to those that did not reserve one of the original 250 (251-400). If you are in this group, your reservation has “(Box)” in parentheses beside it. Those boxes will probably not be available until after the Chinese New Year holidays.

Aluminum X6/X5 sets are not Serial Numbered - Cost-$50/No Box. You can buy a box as an option. Add $11.

I have also begun a SS/Cu X6/X5 ‘standby’ list starting at #401 and up. If some people drop off the list for a SS/Cu set, then those on the standby list will move into those spots.

We are trying our best to come up with a PM/GB code system that will minimize errors and over-ordering. Tint availability will be one issue. Purchasing decisions had to be made some time ago, and there are NOT as may 3B tints as was reserved. Your flexibility is much appreciated. If you don’t really have a tint preference, or can choose the 1A tint instead, please do so.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind:

>With 400 sets on the SS/Cu list, and hundreds more Aluminum X6/X5 sets, there are bound to be issues. Your understanding is appreciated!

>A note about manners. If you behave badly, troll this thread, hound me with harassing PMs…I reserve the right to take you off the list and replace you with the next person in line. If you continue to do so, I reserve the right to ban you from our future GBs.

>Aluminum sets are still open for reservation. 400 sets are being made.

Thanks and stay tuned for GB codes!


Pics of production lights here!


Very Important Info!:

I want to update everyone on what is going on with Serial Numbers, boxes, tints etc….the Good, the Bad…and the Ugly :slight_smile:

SS/Cu X6/X5 LE set: Firstly, we tried, we had hope, but assigning specific Serial Numbers to specific people would create a logistical nightmare, and produce a huge amount of problems. Therefore:

1) All 400 SS/Cu sets will have matching Serial Numbers.
2) Boxes with a Serial Number are limited to 250 (001/250 to 250/250).
3) Therefore, the first 250 sets will be matched to the first 250 boxes…1-250 sets, so the first 250 persons that made a light reservation with a box will get those Serial Number designations.
4) Light sets 251-400 will have Serial Numbers on the lights that match, and an option to purchase a box without a Serial Number badge.

We had to give an estimate on how many Serial Numbers for boxes there would be to be able to order the Serial Number badges. Manker/BangGood was gracious enough to order extra boxes for sale so that others could still have a box. There should be plenty enough boxes for all that want them.

If you were one of the first 250 people to make a reservation with a box, my plan is to send you a unique GB code which will secure a box w/matching S/N. If you are not one of the first 250 people that reserved a box, you will be sent a different GB code, and you can order an optional box that has no Serial Number. Remember, your light serial numbers will still match. :slight_smile:

Tints: There are only 2 tints (C/W=1A* and N/W=3B V3) available, as XP-L Hi are difficult to come by in quantities. There will be no W/W tint available. Sorry guys. Therefore, if you chose W/W, I will change your reservation to the next logical choice, N/W. If you want C/W, or you want to drop out of the GB, please let me know. *No bin info on 1A yet.

Quantities: The reservation list for the Stainless Steel/Copper X6/X5 set is full! I will begin taking names for a standby list in case people drop out…so post you name to get on the list!

We are still great on the Aluminum X6/X5 set, so that is still open to make a reservation. But please speak up because it will be closed soon!

The latest samples I received were stunning. We are going into final production, and I will update as I’m updated!


INTEREST LIST-FULL (Stainless Steel X6-SE V2 & Copper X5). Estimated at $85/set (box option, add $11):
(Need Min. of 200 sets)

