BTU Shocker - $99 Free Ship at FF

Darn you guys!! |( I ordered in NW, so now you forced me to request a change to CW… before I swap in XML2’s later on. :smiley:

After they run out, this might be the end of the venerable BTU. Only 7 left…

Actually, if you check out the package deal with charger and batteries, there’s 96 more.
Ric might start selling those lights by itself when he starts to see it move.
Who knows, 96 is still quite a bit. Another price drop is possible.

I reduce the count to 5 left :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you guys hate missing a great deal about as bad as I do? I guess seeing others take the plunge makes it that much more psychologically correct to do so and ever so much more rewarding justifying the submit payment button.

Was really ready to buy this monster but I thought I really want a MT-G2 baby.
Crazy price though!

Quantity showed 2 left so I placed a panic order. Quantity now shows 10 left in stock. Oh well, at least I finally made a decision.

I think Ric's trick with showing dwindling qty remaining is working...

BTU shocker NW review: Review: BTU Shocker (3 x XM-L T6 NW | 3 x 18650)

BTU shocker CW review: Review: BTU Shocker (3* XM-L U2 CW, 3* 18650) - comprehensive (picture heavy).

I’m still hesitating on getting one, even though I have no real throwers bar my N30 HID (which does around 250 kcd). I would probably go with neutral white, even though there seems to be around a 15-20% output drop (the readings in the NW review are a bit underestimated).

That's one reason why I love my NW Shocker: It's bright enough! I don't need to think if I lose some lumens or candelas because of NW. Of course there's small difference, but you won't really notice it without comparing to another Shocker.

I think it should be marketed like Rolls-Royce:
- Lumens: Enough
- Throw: Enough


Or what does Mr. Admin think? Is the NW enough, or would you like to have some more lumens?

Oh the heat I’m feeling!!! Guys, this is awful! Really!

So should I do the DRY driver or BTU and why?

I would go BTU for good regulation and no PWM. I doubt the DRY driver nets enough additional output to be worth the negatives (low frequency PWM, unregulated) or even enough to be noticeable.

Just get your hurting over with and buy the damn thing. LOL!

Cool white BTU Driver is what I got. That seems to be the best going on the comments here.

So that PWM is really noticeable?


DrJones says 260Hz on low for the DRY driver, but I’ve read some posts alluding to 700Hz, which is still slow if you’re PWM-sensitive or just don’t like having visible PWM.*

I think you’ll be happy with the BTU driver :wink:

*For context, the SR King’s Low mode is 178Hz PWM and impossible to not notice, and the ever-popular 8xAMC Nanjg105c variants have (something like) 4000Hz PWM for modes which is for the most part unnoticeable. Hope that helps!

My last objection is that if I don’t get the DRY driver with turbo, this won’t be as much of a use, given its weight and identical output to my King. It would just have the throw. I don’t know if I can justify that.

This is painful!

I know, I’m on the fence too. Problem is that it’s not a fence I knew I’d be straddling right now. It’s wicked tempting.

On the bright side one can easily mod the thing or have somebody mod it to kick the King’s butt in raw output.

Edit- Thankfully I don’t have to worry about buying it because my ISP has decided it can’t find the FancyFlashlights site (or CNQualitygoods for that matter). Fortitude by proxy is better than nothing.

I think its a stretch to consider output “identical” to the King. The NW review said it’s about the same as… That is not identical.

Shocker has tons more throw. With tons of overall output. It puts the TK75 to shame out the box, and can be modded even better. I understand the comparisons to the King since they are both triple XML, driven pretty hard. But you really can’t group them together as that similar. It’s the combination of both mega output and throw that is so unique and awesome with the Shocker. It’s pretty easy to have tons of throw OR output. Lots of [cheaper] options for one or the other.

OK, so a BTU driver-equipped Shocker would have more output than a CW King? If so, by how much? I’d love to justify this enough to pull the trigger.

The CW BTU in stock form is already about 600 lumens over the original SRK (2200otf) and at least double the throw. Buy it Joe. At this price I promise you wont regret it. Later you can get it modded and very few led lights will touch it in combination of flood and throw.

that was my point

I am just going off what I have read, I don’t have a shocker. I do have a King clone FWIW.