*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

A well thought out kit.
At the very least for Sofirn to request mfg, is the wide base, head base cap, and possibly the directional shade. Everything else can be self sourced as needed, if a total kit is not offered.

Any idea where we’re at with the codes? Waiting patiently for mine :slight_smile: I’m number 2069

yeaah… i am nr 288 wanne buy on ebay and “out of stock”excluded batteries it sucks

update: i have made the offer for included batteries ist not out of stockfor now

Yeah, they actually posted how to order off Ebay. It was fair to use their instructions. Using someone else’s username is not cool.

I'm interested please include me...

Thank you

The interest list was closed yesterday after the last of the 3,000 slots were taken.

good points! :+1:

the shades are opaque.

Great video and ideas. I’ll leave my few cents about the accessories.

1) The bottom cap. It would be neat if Sofirn would be willing to machine them so they’re screw-on. With 1/4”–20 so you retain that feature without batteries.

But if they do a bottom cap, then they should also do a battery tube cap. Screw-on as well. That would be nice.

2) The wide base. If they make it then it should be attached with the 1/4”–20 thread on the bottom.
That way it can be a plastic frisbee with a hole in the middle. Make the screw captive for good measure.
And if they make the bottom cap with 1/4”–20 thread then the frisbee could be threaded on to that as well.

Personally I like tripod’s more. Compact ones are dime a dozen and in my opinion a tripod offers more stability on uneven ground. Usually they have a ball joint as well so you could keep the LT1 plumb.
Of course if you’re camping in a marsh or on a beach then a platter base would be superior because of the higher surface area.

Or they could include both. If they go with the “frisbee with a hole in the middle” route then that should be cheap enough for the accessory kit price not to balloon out of control.

3) Neoprene sleeve is a great idea. But only if they do not skimp on the quality of the material.
Hmm… What else…
4) If Sofirn decides to do the accessory kit, it would be nice if they could offer it in 3-4 different “flavors”. I for example have no interest in longer cables or cig-socket chargers.
“Basic” kit could include: storage bag for accessories, collapsible top hat, side reflector, bottom cap with tripod thread, lanyard.
Option 1 could add: neoprene sleeve for LT1, tripod?, battery tube cap?
Option 2 could add: 12V cig-socket charger + adapter + longer USB-C cable
“Premium” kit would include everything.

Or some other combinations.

Whoops, “few cents” indeed :person_facepalming:

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My two cents on the accessory kit ideas.

1. Could the wide base and the cap for when batteries are not in use be made to fit into each other somehow? I could see that being useful in a variety of situations.

2. Similarly I’d hope the base and the cap both could either be made of some very high quality plastic or even aluminum like the light itself.

3. Definitely put my vote in for the flexible silicone shade. No reason for the other options when that one fulfills all of them, lays flat and is adjustable.

4. I like the idea of a carrying case as well as long as it’s well made. If it’s not I’d rather just make my own.

5. The little mini cord with clips is a great idea and saves us finding something. But why not make the clips the same on both sides?

6. The directional shade/reflector is cool too, great idea, but definitely would be best if it could be connected without tools.

I hear ya man!! You have my sympathy. I used to be a computer tech in the early 90s. Now I have trouble remembering simple task.
The pic thing I can still do if you need help just Pm me or there is a link here How to Post Images on BLF

Good info Lagittaja …… thanks :+1: :beer:

I just came back to a private message with information that didn’t work. There were tons of posts to wade through and was just concerned. Thanks for the info.

One big question is what happens with unused codes a few months after all lights are build and codes sent.
Are they going back into the BLF group buy pool?

They will be sold on Epay to the highest bidder~!

Doesn’t matter, they are not going to stop making these things, they will make various other colors, saturate the market and have multiple sales.
You heard it here first. :slight_smile:

I have just watched you video and I have to say you did an amazing job (again)! All of these acessories seem to work great and add functionality, while still being realtivly cheap to make.

And could you please ask them to add that amazing lanyard to the basic lantern? It’s just so usefull and costs bearly anything to make!

They have already began to ship some of the first lanterns though, but definitely the double clip lanyard is a useful accessory.

UPDATE: Oct,23,2019
Possible colors vote added. >> Go vote on your favorite color, and we will work with Sofirn to see what is possible.)
POLL POST IS HERE:>> Choose your BLF LT1 Color Preference!

The colors based from the Pantone standard color charts)

ZOMGG!!! Can I vote for more than 1 color ? How many colors will be chosen, or make it to production phase?

Is there any way at all to get in on the Group Buy price? New to the hobby and stumbled across this. This looks really cool and would love to get in on it