1. kronological SS/Cu NW - Box
2. JohnnyMac SS/Cu NW - Box
3. DB Custom SS/Cu NW - Box
4. Bugsy36 SS/Cu NW - Box
5. keengeorge SS/Cu NW - Box
6. ahirshy SS/Cu NW
7. southland SS/Cu CW - Box
8. southland SS/Cu NW - Box
9. southland SS/Cu WW - Box
10. southland SS/Cu NW
11. saypat SS/Cu NW
12. kst SS/Cu NW - (Box)
13. mizjif SS/Cu NW -Box
14. UliBar SS/Cu NW or WW
15. lopedevega SS/Cu NW - Box
16. djburkes SS/Cu CW - Box
17. ToyKeeper SS/Cu NW - Box
18. Wrathbringer27 SS/Cu NW - Box
19. LSX SS/Cu NW - Box
20. Sarge930 SS/Cu NW
21. freeme SS/Cu NW
22. DanielM SS/Cu NW
23. Syracuse SS/Cu NW - Box
24. Chicken Drumstick SS/Cu NW - Box
25. ilovejesuschrist SS/Cu NW - Box
26. ahirshy SS/Cu CW
27. tristanxoxo SS/Cu CW - Box
28. will34 SS/Cu CW - Box
29. mattlward SS/Cu NW
30. drillbitz11 SS/Cu NW
31. ahirshy SS/Cu ?
32. uqs1000 SS/Cu NW - Box
33. abang.tegak SS/Cu NW - Box
34. slow2go SS/Cu NW
35. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu WW - Box
36. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu WW - Box
37. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu WW - Box
38. MG SS/Cu WW
39. Bugsy36 SS/Cu NW - Box
40. Sparkey762 SS/Cu NW - Box
41. B42 SS/Cu WW
42. B42 SS/Cu WW
43. netprince SS/Cu NW
44. fatsteve0 SS/Cu NW
45. nguyen SS/Cu NW - (Box)
46. shimey SS/Cu NW
47. Gunga SS/Cu NW - Box
48. gorky SS/Cu NW
49. khas SS/Cu NW
50. lionheart_2281 SS/Cu NW - Box
51. DavidEF SS/Cu NW - Box
52. fatsteve0 SS/Cu CW
53. Djozz SS/Cu
54. Muto SS/Cu NW - Box
55. Jmpaul320 SS/Cu NW - (Box)
56. Cone SS/Cu NW - Box
57. jealous57 SS/Cu WW - Box
58. Scooby SS/Cu NW
59. Merikgvr4 SS/Cu NW
60. Mikeyx SS/Cu NW - Box
61. Compression SS/Cu NW
62. Sonntag SS/Cu NW (wants #55)
63. Darkerinsol SS/Cu NW - Box
64. Akoposilester SS/Cu NW
65. Tete SS/Cu NW - Box
66. J-dub74 SS/Cu NW - Box
67. Charga SS/Cu CW - Box
68. Darkerinsol SS/Cu WW - Box
69. Darkerinsol SS/Cu CW - Box
70. Wedlpine SS/Cu NW - Box
71. Sonntag SS/Cu NW
72. Archimedes SS/Cu CW - Box
73. Keengeorge SS/Cu NW - Box
74. mpicasso SS/Cu NW
75. Tarvos SS/Cu CW
76. Tom E SS/Cu NW - Box
77. Shadowfax SS/Cu NW - Box
78. Shrike3612 SS/Cu XPL Hi WW/NW - Box
79. Level SS/Cu NW
80. Ger-slash SS/Cu NW - Box
81. mhanlen SS/Cu WW
82. vuanhquoc SS/Cu NW
83. 2 DOGS SS/Cu NW - Box
84. dthoang SS/Cu NW - Box
85. bugsy36 SS/Cu NW - Box
86. itsonlyme SS/Cu NW
87. itsonlyme SS/Cu NW
88. ohaya SS/Cu NW -Box
89. Serifus SS/Cu NW
90. Serifus SS/Cu NW
91. MountainMan SS/Cu NW
92. SmokinH SS/Cu NW
93. jerrod SS/Cu WW
94. Ray-o-light SS/Cu NW - Box
95. bugsy SS/Cu NW
96. MaxBeam SS/Cu NW -Box
97. illuminos SS/Cu NW - Box
98. Ray-o-light SS/Cu NW - Box
99. dodo SS/Cu NW - Box
100. monanza SS/Cu NW - Box
101. tryps SS/Cu NW (5A or 3+A/D)
102. Rod911 SS/Cu NW
103. dave101 SS/Cu NW
104. pollin SS/Cu NW - Box
105. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu NW - Box
106. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu NW - Box
107. ilovejesuschrist SS/Cu NW - Box
108. ilovejesuschrist SS/Cu NW - Box
109. BeachLogger SS/Cu NW
110. UliBär SS/Cu NW/WW - Box
111. ToyKeeper SS/Cu NW
113. southland SS/Cu NW
114. Robo819 AS/Cu NW - Box
115. fourhumors SS/Cu NW
116. D10ten SS/Cu NW - (Box)
117. Jeansy SS/Cu NW
118. Captainvideo SS/Cu NW - (Box)
119. bawilson2 SS/Cu NW - Box
120. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu NW
121. Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu NW
122. cocoschnauzer SS/Cu NW - Box
123. Muto SS/Cu NW - Box
124. Stittville Ed SS/Cu - Box
125. MaxBeam SS/Cu NW - Box
126. fonfan SS/Cu NW - Box
127. monanza SS/Cu NW - Box
128. Ricflair SS/Cu NW
129. CrashOne SS/Cu NW - Box
130. Noctiluco SS/Cu WW
131. gamezawy SS/Cu CW
132. ReAvenger SS/Cu NW - Box
