BLF logo

Hi all, so I see a lot of topics here about BLF lights and so on... I think it's nice to have BLF on a light, but.... IS there a BLF logo or something? Something a little more visual... If not, can we make one? I think a logo would work better on some lights?! :)

I think that sounds like a bright idea.

Somebody draw a simplified poor guy with a flashlight :D

Aha, im just thinking about the LOGO thing and see this topic.

Yep, a nice visual Logo would look much better than simple letters.

Baseball caps and T-shirts are next, all we need is a graphic designer!

Well, what is important to put on the logo? A flashlight (I guess :P) and BLF, anything else?

The favicon would suffice. It can be modded as a logo.

Like it. Budget lights, budget logo.

Yep, a budget light doesn't need a fancy logo. "Light" and nothing esle.

I had made one not so long ago :bigsmile: Check this thread.

I like it and really think it's clever, although I can see the slight resemblance of something naughty

I think you're on the right track though.

Same here! Not sure if I want to walk in public places with that logo.

In our language BLF could be interpreted as meaning G..peoble Liberation Front,

and seeing the logo Im sure they do think it means just that.

HAHAHA! The BLF phallic logo!

That reminds me of one episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" when Dennis inherits his dead mother's mansion and the guys (Dennis, Mac & Charlie) decide to make it a party house and recruit new guys into their "gang" so they can pass on the legacy of their accomplishments. They end up creating a flyer to be passed out to get recruits but are worried about it sounding gay so the design it to look like a bicep (very manly) and go to a local sporting goods store and begin handing it out...

Dennis and Mac are unable to understand why potential recruits are looking at them strangely and throwing away their flyers. While it finally dawns on them that their flyers look as much like a phallic member as it does a bicep, Charlie comes up to them after handing out some flyers and the following ensues...

Charlie: (about Ernesto) You should have seen how passionate he got when I showed him the dick flyer.

Dennis: You knew?

Mac: You knew that it was a dick?

Charlie: Well, yeah, I thought we changed it. I thought you guys were changing it.

Dennis: It was always—it was always meant to be a bicep.

Mac: It was a bicep, bro.

Charlie: Well, then why didn't you cut it like w—'cause it looks totally like a dick. I thought, well, all right, let's go with the dick thing. It's more masculine anyway.

Mac: Good point.

Charlie: I mean, sh*t, if you want it to be a bicep it needs more veins.


Brilliantly written show and if you aren't already watching it you don't know what you are missing!!


I don't have the skill to do this, but how about a drawing looking down the bezel of a flashlight (a circle) with the text BLF across the center with the drawn image of an LED emitter centered between the L and F.

Another idea is graphic BLF, with the staff of the"B" being an image of a flashlight. Along these lines, you could also make the staff of the "B" be a dollar sign and the staff of the "L" or the "F" be a flashlight.

yet another concept would be simply to place a graphic BLF above a drawn image of the flashlight. The flare out of the head end would fit in nicely under the F and then you could have a few lines representing light coming out of the end.

Having it on top of the forum would be nice, but engraving a flashlight would need too much details for that.

I would do something less detailed like a simple drawing of a guy riding a flashlight with the "BLF" engraved on the body for example..

Someone else can do this much better, but here is a rough sketch for a concept:

Oh man, you guys are much more creative than me. That's another great concept, SirJohn!

We definitely need a BLF hat and t-shirt but the logo will probably be the toughest to come up with.

I think SirJohns logo is the best i've seen so far and better than what i could come up with. I'm an architecture student so I often have to make graphical things, but running low on inspiration atm.