Brightest micromag ever?

There's a fair number of bright micro mags being built around the forum and I'm proud to say that some of them are of my own design. My focus has been shifting to triple builds on noctigon driven by Wight's single sided FET driver. This combination makes for very bright and very floody pocket rockets. My latest build was focused on being the brightest I'd ever built. I'd say it's the brightest ever but I can think of one guy with an MT-G2 micro that might argue the point!

The build followed the same process described here only differing in the use of aluminum for the heatsink and the use of XP-L V6 emitters in 3C tint. I had RMM flash an MCU for me and mod a Carclo 10511 tri-optic for use with domed XP-Ls.

Don't those emitters just look like they want to light up the world? The frosted optic looks great in the finished light.

And one more...

As pretty as the light is (to me) the real point is in the numbers. This light draws 6.3 amps at start up and drops to about 5.5 amps after a 30 second sprint with a freshly charged Efest IMR 14500 at 4.18v. Using the XP-L output graphs by Djozz and correcting minus 16% for losses due to the optic modification (based on measurements by DBCstm) and minus a further 15% for stock optic losses gives a bit over 2000 lumens at start up and around 1800 lumens at 30 seconds.

The above are all calculated estimates given certain assumptions of course. By eye it easily beats any other micromag I've built yet. It's also the most floody. So is there a brighter micro mag out there? (beats chest and struts about)

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I just built an Convoy S6 with the triple XP-G2, clear carlico lens, and BLF17DD. I made a half inch long solid brass post with about 5 thousands of clearance inside the head and reduced the last .045” to 16mm and then soldered that to the pill to mount the LED pad to, then I soldered the Noctigon pad directly to it. I dedomed all 3 LED’s, and also soldered a wire inside the tailcap spring. I measured around 1815 lumens at 30 seconds. Your numbers look legitimate to me considering the higher potential of the XP-L’s, and the slightly more limited output from the battery. It’s a nice wall of light, isn’t it. :smiley:

Nice minimag!

I’ve got a 2D maglight to keep working on. Trying to fit 2 x 32650 and an MT-G2 with the BLF22DD.

I think that is just awesome. Nice work man!! Really cool how you can put that much into such a small package and have it look so clean. Very nice !

Awesome mod! I’m lovin these micromags, especially the looks of the purple minimag with Nichias :slight_smile:

How’s the 3C tint with the xpl’s?

Yes indeed. I love your triple Mini Mag. Just a word on how durable they are too. I have that Silver one from you that my wife has fallin in love with. She loves how easy it is to use.

When we first met, she had a mini mag light in her car. So I think she is comfortable with them. Once you teach them that it isn’t broken, and requires that “special” battery (AA won’t work) lol they are good to go.

She has dropped it, dropped it and dropped it some more. It still works great! I gave her 2 Efest 14500’s batteries and a Nitecore I2 and she has been using it ever since she stumble upon it.
I also added a paracord lanyard with a niteeaze SS clip and now she can handle it more easily or clip it to her purse.
Great work on the lights. They have a amazing beam and amount of light! She says she rarely uses high. One day I caught her showing the light to one of her friends. They wanted to buy one. Then she explained it was a custom light. lol Her friend was unaware of my flashlight problem. lol

Now I just need to add some glow under the optics. My wife saw me do that to one of my other lights. Now she is asking me to fix her up! I think I may have her hooked.

Could you share what’s the runtime ?

Oh Hell yes!
We all need a good thigh burner :slight_smile:

The discharge graph in This review will give you some idea of run time at various drive currents. I’d guess DD to be somewhere around 6-7 minutes.

Run time is around 4 and a half minutes on high from start to low voltage warning. The light is pretty hot by this point and is still pushing over 3 amps (~1000 lumens). The cell registers 3.5v on the Opus so it's pretty depleted.

XP-L 3C tint seems to be the same as XM-L2 3C, that is to say, awesome.

Ricflair, it's bad enough you take my babies into the swamp and abuse them but now you've got your wife doing it too? Well That's Fantastic. Glad she likes it!

Thanks all for your kind words.


Great mod .

Keep 'em coming .

Fun stuff. Congrats on the speedy sale in your other thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, Your single sided drivers save me a lot of work on these micros!