133. HighCaliber SS/Cu NW - Box
134. Tarvos SS/Cu CW - Box
135. kommessy SS/Cu NW - Box
136. Drillbitz11 SS/Cu NW
137. magnet SS/Cu CW - (Box)
138. Calmaja SS/Cu NW
139. archimedes SS/Cu NW - Box
140. IH8MYX SS/Cu NW - Box
141. tarver SS/Cu NW - Box
142. wolfstyle SS/Cu NW - Box
143. nitro SS/Cu NW
144. Apex10 SS/Cu ?
145. nitro SS/Cu NW
146. J-Dub74 SS/Cu NW - Box
147. zipelgas SS/Cu WW - Box
148. vinte77 SS/Cu NW - Box
149. bawilson2 SS/Cu NW - Box
150) LSX SS/Cu NW - Box
151) colliedoggy SS/Cu NW
152) Frankie Baby SS/Cu NW - Box
153) HighCaliber SS/Cu NW - Box
154) emarkd SS/Cu NW - Box
155) Intruderdriver SS/Cu NW
156) dfinf2 SS/Cu NW
157) archimedes SS/Cu NW - Box
158) Ronin42 SS/Cu NW - Box
159) Th8tredude SS/Cu NW - Box
160) Th8tredude SS/Cu NW - Box
161) beam0 SS/Cu NW - Box
162) Crazyeddie SS/Cu NW - Box
163) broken9191 SS/Cu NW
164) Nitetime SS/Cu NW - Box
165) a_idiot SS/Cu NW
166) Gj SS/Cu NW
167) hoax101 SS/Cu NW - Box
168) rvr SS/Cu NW - Box
169) Lilien SS/Cu NW
170) will manners SS/Cu NW - Box
171) MRsDNF SS/Cu NW - Box
172) Brian Metcalfe SS/Cu NW - (Box)
173) xed888 SS/Cu NW
174) Ronin42 SS/Cu NW - Box
175) monanza SS/Cu WW - Box
176) SciFiFreak SS/Cu NW - Box
177) Fredylee SS/Cu CW
178) akhyar SS/Cu NW - Box
179) allthumbs SS/Cu NW - Box
180) wedlpine SS/Cu NW - Box
181) andyz SS/Cu NW
182) RotorHead64 SS/Cu NW - Box
183) JeffN SS/Cu CW - Box
184) Evilc SS/Cu NW - Box
185) thslw8jg SS/Cu NW - Box
186) jazzjarred SS/Cu NW - Box
187) jazzjarred SS/Cu NW - Box
188) bugsy SS/Cu NW - Box
189) cbrake10 SS/Cu NW - Box
190) qandeel SS/Cu NW - Box
191) qandeel SS/Cu NW - Box
192) Meyer SS/Cu NW - Box
193) aginthelaw SS/Cu NW - Box
194) root SS/Cu NW
195) dudunphy SS/Cu NW
196) nfetterly SS/Cu NW
197) keithd SS/Cu NW
198) FatherAzmodius SS/Cu ?
199) electricjelly SS/Cu NW - Box
200) LightVision1 SS/Cu NW - Box
201) FatherAzmodius SS/Cu ?
202) gadabout SS/Cu NW
203) Diffuser SS/Cu NW
204) Frankie Baby SS/Cu NW - Box
205) jescereal SS/Cu NW
206) mjgsxr SS/Cu NW - Box
207) jingleberry SS/Cu CW
208) Slayer2003 SS/Cu NW - Box
209) Slayer2003 SS/Cu NW - Box
210) Billy X SS/Cu NW - Box
211) Billy X SS/Cu CW
212) Dregs SS/Cu NW - Box
213) tristanxoxo SS/Cu CW - Box
214) pyro1son SS/Cu NW
215) Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu NW
216) Kloepper Knife Works SS/Cu NW
217) Tom E SS/Cu NW - Box
218) Scooter000 SS/Cu NW
219) retiro675 SS/Cu NW
220) geo1952 SS/Cu NW - Box
221) Rafter1 SS/Cu NW
222) Jello SS/Cu NW
223) strangern SS/Cu NW
224) 240 SS/Cu CW - Box - Box
225) darkpenguin SS/Cu NW - Box
226) BILL G SS/Cu CW
227) MXc421 SS/Cu NW
228) Lund1660 SS/Cu NW - Box
229) rockhound42 SS/Cu NW - Box
230) unknown00101 SS/Cu NW - Box
231) Easyrr SS/Cu NW - Box
232) Intracloud SS/Cu NW - Box
233) Andybibbville SS/Cu CW - Box
234) chesterqw SS/Cu NW
235) BorisBar SS/Cu NW - Box
236) SixM SS/Cu WW - Box
237) EC_Snooker SS/Cu NW - Box
238) radioshaq SS/Cu NW
239) sandro SS/Cu NW
240) horus88 SS/Cu NW
241) fatboy SS/Cu NW
242) infinity526 SS/CU NW - Box
243) Matchoo SS/Cu NW
244) alex1234 SS/Cu CW
245) antiparanoico SS/Cu WW - Box
246) abril SS/Cu NW - (Box)
247) KawiBoy1428 SS/Cu NW - Box
248) jack-bkk SS/Cu NW - Box
249) THAO916 SS/Cu CW - Box
250) monanza SS/Cu CW - Box
251) seestuff SS/Cu WW - Box
252) mcbrat SS/Cu NW - Box
253) Boro SS/Cu WW - Box
254) Sparkey762 SS/Cu NW - Box
255) radioshaq SS/Cu WW
256) gehrmo SS/Cu CW - Box
257) carmantl SS/Cu CW - Box
258) carmantl SS/Cu NW - Box
259) gleamer SS/Cu NW - Box
260) Joat SS/Cu NW
261) RotorHead64 SS/Cu NW - Box
262) KeepingItLight SS/Cu NW - Box
263) Dead Goat SS/Cu NW
264) Jayke SS/Cu NW - Box
265) mrkelvin SS/Cu NW
266) Gj SS/Cu NW
267) JaredM SS/Cu NW
268) Tete SS/Cu CW - Box
