BTU Shocker - $99 Free Ship at FF

For throw - I’ve done 5m, 10m, 15m, & 25m tests. All about the same results - about 125k stock, 181K with the XML2’s and UCL lens. I have not tried it just high yet though. But a stock high with 2160 lumens it still should be respectable.

What does your meter say for the BTU stock at 1 meter? Did you check it there?

So many questions :slight_smile:
Springs on the holder are fine, I added copper braid, but didn’t help much.
I didn’t detect any PWM on the BTU driver (which is now dead), On the DRY driver I cannot see it, but I can hear it in all modes (even Turbo) if I point the light at a black piece of paper. Seriously, sheer the intensity of the light makes a noise when it hits a dark piece of paper. Crazy bright.
My particular unit tests relatively low, and I think there may be something wrong with my light. Everyone else seems to have no problems, so it may be a one-off.
There have been a lot of BTUs sold today. I think they will be gone by tomorrow.

Just wondering what XM-L2’s on copper you used? The only ones I can find are from and are pretty expensive, about $60 for 3 delivered!

Truthfully, I don’t know. I’ve tried several other lights that throw over 100k at 1m, and everyone reads off, many way off. SR90, TN31, tn31mb, Deerelight, etc. If I light is a serious thrower, I just start them at 5m. My TN31mb (426k) and SR90 w/ sbt70 (325k), even reads off a little at 5m. But not too far off. At 10m the read proper. And by proper I mean the same consistant numbers from 10m - 100m.
From all my testing, this is the way I see it as best minimum testing distances -
0-50k - 1m test
50-100k - 3m test
100-200k - 5m test
200k & up - 10m test.

Any one have a NW Shocker?

No problem.

Your getting quite the collection there.

According to the website the BTU weighs 1200grams without batteries. That’s 2.6lbs roughly.


◎3* Cree XM-L LED (U2) CW / CREE XM-L T6 3C NW with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
◎Battery: 3 x 18650
◎204 mm (length) x 52 mm(body width) x106 mm(head diameter)
◎1200-gram weight (excluding batteries)

Bare emitters reflowed onto 20mm SinkPAD's - I do it in a frying pan Smile, works pretty well, did dozens, check temp with a temp meter. They were XM-L2 U2's 1A or 1C's, forgot which. IlluminationSupply is a great source for the 1C's, but they might have been from Mouser.

Quit thinking about it and just buy it!

Tom E, they were XM-L U2 1C from IS. A great thrower tint, IMO. I did virtually the same mod.
It’s not hard to do, but I would not recommend it be your first mod. Try something smaller first.

So, I took the dive and bought one. I am moving North to Canada to visit relic, and see if he can get me on public assistance… J)

Don’t you know, flashlights are the new precious metals. Everyone buys up flashlights when things get tough. :wink:
OK, All I can offer you is free medicare and all the maple syrup you can eat. And bacon, lots of bacon. J)

I did :open_mouth:

Only eight left!
If you listen closely, you can hear Ric counting his money :wink:
It’s a great light, at a great price. To all the new owners, enjoy!

one this is do i lose lumens if i opp for the NW emitter vs. CW?

Based on reports from others, NW is not desirable. My recommendation (and echoed by others) is CW, BTU driver.

That’s what I got. I’m excited to get this baby.

I think I’ll wait until it becomes cheaper.