BTU shocker pics wanted

hey guys im on a quest to build a monster light but im looking for some pics/designs first before i order parts

im looking for pics of its size so pics of u holding the light in hand would be great :)or pics of it torn down ??

and any input on what u think of it, like to large,ugly,to heavy ect……

It’s way too large, far too heavy and ugly as sin…. but still pure awesome! :wink:

that’s my main concern is that it looks so heavy in the pics i see on websites. But that’s the biggest light iv seen with that size of a head unless i can have a custom one made but will not be cheap

Hhmm, 480+ kcd and 4,400 lumens of awesomeness, that is... Smile I'm at work, but I got 3 of them at home right now in various states...

Would you like a pic of one in each hand? I'm not sure where to stick the 3rd one, but others have told me where to stick it. Smile

Now…those reflectors are a little bigger than the C8 standard, right? Plus the merge at the middle…how do you get that high a beam intensity? De-dome? And how hard are you driving those XM-L2’s to get 4400 otf?

Slightly bigger than C8, maybe - I consider them about the same from what I recall when I measured them. De-domed XM-L2 U2 1A's on Noctigon or SinkPAD's, back of reflector counter sunk for perfect focus, AS5 under star with surface sanded/polished to 2500 GRIT, all springs (5) copper braided, 20-22 gauge wires, IOS 4.5A driver in direct drive with 3 cell/3 LED config, DeoxIT Gold on contact surfaces after cleaning them - must use low resistance cells for these results: Samsung 20R's or SONY 30A's, or maybe 20Q's. I measured 5.5A - 6A at the switch (i.e. tail). I get 5,200-5,400 lumens with the domes. On some battery carriers, I even added jumpers across the traces to reduce resistance - yes, I'm a sico on details... Ohhh - it's no pencil beam for sure. Haven't heard anyone describe a de-domed Shocker's beam that way... yet.

Keep in mind I've gotten 100 kcd on de-domed C8's at lower amps, also, keep in mind a full out modded TN31 can produce 1,700 lumens even when de-domed. Some amazin stuff has happened this year with XM-L2 LED's.

Please note I measure 430-436 kcd at 5 meters, but rdrfronty confirmed that # at 5m, and got 485 or so at 15m.

TomE would u no how big the pill is in that light ? I’ll be having some made from copper if I decided to purchase this light or have a custom head made

It's a one piece job - no removable pill. There is a threaded piece that screws in that the driver mounts to:

That inner aluminum ring also screws in as well. What I do is use a file to make 2 notch's in that inner ring so I can use a needlenose to tighten/loosen it. Much better to use the inner ring rather than the outer ring when accessing the driver. Underside view with the driver attached:

Another view:

The pill is is a single piece and part of the body that includes the finned section, the battery tube threads and the plate that the emitters mount on. Sorry I haven’t been able to get a photo of just that part. You can see a groove on the outside of the light just past the finned section, there the rest of the head screws down into the “pill”.
If made of solid copper you’d need a helper to move the light around :open_mouth:

Edit: Ah there you go, Tom is on the case :slight_smile:

Here are a few shots next to other lights for size reference if it helps -





Holy crap. :open_mouth:

Nice presentation of your EDC weapons carrier! :bigsmile:

Thats case is soo sic -- I'm jealous! Not sure why you need a case though for pocket EDC's ? Smile

Well, not exact EDC’s :slight_smile: . Putting one of those BTU’s in my pocket would be a pretty neat trick. Even if I managed to get it in my pocket somehow, I’d likely end up mooning somebody from it pulling my pants down.

Or burning your pants down! :bigsmile:

I think I just sprained an eye ogling Post 10.

If your looking for a big head only . The biggest I’ve found in the Par 36 from FM at CPF. It’s kinda ugly and awfully expensive though.

Awesome pics, I think I’ll buy it to start my project if it does turn out to be on the heavy side then I’ll call it fat bastard lol

nitro - do you need the stock reflector? I got a host, minor issues with the reflector though...