Blue Fatty - Wurkkos WK30

IMHO: quite unique combination of features. It’s not common UV and red do their jobs like this one. Yet this LH351D - cream of the cream

Coupon disappeared while it was in my cart.

Yeah… I was up for an impulse buy until it disappeared. :-/

I’ll also be looking for a coupon.

This was eerily prescient…

That’s also why I hurried up and grabbed a second one. :slight_smile:

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20% code S99S-F2ENY3-FPHLAG reinstated for BLFers (Amazon)

Amazon shopping cart tells me that code is not available yet.

Me too. Reported it in Lightbringer’s thread

Sorry about the issues of “coupon”, my colleague may did some mistake so it invalid :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: , we just did another 20% code which will show in the Amazon page in 3 hours later.

Does anyone know if this is available anywhere else?

The new code for anyone wondering is : MY9WWF8L

thanks Streamer -

Anybody on the fence for one of these. Only 15 remaining in stock as of this post with coupon for final price of $31.99

From CPFItalia forum. ” [IMPRESSIONI] Wurkkos WK30 - cpfitalia forum

Sofirn logo visible under head spring.

I wonder… is the head glued together or can you get to the innards to change the LEDs around? Swapping the UV for a green or blue might be interesting.

Group buy is a great idea for both buyers, and seller?

Does anyone know where I can still get one of these?

It’s now not available.

Where does the Blue Fatty moniker come from?

When I was asked to review this light, the person mentioned the name ‘Blue Fatty’ to me and asked if I thought it would be offensive as he was not that familiar with our language. I told him I had heard of other similar names, and thought it would be ok to use in this Forum. Of course it has to do with the stubbiness of a 26650 light and the blue switch ring……

keep an eye on Amazon, it was reported that more lights are on the way (this from Lightbringer’s thread.)