Budget Headlamp wanted (reviews please)

Since my old "9 led headlamp" is not working properly anymore,

im looking for a cheap replacement.

Im not using it often, I guess 5 times a year or so..

these are ones that I found within a 10dollar budget.

1. This one on Ebay, 4.89 with battery compartment on the back of your head.. which I actually like.

2.a This one on Ebay, 5.86 says it has a cree led.. other ads like 2.b This one, show a Led, but they are more expensive (this last one might be a different one after all)

3. or just the cheapest one with zoom

4. at DX one including a red led.. might be useful for some purposes (probably I wont use it)

5. or for 9.44 including shipping one that DX has for 12.92 (little bit different)

6. just under 10 dollars, a nice looking one 9.99

I would like to keep it under 10 dollars..

My first choice would be 2.b for price.. but 6definitely looks the best.

any advice... ?

I have the last one I got it from DX it is really nice I recommend it. I put a 1D XML now it is much brighter has more flood and the tint is perfect. The only thing I don't like about it is it runs on 3aaa so I will convert it to a 18650 then it will be perfect.

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I got two of this one from BIC for just over $9 shipped as part of their BOGO promotion that ends on July 2nd. Was worth the gamble IMO. Will see if I won or not when they arrive. ;)


This one is pretty good for only $6 including shipping. I've seen it sell for about $15in local stores. It runs for 12+ hours on 3 AAA bats. It's pretty bright too, about 60 lumens.


I have that. Copy of princeton light and best of the cheapo non-cree ones. Beware some of the headlights say cree when they aren't, so make sure it is from the pics.

Thanks everyone!

I actually like the look of number 6 a lot!! (might go for that one)

but if the one from DX will work, that would be good as well,

depends on the modes, run-time. What I like is the size (of the princeton copy), its pretty small! and easily to put in my pocket.

Have only a tight budget, as Im still looking to get a ITP A3 for on my keys. (I bought one for my wife, and now I really want to have one for myself.. I bought it from Lightake, advertised as the older Q5, but received a R5 xpg!! yeah)

to E1320: do you know the run-time before the mod?

I am sorry i have no idea what the run time would be unmodified. I bought this light hopeing to be able to put a P-60 drop in in it so I took it apart as soon as i got it and when i realized the P-60 mod would not work but i had a 1D tint XML star i put it on immediately. If you are worried about runtime get anything that isn't a 3 aaa light they are the worst for runtime.

I've been meaning to get one of these for a while:


It's slightly over your target price, but has a built-in charger. One of these days I'll have enough spare cash to pick one up...

I detest 3xAAA lights, and would highly suggest going for one that uses an 18650. It will weigh less and have much, much better runtime, with no hassle with charging sets of batteries.



thanks for your reply.

there is not much choice within a 10dollar budget..

so I think the 3x AAA are the majority.

if the princeton DX really goes for as long as advertised, I might go for that one, nice size!

Hey Bushy I just got the 3aaa version of that sent to me today by mistake and I have to tell you I am not to impressed. I might be spoiled with the XML lamp I have now but that light does not have enough flood for my taste even with the lens set to full flood. I can't think of any reason you would need a headlamp to zoom in like so small like that. I might stick an XML in it if I can't get Focalprice to take it back.

Seems like the (bushytails advice) one from DX looks nice with the charger, but I have to get some 18650 batteries then.

And somehow I dont feel so comfortable with "explodable" batteries on my head! I rather have them in a holdable flashlight.

I think I will stick with AAA or if possible AA batteries.

I dont have to be impressed by any headlight, under 10 dollars.

So the one that dimeotane suggested (from DX)might be enough for me...
Just want to have other peoples opinions, especially with personal experience.

those headlamps look so cool. checked out the forum because i was looking for the same thing. im checking out more reviews of those headlamps you all posted. hope to find the perfect one.thanks!

I hope everyone who has used one of the ones mentioned will write their thoughts/experience like E1320 and agenthex..

greatly appreciated

Im considering buying number 5 or maybe 6..

number 5 uses AA batteries.. which I think will give it a much longer runtime than number 6.

Can someone help me with this..

Also, the thing I dont like about number 5 is that it doesnt have a "low" mode. Would it be easy to swap the driver? and how much would that cost?

Well, if you need the runtime, get the one w/ aa's. Otherwise this is one of the few situations where aaa's actually make sense for weight.

Headlamps in a way are the forgotten market for the budget factories. There are nice ones from UF for ~$30, and kinda trashy ones for $10, but nothing in between. I'd pay $15-20 for an angle light light or two built like the nicer models. I have the trustfire Z1, but there's no headband that fits it.

I think the Princeton Tech EOS available online if you search enough for $30 is the best budget headlamp available. Buying a $10 heavy zooming headlamp with no low mode and having to spend more to address that doesn't seem like a very good deal to me. The EOS has hi/med/low and high is 70 lumens. It's regulated, waterproof and I'm pretty sure it's much lighter weight than the headlamps pictured above. It uses 3 AAA's.

If the budget is really tight there are models in the $20 range from the main players. For some reason these budget headlamps just don't seem like a good deal to me. I have budget flashlights and they are just fine. Strapping a heavy $10 headlamp to my head just isn't as appealing (to me).

Go Ulrafire! UF-H2/H3/H4

Or spend double the money on the equivalent Zebralight.

Ask Mr. Admin here about it.

He knows a lot about eternal runtime lights.

+ 1

I also just noticed that the BD Spot is now $30 at some places (it was $40). Since the Storm came out I guess some places have decided to low it’s (Spot) price.
This is a light with spot and flood modes and they are controlled by an infinitely adjustable button. The spot mode (on the BD Spot) goes from 75 lumens to 4 lumens.
Does anyone use the Ultrafire H2 for hiking or is it too focused for that?

It's an ideal hiking light with a very even floody beam (About 600mm dia @ 500mm).