CANCELED - Group buy feeler thread: Ultrafire LW-12T6

I was not supposed to talk about this yet, but as the issue surfaced in the deal alerts thread..

We are arranging a GBGB of Ultrafire LW-12T6 <-- affiliate link (= "Thank you for the GB!"), non-aff link here

The light is reviewed here:, and price will be under the price mentioned in the deal alerts thread.

Two questions:

1. Who is interested?

2. Would a L2 version be desired (even at a bit higher price) or should we go with the old L-T6?

List of interested members:

  1. _the_
  2. 18sixfifty
  4. dangerous
  5. saypat
  6. needmorlts
  7. aoeu
  8. ImA4Wheelr
  9. JohnnyMac
  10. heggood
  11. NobleX13
  12. Boro
  13. MoZuKa
  14. leaftye
  15. InfinitusEquitas
  16. blueb8llz (with some conditions)
  17. arekm
  18. Lightsaber (L2 only)
  19. Dru_dragon
  20. magnet
  21. Richwouldnt
  22. dhsvcs
  23. musket3
  24. g_sintornillos
  25. jf
  26. 3daysofdarkness
  27. Bar co
  28. Richie086
  29. Tom E
  30. Samnang
  31. M78

Good Day _the_, :)

I suggest You include a link to the Ultrafire LW-12T6 at the appropriate etailer....

Best Regards,


Thanks George! Link added to OP.

I would be in for one or more even but only if I know what driver is in it. If it has the same driver as the one from lightscastle then I’m in. But people have been reporting that they are not all the same driver and that the other driver is not even close to the lumens I was getting with the lightscastle driver.

Also if it does have the right driver then I would prefer XM-L2’s it’s worth it for me.

If this is the same as the one 18sixfifty reviewed that puts out 7000 lumens then I am definitely interested

We are trying to source the exactly same light than what's sold at Lightscastle.

To make sure, I will test the sample and check the driver before this GB is officially launched.

I'd prefer L2 version too, but am afraid that it will be somewhat more expensive. Price negotiations are still ongoing..

I’m in either way, but I’m willing to pay a bit more for L2.

over 12 inches long, one inch for each emitter! Interested here!

You’re right, the internet is free territory so I will warn others as I see fit. Thanks for reminding me. The OP deliberately hid the ulterior content of the link he created which is frowned upon on this forum. He knows it because he has been asked to cease this activity before. Also watch the marketing campaign clip the shill is using from his link to learn the purpose of what is being hidden. Its affiliate marketing.

YEP. Count me in.

What will the mode spacing be?

Please don’t purport to speak for the rest of us by pointing out things that are ‘frowned upon on this forum’. You’ve been a member for 3 years and you’ve got 14 posts. Your sig is some rant about shilling. WHat’s up with that?


I’m willing to pay a little extra for the XML2 model. XML>XML2 difference x 12 is significant!


It's too much for me. I can't come close to keeping up. If I could, I'd have several $500 flashlights.

I just wanted say I completely disagree with bb1usaf. Ignore him.

I'm interested, especially if it's L2 (It would be nice if they would tell us the specific bin and tint).

While I disagree with parts of your post, I will admit that I did not look at the website before saying it was only for tracking purposes. My bad.

This is/going to turn into a cycle of butthurt, and a rehashing of topics better covered in other threads. I’m out. Deleting all my previous posts to clean this thread back up. Sorry the for the intrusion.

I apologize for not including the non-aff link in a hurry.

However, what is even more not cool, is to mess up a GB thread with this affiliate discussion. There are a number of threads for it and the conclusion, agreed by Mr. Admin (our one and only moderator), is that affiliate links are ok as long as they are not hidden. My signature has warned you about them for a long time already, so that part should be covered.

I'll add the non-aff link for your pleasure right away. After that, let's stop the affiliate discussion in this thread and continue discussing about the GB or the light. If you feel a need to discuss about aff-stuff, you can continue in a new thread (or some of the old affiliate threads).

Count me in, brother, as long as the price is right. Not sure how much lower the price can go than it is but if it gets close $50 I might be in.