Buying Sky Lumen VN

Considering buying an VN version of my next light. How is the buying experience with VN? I can tell quality seems good. But how about warrantee issues? Ok to use “friends and family” PayPal option? Etc


Just ordered & received an Acebeam H30 headlamp from him. Ordering process & communication was great. Ingot the extended warranty although I’ll unlikely need it

I don't use “friends and family” PayPal option unless I don't have a choice.

I haven't bought anything from VN however.

Yea I’ve always chose not to do fiends an family either, but it was mentioned as an additional 3% discount. Just wondering if it’s normal practice in the community with skylumen orders. Always up for saving but not if it might lead to issues. Thanks for the feedback

Yea so far great communication. I’ve had several questions. Did you do friends and family?

My one transaction with Vinh was very, very positive. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.

I can vouch for Vinh at skylumen. All I do is friends and family with him. I trust him so much I make my purchases via email and not on his website. I have been a customer since 2012 and will always be as long as he’s in business. He is one stand up guy. Highly recommend you try at least one of his lights.

Nice. Sounds like a great guy. Thanks

Thanks. Sounds great. Did you do friends and family PayPal option for additional savings? I’m just worried of missing or damaged item. Won’t have it covered by pay pal

Have you had any issues with any of your lights from him? I’m just concerned if light comes or gets damaged or missing etc.

Same here. Fast response to info and questions. Clear answers.
Always trying as good as he can to make it right for you.
And one of the few sellers where the word warranty actually means something.

If you want to buy pimped light go for it. Waste of money if you ask me.

Any problem Vinh will take care of it. He’s here to stay so I don’t have a problem using f&f

June, 2015 is when I discovered Vinh, when I realized that my favorite US supplier would not be offering the Noctigon Meteor M43vn XP-L.

So, the first reason why I went with Vinh was his providing on-time wide variety of offerings.

2. Supply and support stateside, no months long slow boat to/from East Asia.

3. He does mods that I can't do: Boost and choice of alternative emitters, etc, etc.

4. Prompt, friendly attention to infrequent hiccups.

5. Prompt, friendly response via email.

6. Heartfelt, personable, spiritual presence on the forum.

Please see: 245 posts, 11,101 views in this forum.

And: 334 posts, in this forum. And others similar.

I am not sure about paypal specifics. You can email him and ask him.

And last, but eventually most, 7. After buying 26 lights from Vinh in the past four and a half years, and after lots of friendly, helpful and personable emails and one friendly, brief instant answer phone call, I consider him to be my very close to primary spiritual asset/spiritual connection in this phase of my life on the sometimes hostile surface of this earth, painfully impacted by evil people.

In general, I won’t do F&F. Vinh’s reputation and my own previous experience is that I would be comfortable making the exception.

Okay, great feedback. It’s clear he’s an honest, upstanding, caring, legit asset to our hobby. Thanks.

Actually, I have no idea what the friends & family is. I just used my normal PayPal.

If you choose f&f instead of “good and services” it’s a 3% savings but it doesn’t cover item if it doesn’t get shipped, is lost, or damaged etc. It leaves pay pal out in case there’s issues. With “goods and services” pay pal will refund your money etc.

So f&f is basically used if you really trust the seller etc. But even if you do, the seller still might not cover if it’s lost or damaged by the carrier etc.


-Backs up warranty
-Lights arrive in timely fashion

-Over priced
-Takes on too much[one man show] resulting in more mistakes
-Can Not handle constructive criticism

I say just buy the light with your regular PayPal until you are ready for friends and family. Once the relationship is established you will feel more comfortable. Unless the light you are purchasing is super expensive 3% really isn’t that much of a savings anyways.

I personally have bought multiple multiple lights from him and have only had good experiences.

Buy the light you want. You won’t regret it.