269) anto86 SS/Cu NW
270) write2dgray SS/Cu NW - Box
271) bd52 SS/Cu NW - Box
273) Rufusbduck SS/Cu NW - Box
274) Cyberescudo SS/Cu NW
275) Gavstein SS/Cu NW - Box
276) Tarver SS/Cu NW - (Box)
277) Tarver SS/Cu NW - (Box)
278) 1dash1 SS/Cu NW - Box
279) Caleb-v SS/Cu NW - Box
280) SciFiFreak SS/Cu NW - Box
281) kal444 SS/Cu NW
282) Rafter1 SS/Cu NW
283) JPM3 SS/Cu WW - Box
284) marsalla SS/Cu CW
285) OdorlessCurves SS/Cu NW - Box
286) OdorlessCurves SS/Cu WW - Box
287) juaquin SS/Cu WW
288) bugsy SS/Cu NW - Box
289) Kafar SS/Cu CW - Box
290) lieber Scholli SS/Cu NW - Box
291) dodo SS/Cu ? - Box
292) Aardvark Spleen SS/Cu NW - Box
293) jhullin SS/Cu NW - Box
294) Dwantink SS/Cu NW - Box
295) jsmn4vu SS/Cu NW - Box
296) Maiden666 SS/Cu CW - Box
297) AwkwardPause SS/Cu NW - Box
298) ikaruz_500 SS/Cu WW - Box
299) Fozzy-SP SS/Cu NW - Box
300) B42 SS/Cu NW
301) Gunslinger686 SS/Cu NW
302) NightSpy SS/Cu NW - Box
303) Alux SS/Cu NW - Box
304) Frankie Baby SS/Cu NW - Box
305) Shikar SS/Cu NW - Box
306) Merikgvr4 SS/Cu NW
307) Aardvark Spleen SS/Cu NW - Box
308) Tbxxx SS/Cu WW - Box
309) bluzie SS/Cu NW - Box
310) cjoe7 SS/Cu CW - Box
311) ping3117 SS/Cu NW - Box
312) cavesprings SS/Cu NW - Box
313) B42 SS/Cu NW
314) nocturne SS/Cu WW - Box
315) RobertB SS/Cu NW – Box
316) MACS0647 SS/Cu ? - Box
317) zoom zoom SS/Cu NW - Box
318) Gunga SS/Cu NW - Box
319) lieber Scholli SS/Cu NW - Box
320) cjoe7 SS/Cu CW - Box
321) antiparanoico SS/Cu WW - Box
322) warajo SS/Cu NW - Box
323) MCT SS/Cu NW - Box
324) zoom zoom SS/Cu NW - Box
325) rvr SS/Cu NW - Box
326) leroycp SS/Cu CW - Box
327) MaddoxX SS/Cu NW
328) brightlights SS/Cu CW - Box
329) saf99 SS/Cu NW - Box
330) cjoe7 SS/Cu CW - Box
331) KawiBoy1428 S/Cu CW - Box
332) cvaty SS/Cu NW - Box
333) monanza SS/Cu CW - Box
334) troisanh SS/Cu NW - Box
335) leroycp SS/Cu NW - Box
336) Haterade SS/Cu WW - Box
337) Haterade SS/Cu NW
338) bla2000 SS/Cu NW
339) bla2000 SS/Cu NW
340) illuminos SS/Cu NW - Box
341) TheWillSweet SS/Cu NW - Box
342) Werner SS/Cu NW
343) MorpheusT1 SS/Cu CW – Box
344) Juggeli SS/Cu NW - Box
345) Jannoj SS/Cu CW - Box
346) msg1285 SS/Cu ?
347) LEDtec SS/Cu NW - Box
348) joe226 SS/Cu NW
349) everydaysurvivalgear SS/Cu ? ?
350) aslpg SS/Cu NW - Box
351) Icarus SS/Cu CW - Box
352) FmC SS/Cu NW - Box
353) Brett H SS/Cu NW - Box
354) ThieF60 SS/Cu NW - Box
355) RotorHead64 SS/Cu NW - Box
356) JPM3 SS/Cu WW - Box
357) timbo114 SS/Cu NW - Box
358) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW - Box
359) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW - Box
360) Cliwilnew SS/Cu NW - Box
361) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW - Box
362) peaceandmelons SS/Cu NW - Box
363) DarkerInSol SS/Cu CW - Box
364) jescereal SS/Cu WW - Box
365) Sharpie SS/Cu NW - Box
366) Kafar SS/Cu CW - Box
367) onetrickpony SS/Cu WW - Box
368) Omega73 SS/Cu NW - Box
369) bugsy SS/Cu NW – Box
370) Sinter SS/Cu WW-Box
371) peaceandmelons SS/Cu CW – Box
372) Keepitsharp SS/Cu NW
373) JohnnyMac SS/Cu NW - Box
374) Galeodes SS/Cu NW - Box
375) leroycp SS/Cu CW - Box
376) hiker89 SS/Cu NW
377) onetrickpony SS/Cu NW - Box
378) CrashOne SS/Cu NW - Box
380) Chasealmighty SS/Cu CW - Box
381) Brett H SS/Cu NW - (Box)
382) kronological SS/Cu NW - Box
383) Muto SS/Cu WW - Box
384) Mike72 SS/Cu NW - (Box)
385) RMM SS/Cu CW - Box
386) RMM SS/Cu NW - (Box)
387) Pukachi SS/Cu NW
388) KiwiKane SS/Cu NW - Box
389) JohnnyMac SS/Cu NW - Box
390) Samplur SS/Cu NW
391) Samplur SS/Cu NW
392) Samplur SS/Cu NW
393) kst SS/Cu NW - (Box)
394) Glenn7 SS/Cu NW
395) qandeel SS/Cu NW - (Box)
396) cncyana SS/Cu NW - (Box)
397) joe226 SS/Cu CW
398) Melven SS/Cu NW
399) jack-bkk NW - Box
400) Kenjii SS/Cu NW - Box

