Blue Fatty - Wurkkos WK30

Just received my Wurkkos WK30 in the mail today. I had previously reviewed their WK20 Dive light which I raved about. This one is fantastic as well, but a much different light. Here is a partial description from their Amazon ad:

Multifunctional LED Flashlight,Triple Reflector by 3 Types LED Light Source White/Red/UV Flashlight High 90 CRI with Rechargeable USB Port and Power Indicator Compatible with 18650 21700 26650 Battery
by Wurkkos

Triple Light Source:The flashlight is installed Samsung LH351D 5000K CRI 90,Cree XPEBRD-L1 red beam and LG UV LED. To meet your needs in different environment, besides lighting,especially in detect cash, fluorescent agent, traces of forensic,hunting/animal blood tracking, ID and document verification,pet and pest strains,reading invisible fluorescent inks etc.
Different modes and mode memory:White light source has High(1200lm)/Medium(400lm)/ Low(120lm)/Eco(5lm)/Strobe(1200lm)/SOS(1200lm) modes; red light source has High/Medium/Low modes; UV light has Medium/Low lighting modes. It memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (except red and UV beam).
Good battery compatibility and running time: WK30 could compatible with 26650/21700/18650 and able to use 2*CR123A battery in an emergency,the running time could last more than 200 hours in eco mode and about 20 hours in low mode.
Smart design:Direct USB Rechargeable with Power indicator is convenient to use charging and identify the power by the side switch, there will be a special blue brightness reminder in the case of UV group to prevent UV light from illuminating the skin and causing unnecessary damage.
Good Materials: Original LEDs, alum alloy smooth reflector, toughened mineral glass lens with AR coated, thermoelectric separation copper MCPCB and constant current circuit design.

Really happy with this new offering. It’s a functional light as well as a fun light. Despite having 3 emitters, there are no issues with the beams. The LH351D 90CRI 5000K is beautiful. 4 modes of white, 3 of red (up to 200 lumens), and 2 of UV … with strobes on the white and red. When 1st turned on the switch lights up different colors to let you know the battery status. On UV the switch turns on in blue to let u know u are in UV mode. 4 clicks locks out the light. Nice option of cells to run the light. 26650 cell included. Light has a micro USB charge port. IPX-8. Not sure why their name isn’t better known. I find their lights top quality and reasonably priced.

Here are a few pictures. I will be adding more as well as some video in time:

video of the switch. when turning on in UV mode the switch will first light up in green, then change to blue and pulse to let you know you are in UV mode. when one first turns on the light the switch will briefly turn green or red to let you know the status of the battery.

Amazon link:

$32 with Amazon coupon

Thank you for sharing your impressions. AFAIK, this light is a customized product made by Sofirn (as 3PM) but sold under a different brand/name. Barry once posted a prototype here on BLF but never mentioned anything else about it again.

Carsten recently posted some pictures on TLF (in German language) as well...

thank you for posting the link to TLF….

I wasn't really interested when the prototype was posted (because larger reflectors 'could' be used). But, given that it has the special white LED as well as the other emitters and less than 4" length and ~1" diameter, I just may buy one.

Since there looks to be a Sofirn connection, I'd say this may be an example that they are listening to our requests for different emitters and, dare I say it, lower Kelvin, hi CRI emitters.

My guess is, Sofirn bought a huge amount of Samsung LH351D 5.000K 90CRI. Probably, they bought far too many and now they use them for multiple flashlights, especially for third party brands such as Wurkkos. Their SP36 BLF Andúril version with LH351D doesn’t seem to sell as expected in terms of sales revenue. Probably, they got the impression that most customers feel overstrained with a complex UI as Andúril. So, their SP36S is probably the attempt to sell the same light with a much more simplified UI.

The price on Amazon, and discount code, won’t remain at that level forever. If interested in purchasing one, sooner would be better than later. No, I don’t get a percentage of sales :slight_smile: Their last offering, the WK20, went up in price after a few weeks if I recall correctly.

Interesting feature mix and price. Nice.

I haven’t heard of this one yet.
(quick google search and hit on their AliExpress official store)
… yeah… THAT is what I wish my SP36 lights had. Too bad mine can’t be reflashed to a similar UI.

The only thing I may miss is the voltage flash code feature.

I got one to review (coming soon to a theater near you!) and just ordered a 2nd one.

Eerie little thing, but I’m really liking mine so far.

This looks really cool. I wanted to grab a decent UV light anyway, so why not have it be multifunctional? Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

A buddy was trying to push me towards a multifunction like this a while back, but it just didn’t look very reputable. Pending reviews, I might be convinced this one is worth the effort. The fact it runs 26650 and 21700 is just an added tickle to my fancy. :+1:

And the included 26650 (“5000mAH”) clocked in at 5380mAH on my Ope at its max 1000mA charge/discharge.

Also got between 50mΩ and 100mΩ on quick-test, but I can never get consistent readings on any charger.

Quite a bit of oomf, as I don’t think the light would stress out the cell all that much.

Stupid question... should one wear UV protective eyewear with any UV emitter? I have some clear Uvex safety glasses for working inside and out, at night

Not stupid at all.


Unless you have a white cane fetish….

ps - Uvex is a brand name. Make sure the specific model you have are UV blocking.

Yeah, I always thought it was my imagination that I’d get headachy after using a UV light for too long. Things just fluoresced pretty colors, right?

Nope. Enough UV still bouncing around to get into your wide-open eyeballs and fry your retinas without your even seeing it. Literally.

Good to verify. Thank you! I have some of these.

Btw, the anti-fog treatment doesn't seem to work.

I suppose I could spray some sunscreen on them for 'extra' protection. LOL!

In case the general UV protection claims are, well...

I don’t know why but I find this light very captivating. My heart and brain are fighting each other now since I know I really don’t need another flashlight :wink:

But a group buy would surely tip the balance in buying side :laughing:

Thank you.I think Samsung LED also has his advantages, such as the beautiful 5000K color temperature, high color rendering index, and by our circuit design brings a good output too.

Group buy is a good idea

interesting light, i would like more lights with Samsung LH351D … why isnt this happening ?

any idea if this light will sell to a bigger audience ?