BTU STR01 CREE XHP50 Flashlight Pics and Beamshot

BTU STR01 CREE XHP50 is top quality super bright thrower. Highly recommended.

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◎ Cree XHP 50 CW 6500K / NW 4200K
◎Battery: 2 x 26650 / 18650(Not Included) ; With Extension body
◎160 mm (length) x 66 mm(Head diameter) x32 mm(Body diameter)
◎370-gram weight (excluding batteries)
◎3 levels of brightness: High (3A —2.5 hrs)>Med (15hrs)>Low; Current Regulation
◎Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle
◎Tail cap click Switch
◎Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
◎ Super deep Aluminum Alloy Reflector;Shotrange up to 800meters
◎Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
◎Toughened ultra-clear glass lens

Beam Shot

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Can you provide a picture looking down in the reflector? Also, is the led on a built in shelf, or is it a removable pill?



i have seen similar lights like this with xpl and xm2 that had a brass solid.

This is very similar to shadow mtg2 light… even the driver looks the same :~

Some interesting “Upcoming projects” listed also

veeery close…
(same switch - same tube - only the deeper reflector is different…)

Theres a thread around with a few people looking for contact from you regarding problem items and your old site(s).

What driver do you use in your EDC-light Triple CREE XHP70 / XHP 50 12000-Lumen 3x26650 LED Flashlight ?

Is it this driver? 6-12V/10-100W/3xCREE XHP50-70/ Current Regulation Driver . Only 3 amps per LED or will it do more?

Do I need to be signed in to your website for the coupon to work? It did not work for me??

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We use a custom-made 5Ax3 good driver, still under test.

I will post the test result and some beam-shot for the triple XHP50 light later.


Hi Old-lumens

The reflector is removable and quite easy to dissambled. I will send a detailed picture of the reflector tomorrow.

It’s not similar with shadow JM30. The refector is much larger and deeper than JM30, So the throw is much better too.


I hope you make those drivers available for sale because It’s hard to find high amp drivers like that.

Hi Ric, looking forward to this upcoming BTU light:

Just a question: are you guys considering a version with a battery carrier extension, so it is possible to do 4x18650 + 4x18650?


I figured folks were going to start slotting heads after I saw the Oveready WASP rig. It is a great cooling idea.

Ugh… shipping is $22 :weary: , albeit it’s a very fast shipping method though, but almost 1/3 of the light cost :~


Ric, that extension tube would be very useful and I think you would sell many to those who already own the BTU Shocker.

I created a survey that gained a lot of interest but you never supported us. Why not? Can you please make this happen for us and start making the extension tubes and 6 x 18650 carrier?

Here’s a pic with stacked BTU battery tubes.

Convoy C8 on left, BTU center, TK70 right.

So it does. It is 4x18650+ 4x18650+ + + +, you can add infinite extensions. But i think 4 or 8 batteries is very enough.

Yes , it’s fast DHL/Fedex shipping. You can choose Free registered post too.

5A / 6A driver will be in stock next week… will have it on sale.