400 is maximum number that will be produced…a true limited-edition set.

We have a BACKUP/STANDBY list in case anyone drops out:

401) Kkelleher SS/Cu NW - Box
402) Henk4U2 SS/Cu CW - Box
403) ctyke SS/Cu CW - Box
404) Hairy_Steve SS/Cu NW - Box
405) Coscar SS/Cu ? - Box
406) Brett530 SS/Cu NW
407) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW -Box
408) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW -Box
409) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW -Box
410) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW -Box
411) MaxBeam SS/Cu NW -Box
412) fogcreature no box
413) nonetoo
414) t-soung - Box
415) monanza
416) alejandrov - Box
417) ben1680 - Box
418) WastedNihilist
419) wkhchin81 - Box
420) joe226 - Box
421) saf99 - Box
422) JakeDjanitor - Box
423) bdiddle
424) -Wieselflinkpro ti No Box
425) Tarvos - Box
426) J-Dub74 -Box
427) MountainMan No Box-
428) jescereal - Box
429) praveendk - Box
430) Obijuan Kenobe - Box
431) anotherhammer
432) Spasmod -Box
433) bear -Box
434) Don5946 no box-
435) southie - Box
436) southie - Box
437) Lund1660 - Box
438) carmantl - Box
439) carmantl - Box
440) Peter87 - Box

YAHOO! :slight_smile:
GOAL/Minimum for SS/Cu set)

INTEREST LIST (HAIII Aluminum Set). Estimated at $50/set:
(Need Min. of 100 sets)

1. kronological Al NW
2. zelee Al NW
3. southland Al CW
4. southland Al NW
5. southland Al WW
6. southland Al NW
7. djozz Al ?
8. kst Al NW
9. kst Al NW
10. Jubeldum Al NW
11. Ejected Filament Al ?
12. D10ten Al NW/CW if XP-L Hi
13. ahirshy Al ?
14. Chicken Drumstick Al NW
15. ReManG Al NW
16. tristanxoxo Al NW
17. tristanxoxo Al NW
18. mattlward Al NW
19. mattlward Al WW
20. Aardvark Al NW
21. Alexey602 Al NW Hi
22. DanielM Al NW
23. slow2go Al CW
24. chuckhov Al NW
25. Pregulla Al NW
26. magnet Al CW
27. bugsy36 Al NW
28. will34 Al CW
29. Sparkey762 Al NW
30. Malenurse Al NW
31. ahirshy Al ?
32. nguyen Al NW
33. Antenne Al NW
34. Iron potato Al NW
35. Chuckhov Al CW Hi
36. DTJ Al CW Hi
37. Jmpaul320 Al NW
38. Wobba Al NW Hi
39. Tinn44 Al NW
40. Cone Al NW
41. Ilovejesuschrist Al NW
42. B42 Al NW
43. fatboy Al NW
44. Richnpc Al NW
45. Mikeyx Al WW
46. Compression Al NW
47. Trigger619 Al NW
48. Trigger619 Al CW
49. Sonntag Al NW (wants #55)
50. Allthumbs Al WW
51. Mauison Al NW
52. B42 Al WW (wants #42)
53. Xjsnake Al NW
54. Mg Al NW
55. monanza Al CW
56. Muto Al WW
57. Seasam Al NW
58. Kst Al NW
59. Koaksijalac Al NW
60. Bugsy36 Al NW
61. Thebaum Al CW
62. Sonntag Al NW
63. Keengeorge Al NW
64. Uqs1000 Al CW
65. DavidEF Al NW
66. RonMuller Al NW
67. gamezawy Al CW
68. Jamjar Al NW
69. DavidEF Al NW
70. leroycp Al
71. Hank Al NW
72. Kbro Al NW
73. broken9191 Al NW
74. Perttuj Al NW
75. gehrmo Al NW
76. ChibiM (X6 CW/K6 NW)
77. cbrake10 Al CW
78. Fredylee Al CW
79. SciFiFreak Al NW
80. tizzo Al NW
81. Nguyen Al WW
82. lopedeveg Al CW
83. Bugsy36 Al NW
84. DB Custom Al NW
85. bigrick Al CW
86. Randolph Al CW
87. chouster Al NW
88. xelario Al NW
89. WhitedragonBC Al NW
90. bugsy Al NW
91. KeepingItLight Al NW
92. SmokinH Al NW
93. Ray-o-light Al NW
94. twin towers Al NW
95. MaxBeam Al NW
96. illuminos Al NW
97. flashination Al CW
98. ToyKeeper Al NW
99. dodo Al NW
100. Nisse Al NW (GOAL/Mi. for Al HAIII set)
101. XP-R Al NW
102. mikeyx Al NW
103. mikeyx Al WW
104. SmokinH Al NW
105. HighCaliber Al NW
106. monanza Al NW
107. fishlite5 Al NW
108. ben1680 Al CW
109. andyz Al NW
110. saypat Al WW
111. Alexey602 A NW
112. downlinx Al NW
113. Duke Al NW
114. cabfrank Al CW
115. fourhumors Al NW
116. IH8MYX Al NW
117. trigger619 Al CW
118. THAO916 Al CW
119. tarver Al NW
120. Ewen Al NW
121. nitro Al NW
122. tru3s1lv3r Al NW
123. Koaksijalac Al NW
124. Andybibbville Al CW
125. dts71 Al NW
126. JeffN Al CW
127. Intruderdriver Al NW
128. lostheplot Al ?
129. jingleberry Al CW
130. Ray-o-light Al NW
131. Dregs Al NW
132. Joat Al ?
133. Tom E Al NW
134. Scooter000 Al NW
135. hazy Al NW
136. strangern Al NW
137. Smit569 Al NW
138. Lazy-R-us Al NW
139. Frankie Baby Al NW
140. plaidshorts Al NW
141. thslw8jg Al NW
142. Billy X Al NW
143. BorisBar Al NW
144. mrkelvin Al NW
145. samsat Al NW
146. radioshaq Al NW
147. qandeel Al NW
148. flipsl Al NW
149. archimedes Al CW
150. monanza Al CW
151. archimedes Al NW
152. AdAm0 Al CW
153. Wieselflinkpro Al NW
154. muellihenry Al NW
155. nfetterly Al NW
156. gottawearshades Al CW
157. banker Al CW
158. richnpc Al CW
159. scs Al NW
160. Shur Al CW
161. B42 Al WW
162. B42 Al WW
163. kuoh Al NW
164. samsat Al CW
165. KawiBoy1428 Al NW
166. will manners Al NW
167. MauiSon Al NW
168. regaia Al NW
169. Sparkey762 Al NW
170. keengeorge Al NW
171. CB Al NW
172. carmantl Al CW
173. carmantl Al NW
174. Muto Al NW
175. Th8tredude Al NW
176. samsat Al NW
177. gleamer Al NW
178. jmoots Al NW
179. anto86 Al NW
180. Melven Al NW
181. seestuff Al WW
182. cvaty Al NW
183. Tarver Al NW
184. Tarver Al NW
185. OdorlessCurves Al CW
186. Sprinkles Al NW
187. h2o NW
188. Wedlpine Al NW
189. hank Al WW
190. mpicasso Al NW
191. J-Dub74 Al NW
192. ikaruz_500 Al NW
193. landinglight Al NW
194. crx88ia Al NW
195. JohnnyMac Al WW
196. polygon Al CW
197. cavesprings Al CW
198. leroycp Al CW
199. dude5 AL NW
200. DarkerInSol Al CW
201. RotorHead64 Al WW
202. onchiman Al NW
203. shrike3612 Al CW
204. LightVision1 Al NW
205. joe226 Al NW
206. nonetoo Al NW
207. Dwantink Al NW
208. onetrickpony Al NW
209. RobertB Al NW
210. leroycp Al NW
211. peaceandmelons Al NW
212. Crazyeddie Al NW
213. MaxBeam Al NW
214. MaxBeam Al NW
215. MaxBeam Al CW
216. MaxBeam Al CW
217. Kkelleher Al NW
218. ctyke Al CW
219. SamHaLeKe Al NW
220. Lund1660 Al NW
221. ben1680 Al NW
222. monanza Al WW
223. carmantl Al NW
224. carmantl Al CW
225. Brett530 Al NW
226. ZED Al NW
227. jack-bkk Al NW
228. cvaty Al NW
229. duvallite Al NW
230. Hairy_Steve Al NW
231. humanoid
232. Dc38
233. merikgvr4
234. rockhound42
235. Sharpie
236. Woytas
241. wedlpine Al NW
245. antiparanoico Al NW
271) bd52 Al CW




