Budget Deals. X8 clone $15 (got it today)

Don’t know if you saw my post on the previous page, but I located what looks to be the proper reflector

I’ve sent the seller a message & are awaiting a reply.

This should be the solution for those who ended up with the same reflector as mine, otherwise, get your light from FF as Garry pointed out…. I wish I had have seen it there first.

Nice find FmC. Please keep us posted. Looks like I will be needing one of those too.

I had no reply from the Ali dealer, & I’d rather just a ‘click & buy’ process, so after further searching, I found another supplier & placed an order .


…edit… Ok, we can forget that one - they wanted almost $9US postage…. cancelled & still looking…

Thank you FmC. Got the X8 today. It has the tall narrow pill and thin aluminum reflector. Went ahead and ordered on reflector from the vendor in your last post. Not sure I will be able to use it though. Don’t I also need a matching pill?

Yea I can't see how the reflector would fit but what do i know.I received mine today,I pretty much got what everybody else got. I added fujik , some O Rings and crammed as much foil into the gap between to pill and the head. I am getting good heat transfer

Yep good heat transfer for me now too. I folded sheets of foil carefully squeegeed out any wrinkles and jammed them in one at a time packing in as much as possible while trying to keep as much air out as possible. I’m not overdriving the MG-T2 I have in it with the DRY driver so it does get hot but not uncomfortably so. I’m actually really happy with my mod. $40 total for a good light that competes with a SRK in a small package with better tint. Nice walking light.

There’s no guarantee that reflector will fit, but to me it looks like the correct one, which will screw into the pill we already have.

I’m tossing up whether to get the reflector which will cost me about $15AU, or get another complete host from CNQG for a few dollars more.

I might go for option ‘B’, as that would also give me the option of a 3*18650 with the extra tube :slight_smile:

The pill for the ones sold by aliexpress in the first post are not threaded for a reflector. They are different from yours.

That sucks for those who ended up with that pill. In my searching, I came across a few suppliers who had a complete X8 drop-in (screw-in) assembly (‘good’ reflector, brass pill, XML, & ‘3A’ driver) for a little over $20 shipped.

I am Ok with the light I got what I paid for (Alli Express One).

Now, I am thinking I want a real X8 for a NW XML2 swap is there one that has a good driver not next mode memory? I can replace the emitters but are a little wary on replacing the drivers.

FT and ManaFont have some but I am not sure how well driven they are.

So I mentioned I had added a stock of r500’s resistors to mine to bring the current draw up to ~3 amps.

I received an MT-G2 today from IO, and slapped it in. ~3.22 Amps tail current draw.

Nice job bdiddle. Sounds like you have really upgraded that light for minimal dollars. How do you like it so far?

It’s fine, lots of heat soak though. Trying to find some copper slugs to fix that. Also don’t know what emitter will stay in.

How many actual lumens do you suppose this light really puts out?

I don’t know jack s**t about measuring this stuff for real, but here’s a back of the envelope guesstimation: My copy does about .9A at the tail, giving about 1.8A to the driver. Assuming 75% efficiency that would give about 1.35A to the emitter. Based on one of Match’s tests that would mean about 500 emitter lumens produced. After reflector and window losses that might leave about 450 lumens.

But for how long you ask? This light, or at least the versionI have from an eBay seller, has a hollow pill and therefore pretty poor heat management without modding it. That means that while it might produce 450 at turn-on, it won’t stay there for very long unless it’s modded for better thermal transfer or you run it in a cold environment.

If it’s only getting 1.35A to the emitter, heatsoak will not be a huge issue.

However I think with the stock driver, it is more efficient at lower currents. When I boosted the output on mine, it had a steady decrease in efficiency down to ~70% at 2.7A tail cap current.

Mine is like FMC’s. The pill sits on a very thin ledge and has little physical contact with the light.

So how did you fix that?

I ordered a champagne one from this seller:

Later on I found this thread :~
As I am new to modding, what kind of parts would you suggest to solve expected issues on the cheapo side? (with links)

It really depends on what you get when it shows up and what you want to do with it. Are you going to be modding it and if so with what?

If it’s the same one I got you can fix the thermal issue with tinfoil. I took strips of tinfoil and carefully folded them into wedges that I could jam down between the pill and the body. Air is your enemy when it comes to doing this. You want to fold the tinfoil and insert it so that as little air as possible gets between the folds and between the pill and the body. If you take your time you can wedge a ton of tinfoil in there and then the heat will transfer very well. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s more than good enough for the MT-G2 mod mine has no heat issues at all, but I really took my time with each fold and managed to get them all jammed in really tight.

I never fixed it myself - moved on to a MTG2-C8 build with the zener modded nanjg board.

Maybe someone else has had a go at a fix?