Boaz is sick ...... prayers welcome advance

Not feeling well? You only have 2 more for 700 posts.


Oh good Lord, that does NOT sound good.

It'd have to be a pretty severe case of something serious before I'd post it on the internet and ask for prayers.

Whatever it is, get well soon.

Regards, (high esophagus cancer risk) Simon

Was your first reaction of me, as shy ?

I think his reaction was that if we need to get The Almighty involved, it is not a common cold you have.

Get well soon buddy.

Or . . . or . . . he was simply tired and being facetious.


LOL, Foy.

Yes, get well soon Boaz. With a good Old Testament name like that, you should be fine soon!

It gets around , had the flue all week ... GWB

I'm sure you'll get better soon. Take care.

Get well soon Boaz!

Buy something, you will feel better.

Basically, yeah. For terminal illnesses we pray. For everything else, you call in a sickie and eat soup while you check the forums and retailers...

I'll wish you a speedy recovery and an understanding boss, though!

Hi Boaz, I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather. I sure hope it's nothing serious. Try to rest up and get yourself better.

Not fun I'm sure, but more time to hunt for bargains. Feel better soon.

Boaz, prayers sent. Hope ya feel better fast!

Many believe, including me, that prayer intentions or requests don't nessecerily have to be reserved for life/death situations. Each to his own.


Sorry to hear, hope you'll get well soon.

Praypal sent.

(PM me if it's anything with your back)

Good one Huny.

I second that :D The only bad thing is the waiting :bigsmile: A warm hug sent to your praypal ;) Hope you get better soon :party:

Boaz, hope you get to feeling better soon pal. Take 2 XM-Ls and call me in the morning.