12/28/15 part B

More pics from production. Notice anything? :bigsmile:


More manufacturing pics:


Important message!

As stated previously, the box is optional only for those of you getting the SS/Cu set(s). The production box will be larger than the one pictured, and house both lights. We also plan (not guaranteed) to have a matching Serial Number on the box, either on a Stainless Steel badge, or other means! This will obviously add cost, and that is why we are making it optional.

The box option (including additional shipping), is estimated at only $11! Woot!

If you want this option, please indicate so by posting a NEW message here. I will then add ‘Box’ by your name on the list. :slight_smile:

Note: Please do NOT edit your previous post! When that happens, it makes it difficult to determine what is new and what isn’t.



New box photos. Bugsy sez:

“These are just teasers or better stated almost teasers…at the moment intended for the SS/Cu sets. Cost is in addition to the sets.The box will be made to to house two lights and not one because shipping and manufacture WILL skyrocket.”

This box rox! :heart_eyes:


Overall, the lights look and feel absolutely INCREDIBLE!

The SS/Cu X6, with it’s two-tone finish, is really quite stunning. The all copper X5…WOW! I have shown these lights to many people (mostly non-flashaholics), and they all have said how beautiful they are.

That being said, we are having some challenges with the driver not doing what we want it to do. There is also some dialing in of the lighted tailcap that must be done. Therefore, we will be spending some more time on the electronics, and some very minor corrections on the hosts.

I will post updates when I have more information. :slight_smile:



Hello folks. Here are a few updates…some you may be aware of, some perhaps new:

·Additional switch option for those that want to swap out lighted switch.

·Double spring “(Like Manker T01- See JMac’s review here)”:Review: Manker T01 Prerelease Sample (small updates 20150925)) on head and tail (all models)! Eliminates need for spring bypass.

·X5 utilizes same reflector as Manker T01.

·Protective coating added to extend lustre (estimated at 4-6 mos.).

·ATtiny25 MCU with added functions (TK’s Bistro firmware).

·Only 400 sets of SS/Cu version will be offered (True Limited Edition). Not sure about Al version yet.

·Due to upgrades (Tailcap light, protective coating, ATtiny25, etc.), price increase of $5/set ($85 for SS/Cu & $50 for Aluminum).

I will post other updates when there is more info.



Check out the gifs Dale made:


Feast your eyes on these sample pics from Selene and Dale. Nice pics, y’all!


The latest samples should reach Dale and TK today!



Some more pics of one exciting upgrade we are working on:

Notes from TK’s post:

“Not only thicker traces for higher current, but when the front of the light is off, the back turns on. It’s an ingenious design pilotdog68 came up with — if I understand correctly, it reverses the flow of current depending on the state of the switch. One direction drives the main light at full power, the other direction lets only a tiny trickle of current through to drive a low-power tailcap LED.

