buy 2 KeepPower 14500 and don't fit in! :(

It’s so frustrating!
2 KeepPower 14500 new from Banggood, this: 14500 battery
buy for use with a Mini Maglite 2xAA (I’ve to mod with MiniMatch Mod/1x XM-L) and they don’t fit any of my Mags!!! :_(
(I have 2 old mini mag)

Now I’m waiting another small crappy 14500 light, this: 14500 flashlight and I really hope that almost this will fit them! |(

Please, can somebody tell me wich 14500 battery run fine in minimags? Thank you

I think that this time I will spend not to much, so maybe try a Trustfire battery (but not Ultrafire)

Is it just the Keeppower label from stopping the batteries fitting. I have a 16340 and it is slightly larger in diameter than the Trustfires I had. The Keeppower has stopped all the flickering problems I had though.

Those are the DLG cells inside i think. They’re about the fattest of the Keeppower cells.

Use HKJ’s Reviews or this handy Battery Chart for checking sizes

OD or Length issues?

Wikipedia shows what is allowable for size for AA cells: AA battery - Wikipedia

Either the 14500 cells exceed that (probably due to protections board, plus wire, and or label and double coating).

My Efest unprotected 14500 are fine in diameter (.555”) but the length is .0025” too long (1.9925”) which is barely over the spec.

My XTAR protected 14500 are the right OD at .564” but way longer at 2.07”.

You probably need to use unprotected cells. Because we’re talking about a battery that’s already quite small (14500), the protection circuit adds ALOT to it in terms of size. So protected 14500s tend to have LOTS of problems fitting into most anything that takes AA batteries. Your best bet would be to find some unprotected Sanyo UR14500P batteries.

Early or old Mini Mags have a slightly narrower internal body diameter. Maybe this is part of the problem too. Personally I use Efest IMR 14500’s in my Match p60 style Mini Mag. They are a snug fit (it’s an early mini mag) but work fine.

Thank you very much to everybody, very usefull! :slight_smile:

now I’ll try to remove the label, but I’m not so sure it will be able to enter…

You need a set of those cheap digital calipers mate, so useful & will take the guesswork out.

Removing the label, I have gained something, now the 14500 enter, but you have to push a bit. Not so easy. If you push it all in, the battery does not come out anymore :~

That’s true. The black protect circuit bring a lot of space into the body of Mag…


That’s right too. Probably they are very old; I bought them used from a U.S. seller, who told me that he had found in an old drawer. The funny thing is that the blue one (one is blue, the other is gray), the 14500 enters, pushing it, even without the gray label, no. Do not enter …

I had the same with nitecore protected cells. I just removed the outer sleeve and the protection and they fit fine in the mag now.

Part of the problem was because the cells were wrapped, then the protection added, then wrapped again…

My mag aint a double-bagger!

Well done :slight_smile:
But I don’t know…remove the black protection will ruin the battery…
Now your nitecore cell is unprotected, right?

That’s true, infact I have not one…