(BLF) Sofirn Q8 V1.5: The XPL HI monster, DIY parts + Extended 8x18650 tubes GB Interest List

I already tried the 35.2’s in 65k color, they are nice, they seem to handle a bit more current and put out more light as well. I dedomed 3 of them, left one in a C8, the other two got tested to destruction. I will be using the 35 Hi’s in the Q8 just because I already had them on hand. Tested the q8 to put out almost 10k lumens with 4 x 35 Hi’s after 30secs.

What driver did you use? You should post details in the what did you mod thread

How much longer for the double tube Q8?

35’s making 10,000 lumens in an Q8. Funny how that works out, as the XHP-35 HI can’t make 2500 lumens in the BLF GT with 8 cells providing it’s power and optimized by the 118mm reflector. But in the little Q8 4 at a time can do 2500 lumens, gotta be some magic in there somewhere.

The HD version of the XHP-35 could do that, maybe, but I’m seeing a couple or three thousand less than that in my TM16, even with HD’s.

Well, there are now XHP35.2s doing 2500 lumens in a real build.

The new 35.2 is a pretty tough led. Moderator007 was pushing a top bin HD version at 3.2A and saw 2600 lumen at startup in a Convoy S2+. He has a lumen tube calibrated with Maukka’s lights, so it should be fairly accurate. This was at startup and not 30 seconds, which means it didn’t stay at 2600 lumens, though. The smaller reflector and lens might also have less OTF losses than the GT. All these things combined might explain the “magic”.

I’m thinking 4 of these top bin HD 35.2 leds with a buck driver set to do 3.2A or so each in a Q8 might get real close to 10,000 lumen.

Maybe so, but he didn’t say 35.2…

I want to buy a second Q8 and I’m hoping for a new, more lumen version. The 35.2 sounds great.

Any chance you guys have a Q8+ in the cards. Or Q9?

SwissFlashy +1


tmxod +1

Diomedes +1

There is a total of 70 tubes for the interest list.

Where’s the list? Did you already get mine corrected to show two sets?

Edit: Oh, never mind. I just looked at the (updated) list in the OP and mine has been corrected already. Thanks!


Here’s the reason why I posted this:

Hi BlueSwordM.

Thank you so much for starting the group buy of Q8 extended tube. But since the interest list is small, not enough for mass production.

And I personally worried about compatibility issues regarding buyers of BLF Q8 and Sofirn Q8.So, unless enough interest is gathered in the time, it will not be possible._

_And we would love to make an new version like Q8.5 with more powerful leds, like XHP series of LEDs, more than 10K lumens, an updated design with even better thermal properties, etc.

How do you think?


So, if you want a BLF Q8 V1.5 with some massive capacity, post your additional interest here.

I would love to be added to the list! Thanks!

So they are dropping the carriers and instead will focus on a new v1.5 light?

well this is a huge disappointment. all it takes is a few DIY mod posts or reviews and they will probably double the current list in a short period of time. I wouldn’t have purchased a sofirn Q8 had I known this was never going to happen and i’m sure others are in the same boat. So this wont sit well with me.

They may have worded it wrong in the message.

What they meant is that they want to release an update version of the BLF Q8 with more powerful emitters, updated firmware, much better springs, etc.

What we currently want is an extended Q8 tube set for the BLF Q8/Sofirn Q8/BLF Lantern to actually get manufacturer in mass quantities.

They’ve sent me a message saying that there is not enough interest to actually do it, so I’m trying to revive interest in it.

They showed a prototype and never released a price and nothing ever came of it beyond that. If they actually wanted to make this they are doing a poor job. I suspect it’s already dead and they are just hyping you up/soliciting advice for some flashlight that may never get made.

And Dale built a whole light just to use with these carriers. :weary:

Maybe Sofirn can at least sell him a couple that they already have made. I think the video shows they made at least 10 or so.

They wanted to see how much interest there was to decide whether to make a full production run. The interest was just too low. A lot of flashlight designs fizzle out because not enough people are interested in it. It’s just how it goes sometimes.

I’m new to the whole Q8 train. I already had too many lights similar to it to pick one up. But now that I’m getting a couple of the lanterns, I’m very interested in a super Q8+ as long as the tubes will be lantern compatible.

I’d take (at least) an updated Q8 and one extended tube. Depending on costs, I would probably get 2 of each. Most likely, I’d get at least two of each. I could see picking up 3 or 4 of the updated lights (I love giving these as gifts) and 2 extended tubes overall. I really like the carriers, btw.

So add me to the list for one extended tube at the moment. If anyone has a guesstimate on the cost for tubes and carriers and such, please let us know.

Thanks, Larry