Try to ignore the pink boot; sourcing clear ones takes a while and this was done very quickly so they used the closest they had laying around. It seems Manker was too excited about the idea to wait. :slight_smile:

Achievement unlocked — lighted tailcap!
(pending review, of course, to make sure everything still works correctly)

The next step is thorough review of the samples when they arrive, and then if everything checks out we can give a green light for production. Or if there are issues, go through another round of refinements. At the very least, I’ll probably need to tweak the calibration and send new firmware… I hope that’s the only change needed, since it’s easy and doesn’t incur shipping delays or production costs.”


Brand new samples are ready to ship. Check out these pics!



I changed the position and the format of the interest list so it would be easier to access. It is now in columns, SS/Cu on left and Aluminum on right. I will also keep it at the top of the OP so people don’t have to scroll down so far.

- Updated thru post #1759 -

I think I got all the names transferred correctly, but let me know of yours is mysteriously missing :slight_smile:


More pics from Dale…NICE!


Nice pic by TK of K6 compared to X6 and SK-68.

Comparison pic added by Dale.

Original X6-SE v1 alongside latest upstart sibling, the Aluminum K6!


Some sample pics from Jmac:

NOTE: Triple emitter is here just for comparison. This is the original X6-SE roadrash sample. From previous GB that Dale modded.


Here is a pic of the Aluminum K6 prototype/sample. They should be shipping to us any day now…along with the SS/Cu X6-SE v2!

Isn’t it cute? :heart_eyes:


Minimums reached for Aluminum version. Keep them coming so pricing is better :exmark:

We need 200 minimum for SS/Cu version. We are at 118. Step up!!! :slight_smile:

Good feedback is coming in on the sample/prototype pictures. Check them out below! Knurling is a little off, but the production version will match the agressive knurling on the head. Please let us know your feedback on these pics.



We have some very cool pics here of the first X6-v2 SE sample. Enjoy!


Goal for Aluminum set is 100…we are at 99!!!

Goal for Stainless Steel and Copper is 200…we are at 100…half the way there and we haven’t seen a complete sample yet!!!

I have no doubt that we will hit our goals here!



A sneak peak :slight_smile:

8/3/15 EDIT:

:weary: Oh man…too early in the morning. WRONG THREAD…it is the LuckySun D80 samples that are ready…DERP! Sorry guys!

Samples are FINALLY DONE and should be in our hands in about 10 days! YEA!


All list swaps have been made (thanks ahirshy!), and even DB’s new handle changed as well. Although, personally, I like Bugs’ handle for DB…Dr. FrankenDale…haha…that’s a goodun! OK…I’m easily amused…

Nevertheless, it has taken me awhile to get to the swap list. It is probably apparent that I have been somewhat apprehensive in doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY appreciate ahirshy keeping up with it! I just don’t want to give the false impression that certain S/Ns would be guaranteed to go to certain folks. While it may be possible, it it is not probable.

Until you put one of these things together you can not possibly imagine all the pitfalls, mis-communication and silliness (in a good way) that goes on behind the scenes. Adding some sort of S/N guarantee only complicates the GB. I hope everyone understands.



A couple things:

ToyKeeper has been added to the design team. Her firmware will be used on these lights, and her expertise is sorely needed. Welcome TK to the team!

Wight has given us his blessing on using his driver design. Woot! Thanks wight!!!

Sample hosts are mostly complete! We should see samples shipping to the team, hopefully within the next few weeks! Manker is FAST!!! I will try to get some pics out as soon as available.



Interest list is almost even for SS/Cu vs. Al. Closing in at quantities of 100 of each. We will obviously hit the minimums for the Al version!

The SS/Cu is almost half the way there…and without even a sample yet! I don’t think we will have any problems hitting minimums, with positive results from the samples, of course.

Manker and samples: I wanted to let everybody know that samples are being assembled as we speak! Manker has been chosen to help design and produce the X6-SE v2. We chose Manker because of a strong combination of their technical expertise, design and quick turn-around times.

As far as a time estimate, I would say that we are 2-4 weeks out for completion of initial samples. This is blazing fast, especially when we are talking about completely new host materials (SS/Cu) :exmark:

Once we have samples in our hands, we will know much more about specs and implementation of our ideas.

Stay tuned!



I appreciate your willingness to help, Hirshy (and others). Please feel free to update me and I will make the changes necessary when time allows (on S/N swaps).

Everyone, please keep in mind that this is an interest list and nothing is written in concrete yet (specs, timeframes etc.)…including no guarantee of S/N assignment. As stated previously, it is likely to be a logisitical nightmare…so please don’t expect it! We will do our best to make it happen, but, ultimately, it is about the lights, not S/N placement. I am also not sure if we will be able to mix tints within a set also, but I will check on it. :slight_smile:

Considering the brisk reaction time we have been getting on test samples, I fully expect this GB to materialize at a faster pace than previous GBs. I don’t forsee a problem having this ready for the Christmas season. Nevertheless, this is not a guarantee. There are always unforseen challenges in dealing with Group Buys!. :Sp

Additionally, we have had some really interesting suggestions on design, materials usage etc. These ideas deserve adequate attention, and are being discussed with Neal and the manufacturer of the X6-SE v2. Likewise, it is nice to see the willingness and excitement of BLFers wanting to help and push this SE light set along. The more people we have participating, the better value and specifications we can achieve.

Thanks for everyone’s effort and patience!


