¿Can somebody recommend me a precision screwdriver set at budget price but with hard steel and no butter steel like one i have?

¿Can somebody recommend me a precision screwdriver set at budget price but with hard steel and no butter steel like one i have?. It's for screws of the folder knives that i have.

I bought this http://www.dealextreme.com/p/bisheng-31-in-1-precision-screwdrivers-for-electronics-diy-30-piece-set-21938?item=112 and it's rubbish, if you use one or two times (literally) the plugs are dameged and unuseful due to the butter steel with that were made.

I knew a lady blacksmith that went by that name. Smoking body and face, but her steel...not so much. :Sp


lol, great reply Johnny! ;o)

@OP - to be honest, I think budget and precision just don't really go together when it comes to precision screwdrivers. I've tried many budget "precision" screwdriver sets and most, like you've said are butter steel. They twist and deform the first time you use them. I've had the best luck with a set I purchased from Radio Shack as well as some generic ones that are black steel. Those tend to be harder and not deform. Sorry but I don't have any specifics to recommend at the moment.

Good one Johhny! LOL

Seriously though, Xatu, I've had really good luck with this one. Tips are pretty hard and chromed. I use it all the time.


Actually, this is my all time fav:


Not quite budget but they do go on sale from time to time. The bits are the best I've ever experienced and have lasted me for years. I also like the fact you can store the other bits in the tailcap.



Thank you for responses, i prefer to buy from china,it is better for european customs. But, the examples have only a few of tips, mine has 31 tips. Something of hard steel like http://dx.com/9-in-1-handy-precise-screwdrivers-set-green-56562?item=74 but with more tips don't exist?.

And for the last, i think my english isn't very well and i don't understand the joke of JohnnyMac: "Smoking body and face, but her steel...not so much"

Smoking body and face? like a ghost?. And her steel no so much? wich is the sense? i don't understand it.

It is a variant of an old way of saying a woman is unattractive by calling her a “butter face”. This means she has a beautiful sexy body, but her face Is not attractive…“butter face”. Kind of hard to explain if English isn’t your native tongue, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

xatu, try getting screwdrivers from the better Chinese brands - Best, Weitus and Robust Deer. Pro'sKit is also good, but usually more expensive.

These usually have better quality than the other brands or no-name products.

Also, the kind JohnnyMac suggested are very good, I use them myself. You should get several, to cover the different tip sizes and shapes you need. They're more expensive combined than those 20, 30, 40 in 1 sets, but are more convenient to carry around and sometimes you need several screwdrivers simultaneously so having multiple hosts is handy.

Yes, english isn't my native tongue, i try it only. Yes, i understand now, butter face, flabby, yellow and greasy , in generally ugly face.

The green screwdriver set seems good but with no many tips, only 9. A have seen another set with black tips (will be hard?) --> http://www.dealextreme.com/p/32-in-1-realistic-type-precise-screwdriver-set-128136?item=5

mmm i think that perhaps i will buy the recommended --> http://www.dealextreme.com/feedbacks/BrowseReviews.dx/sku.56562

I bought this one over 6 months ago

I kept stripping the cheap hex keys I bought for my RC car, about $40 worth of hex keys later I got this because it was recommended to me by a friend.

It has nearly every bit you will need and its very hard steel and I have never rounded any of the bits unlike most cheap stuff.

Is this any good?


Is BeiSiTe tools the same as BEST tools?

Judging by this pic looks like it is:


Are you completely sure that that tips aren't of butter steel? the tips don't damage itself when you use it?

I received (free) the "Benchmade Blue Box" Torx screwdriver set with a Benchmade I purchased. Most of my folders use the torx head, and I was surprised how good this little compact set was. You can buy this set everywhere for around $10 bucks.

This is just an example I've never purchased anything from bladehq


Xatu is from Spain and it appears that BladeHQ wont ship outside USA, and if they did shipping would probably cost as much as set or even more :)

Im also interested in these tools and so far have found RobustDeer, BEST and Weitus tool* sets between 4 and 12$ at Tmart, DD and Buyonme, if anyones interested, simply search for "precision set" and you should find some.

*since Haggai suggested that these are top quality budget brands, I have no experience myself other than one chinese tools set that Ive had no use of for years :D

I use a set of Craftsman micro screwdrivers, they work great, with a lifetime warranty. Make sure and get the traditional kind, not the "Craftsman Professional" , because they break.

Im sure, Ill take some pics later.