Bunch of Explorer "E-series" flashlights at manafont

I have spotted a lot of “explorer” “E-series” flashlight at manafont…

Some of them has “ring” selector instead of clickie for the mode change… and xpg-r5 in most…except some with rebel and some with XM-L. Some cheap, some reasonable priced, some not…

Some are AAA, some AA and some 18650, 123A

Let´s start:


1xAAA and 2xAAA class:

1xAAA E61 xpg-r5 (similar to tank E09) http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e61-cree-xpe-r2-5mode-led-flashlight-black-aaa-p-11821?rp=89597

1xAAA E73 Rebel LED http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e73-rebel-led-1mode-80lumen-led-flashlight-black-aaa-p-11814?rp=89597

2xAAA E72 Rebel LED http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e72-rebel-led-1mode-120lumen-led-flashlight-black-2aaa-p-11817?rp=89597


1xAA Class:

1xAA E91 Stainless Steel xpg-r5 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e91-cree-xpg-r5-5mode-led-flashlight-full-stainelss-steel-aa-p-11822?rp=89597

1xAA E82 titanium finish xpg-r5 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e82-cree-xpg-r5-led-4mode-led-flashlight-wmagnetic-modeadjustment-ring-titanium-finish-aa-p-11813?rp=89597


2xAA class:

2xAA E75 (seems to be zooming) xpg-r5 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e75-cree-xpg-r5-5mode-150lumen-led-flashlight-black-aa-p-11820?rp=89597

2xaa E83 xpg-r5 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e83-cree-xpg-r5-led-4mode-led-flashlight-wmagnetic-modeadjustment-ring-titanium-finish-2aa-p-11823?rp=89597


18650/123A class:

18650/2x123A XM-L E67 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e67-cree-xml-t6-5mode-400lumen-led-flashlight-black-186502cr123a-p-11819?rp=89597

18650/2x123A XM-L E81 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e81-cree-xml-t6-led-5mode-led-flashlight-wmegnectic-modeadjustment-ring-titanium-finish-186502cr123a-p-11815?rp=89597

18650/2x123A XM-L E54 with extension tube http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e54-cree-xml-t6-led-5mode-750lumen-led-flashlight-wextension-tube-black-186502cr123a-p-11816?rp=89597

1x 123A E84 titanium finish xpg-r5 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/explorer-e84-cree-xpg-r5-led-4mode-led-flashlight-wmagnetic-modeadjustment-ring-titanium-finish-aa-p-11818?rp=89597

It seems we have a “new” brand. Any more info about this brand???
This is going to be as what happened with bronte?

Nice selection, I hope they took advantage of the mag ring and used a forward clicky. They also look to be a good price, can’t wait for some reviews.

The E83 is tempting me, but…. In this moment, $ can not allow me to buy…

Also no references… Similar happend to bronte some months ago

I’m in the same boat, plus I want to see how manafont does with my first order, its marked as shipped on their site, but no confirmation emails as of yet.

Still, an AA with mag control ring would not break the bank, and perhaps allow me to get a feel for the brand. There’s a few explorer posts popped up today so we’ll see.


Yes, Manafont is not going very well these days…. :open_mouth:


About the women and the shoes…. AMÉN :bigsmile:

Yep, we’ll see though, hopefully they’ll get their sh together as they seem to carry some lights no one else does, correct uf-980l springs to mind.

Thanks for sharing.

E84 is too short for AA => its CR123A.

I was just looking at that hat one and thinking the same thing. Glad I’m not then only one to notice.

Sure wish we knew how low the low is on these ring controlled models.

Corrected. Thanks guys!! :wink:

Is it me or does their packaging is total Fenix’s ripoff :D?

OR maybe its Fenix’s budget line of lights, now that would be interesting :D?!

I don't know about your guys, but i just ordered for over 200 usd at mana after reading this thread. Largest single order I ever placed at a place like Mana. 6*E82 + 1*E57 + that 5C trustfire they have. I sure hope these are good as I plan on gifting a lot of them - most of them... ehh, well some of them away for christmas :-)

I guess what I was trying to say was thank you to OP. But that somehow got omitted in my mindless babble

Woops that was a E54 - hope to get a better UI on my go to dog/fox/drunk/burglar light.

61,5 mm bezel should net me 40 kCd if driven properly. And still fit in a back pocket.

Reviews please, since your going to have to make sure they work anyway…… :bigsmile:

I will try. Once I get home to them. I am not much of a reviewer though :-( But you will just have to get used to that :-)

Looks like the AAs might not be able to take 14500. 200 lumens.

Pretty close copy if you ask me.


lol :bigsmile: I really like that E82, quite similar to SWM I always wanted but couldn’t buy :cry: But those “100 lm”… quite low, don’t you think? :expressionless:
Anyway, hope you’ll be happy :smiley: Please, post your thoughts when you receive them :wink:

Magnetic ring models are really tempting for their prices. I find 2xAA lights useful for everyday purposes and to give to novice hands. So magnetic 2xAA looks promising for me. Now I just need to hear if magnetic ring works flawlessly. I once had a cheap magnetic ring light that needed mode ring to be changed to turn on even if the tail clicky was pressed, and it never could find a place in my bag.

The stainless steel one has an emitter picture that made me think if it had an Xp-G2 in it. The gray surrounding around the XP-G core is a sign of XP-G2, isn’t it? 100 lumen rating is a bit low for it to be a thrower though.

I don't expect it to be like a "HOLY SMOKES BATMAN - THATS BRIGHT" lights. But decent output with great UI sounds a lot more likely to get some use by non flashaholics. And that's all I'm hoping for. Nice lights that people will use again and again. Then the gift is good IMO.