BLF style 18650 1s thrower( poor mans Olight M2X)

I usualy dont review torches , dont have much time for that.
Most of nowadays offers arent that BLF styled, also arent that BLF priced, yet this one is:

I bought the body several weeks ago from AE, however the seller stopped it for unknow reasons. Yet, my check showed one could find it easy on Ebay : 14-18$ price range
And i am sure it will pop at AE again

By default it aint something specialy, the body is solid, the pill too, the driver is a cheap 17mm EAST 92 DD driver 5 modes( 2.2 amps), yet the reflector is good!
The reflector( 52mm diameter) comes kinda short by default so they used a huge centering emitter bracket, thus resulted in a nasty hotspot with a terrible candela results.
The glass however is nice enough for that rice
The pill can hold 16mm pcbs so i lowered it by 3mm, filled the gap with a thermal paste/ Cu pads and used a 26mm 3535 mcpcb, also a X6 emitter bracket which paired nearly perfectly with the reflector

Since a frend demanded a Hi emitter 6500k+ i used a crappy V2 1A and a fet dd driver( with a modified babka thrower firmware)

The result is 1500 lumens( at 5.4 amps), 170k candelas and quite good heat dissipation: i am quite sure that if i used a dded U4 the candelas will top 200k+ even with the default glass, prolly 220k+ with a V6 emitter…and mayve 280 - 300K with a good S4 emitter

The hotspot:

Same quality as a very well fixed C8 hotspot without any rings ,“mustages” or something fo that ilk.

The tail assebly needs a modest rework too

Its lenght is only 8-9mm longer than Convoy C8, and its weight is 223 grams( without the battery)

I might say this one filled the 50-55mm reflector gap that we have atm, its cheap by default and the mod is a fairly easy one

Looks like a HD 2010 - C8 hybrid !

Nice Mod!

Looks good, thanks for the report. Could you get another picture of it in hand or next to a C8?

Edit: there’s a pic in-hand in the AE link above.

Here you are m8

I was looking at the same host some days ago , and i wasn’t sure if it has a hollow pill etc (and now you told us :wink: , so i’ll probably get one) .

With a dded xp-l v6 i think you would get 240-250kcd easily . The UT02 that has a 50-52mm reflector gives even 250-255kcd with dded xp-l v6 .

Thanks , i always appreciate your mods .

Yeah its a very good host to mod indeed, especialy considering its price vs quality ratio

And its a pure BLF torch:)

Something that i forgot to add early: its pill it an exact T20/UF1505 match whitch makes it very easy to mod even with a CU pill, yet i dont think thats needed, there is only a slight candela drop after 2min due to the heat, the body takes it very well realy

Also, the tail button is the bulky Otmen, and could be easy FW modded too: very good at default, its just one has to remove the useless tail spring cap( or solder it)

Thanks Mitko

I just picked one up off eBay.

Who knows, it may become my first mod candidate

Bought one too!!


Thanks Mitko is a good info. Does an XP-G2 S4 3D dedomed? I have one and a blf a6 driver out there …

how does it perform stock. anyone got stock numbers?

Available again at 11 dollars.

Its good that they brought it back- for 12$ its maybe the best DIY BLF thrower atm

It aint good by default yet the default emitter is original and the driver could be tiny 13 modded

Thanks for the tip Mitko, I just bought one on AE, $13.80 now. Let’s see what I can mod it with :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll go real budget and dedome the stock Led, how is the stock star?

Mitko, you have PM.

Thats the idea m8, i used HI emitter cause i was forced too, dded XML would be ways better for candelas, even for the tint: its kinda cool white by default so it would end u like 4500k or something.

I am sure youll hit 200k cds easy, even if you attiny13 mod the default driver, its EAST92

One thing thats quite important: since the reflector has quite a wide base the emitter MCPCB should be at least 26+ mm

Olight m22 mcpcbc work perfectly in that host btw, and i have like 20 of those laying arround( leftovers form modded m22s :slight_smile:

26mm mcpcb for xm-l2 isn’t that expensive (compared to the xp-l one) :

I hate when I buy something and right after I find it cheaper LOL!!!

Thanks for the ideas. Ordered that mcpcb. Looking foreward for this oldschool budget build. :beer:

Thanks, Mitko! Just ordered one.

Now I need to decide whether to install an XP-E2 or 219c. (Both dedomed, of course)