Hello everyone!

I’m back from Puerto Rico. My family and I took a wonderful vacation down there, and it was very nice. I had limited internet…so I tried to keep up as much as I could, but I was determined to spend a lot of time with my family. Beautiful country and beautiful people there!

A BIG thanks to Bugs for keeping the list updated for me! Tending the list can be a huge time killer, so I appreciate him and all the other talents he possesses! Thanks also to Dale and Jmac for answering questions and helping the other BLFers with their concerns and questions.

I think we are off to a great start, especially since we don’t even have samples yet! I believe we will get the necessary totals once we receive samples. THIS LIGHT SET IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!! Sorry for yelling…but it seemed appropriate :smiley:

Here is the copied list from Bugs…let me know if I need to make any corrections. I am planning on updating the master list (at the end of this OP) and catching up with all the posts in the next few days. (Official list updated now…some swaps might not be though!) So…please be patient with me! Please keep the ‘Horse-Trading’ to a minimum. It is really difficult to keep track of, and I don’t seem to have as much time as I used to :frowning:



Some interesting suggestions on improving this setup! We will discuss them all and see what we can do.

Keep in mind that these lights will be Serial Numbered…so…the sooner you get you name on the list, the lower the S/N you will receive!



Time to roll out the second version of the BLF X6-SE light. This time it will be a set! :slight_smile:

Meet the additional design team members: DBCstm (Dale), JohnnyMac and Bugsy36 (George). We will be putting the light through it’s paces, and tweaking the samples to our liking. The light will be available again through Neal/BangGood.

In addition to new a driver with MORE AMPS, firmware and emitter, the outside will have some attractive changes as well…mainly Stainless Steel and Copper! Here are some preliminary specs for each light:

X6-SE v2 Stainless Steel:
>Polished Stainless Steel Host with copper fin/pill section
>Copper MCPCB w/DTP
>CREE XP-L or XP-L High Intensity Emitter
>wight’s driver (same as bugsy’s A6-SE!)
>TK’s firmware (same as bugsy’s A6-SE!)
>AR Lens
>Shared Gift Box
>Serial Numbered
>BLF Custom Logo
>Multiple Tint Selections (Hopefully 3 minimum)
>SS switch button

K6 Copper:
>Copper host, 14500 sized, same form factor as X6, but scaled down
>Copper MCPCB w/DTP
>CREE XPL or XP;L High Intensity Emitter
>wight’s driver (same as bugsy’s A6-SE!)
>TK’s firmware (same as bugsy’s A6-SE!)
>AR Lens
>Shared Gift Box
>Matching Serial Number
>BLF Custom Logo
>Multiple Tint Selections (same as above)
>Copper Switch Button

Estimated cost is $80/set Edit: Now $85/set.

I am also considering a matte black aluminum HAIII version (same finish as original X6-SE) as a lower cost option, estimated around $45/set. Edit: Now $50/set.

So, this is where we are at right now. I will be adding updates to this OP as received. I hope to have this available by Christmas, since it will make an awesome gift set.

Minimums will be as follows:
200 x Stainless X6-SE v2
200 x Copper K6
(Meaning 200 sets total)

100 x Aluminum X6-SE v2
100 x Aluminum K6
(Meaning 100 sets total)

Important: Once the final specs on the light are approved, the lights will go into production. Shortly thereafter, each person added to the interest list will be PM’d a special code to have access to the Group Buy. You will not get the code unless your name is on the list! To get your name added to the interest list, (please don’t PM me!) simply post the following information in this thread:

1) SS/Copper (SS/Cu) or Aluminum (Al) set.
2) Tint (WW,NW or CW).
3) Quantities.
4) Optional Box (For SS/Cu set only)? (New: Edited in)

Note: There are TWO lists for each version/set. Lights will not be sold separately…only as a set.

EDIT: Interest lists are now at top of OP

but can the aluminium use the SS switch button?

Good Day Kronos,

1 Set

Thank you Very Much,


You are a glutton for punishment :stuck_out_tongue:

I in fact interested with copper version, but it’s out of my budget.
So I’ll just skip and wait for more pictures.

sounds pretty good to me….


Four copper/SS sets. Four aluminum sets. 1 cw set of each. 1 ww set of each. 2 nw sets of each. Thanks for organizing.

Would much prefer a full size copper host or a full size head on a AA body. Also see if they can work on getting their tolerances tighter on the threads as in closer to Solarforce quality. Pretty much like everything about the original except the looseness in the tail and head threads.

HAIII AL NW 1 set for now

Thanks for ANOTHER group buy Kronological!

WOW! Nice!

put me down for SS/Cu NW

(couple of questions:is the X6 an 18650 light? K6 is a 14500? Can we get numbers on the tint in time please?)

I might have to agree with Bort :wink: but this is exciting! Thanks.

Yes Krono,

In for 1 set: SS/Cu NW and 2 sets: Al NW (SS switch button on this would be great) :slight_smile:

Also, pocket clips all around?

are there any pics of a k6 ?

1 Al NW

A switch like what is on the Red Convoy S2+ would be awesome.

I might go in for an ally set.

Wow this is exciting! Put me down for a ss/cu set with NW emitters (xpl HI if possible) thanks!

I can’t miss this!

SS/Cu CW 1x Set

ooooooooooooh :cash:

Any pics or info on the 14500 K6 ?
I can’t find anything.
Is it a tube light?

scale version of x6

Please,add me for 1 set - SS/Cu in NW.