BLF style 18650 1s thrower( poor mans Olight M2X)

AE seller shipped my order, made on 04/15/2017 - 02:06

will try to dedome stock led and change driver for a FET one and compare it to my C8/P30

Ordered one just now.
€ 12.91 :+1:

Hi, I want to know something, led CREE XM-L2 U4 1A, can be driven by Direct Drive Fet, like BLF A6, just an example, I want to buy this flashlight and add this led on MPCB maxtorch 26mm, but I do not know which driver It fits this configuration, greetings and thank you very much.

US $15.20 shipped, today :person_facepalming:
At this rate it will be $20+ by the end of the month…

I am still waiting for A60 resurrection… And while I’m waiting I will say that Mitko did really good find for cheap.

Just ordered one. It’s $13.11 9’ the AE app + $2 shipping and a $1 off coupon

My only real concern is the reflector . i remember having a hd2010 that was impossible to focus . Mitkos beamshot pic is reassuring…But i still have the memories of horrible beam profiles and finally shorting out the emitter … thanks for that memory “wallbuys ”
Another problem is In my head it’s this or a utorch ut-02…and the BLF devil on my left shoulder is saying buy them both .


I have modded probably 4 UT02’s until now , and i will make another one these days . One of my favourite lights to mod , big stock mcpcb , big driver place nice reflector and easy to center. Not cheap , but it’s an awesome light , stock or not . Get one :stuck_out_tongue:

UT02 is a great light, xhp35 choice was bad imo. Xpl hi around 4 amps with charging port and the huge reflector would be better. Price would be lower with xpl.

My light arrived. A comparison photo.

On inspection of the light

(1) The LED is not centered.
(2) The heatsink is loose.
(3) The bezel can not be tightened down.
(4) The threads of the tube (ends) are not clean and will cut someone.
(5) The exterior of the light is missing anodize, chipped.

(6) Battery inserted.

The clicky shorted out.

That good…
It is an impressive light though.

All those findings are interesting as they mimic the original HD2010 this light is styled after. I learned to mod lights because of a faulty-out-of-the-box HD2010! lol

Have fun! :slight_smile:

As i expected it’s basically a host that needs some work then…
It’s pretty ugly too.
Can’t wait to get mine. :smiley:

+1 :smiley:

Huh, mine didnt had engraving, i see this one does…maybe a diffrent revizion? Who knows how many versions of this torch we will see

I think the no brand version is made by Courui .


Sometimes they do miss the engraving you know, i got quite a few Convoy c8/S2 withouth any markings , also several X6 too.
I realy do hope the situation here is the same…

Interesting !

Never heard of it again :slight_smile:

Mine came yesterday - has the same engraving. Not much time to test, but she lit up fine. It's definitely gawky, quirky look - head is way too big for the body, maybe I'm just not used to something like this. Even the 134 mm head of the BLF GT thrower (in drawings only) looks proportionally sized, just the 2x4X battery tube fools you for what size the light really is.

Didn't tear mine down yet, but the threads are definitely spikey, and also the ano has some chips, very much like the one ARsee pictured.

Quality degradation process already started!
When you ordered they probably did not have much orders to fulfill but after this review many people ordered in short time, they had big demond and many orders to fulfill so they speeded up the process, find supplier with cheeper price and flashlights in stock.

Mine shipped today…