CANCELED - Group buy feeler thread: Ultrafire LW-12T6

Glad to see this is beginning to grow wings. I am interested in the L2 version. Preferably the grey color option but I know that may not be possible. Thanks for working on this GB.

Yeah, hard work since 7/11.. After two weeks of back and forth emails, we are almost there..

The light is so heavy that only the shipping cost is $15-20, but we are currently talking of about $60 shipped for L-T6 version (or more for L2 - no exact info yet).

We are talking also about changing the modes, but haven't got confirmation from the manufacturer. I'd like to have it 4-mode with good spacing, without blinkies, with working mode memory, and higher PWM. I'm even willing to pay more if that can be achieved..

Count me in.

$60 sounds doable. :)

Both examples of mine (Lightcastle) do not accept protected batteries; please advise if this version is similar.

Received and ordered one month apart. Exactly the same and very, very bright.


Very interested in this materializes, especially if there are changes to the driver to get rid of blinkie modes, have mode memory, better spacing, and L2.


Good point. I'll test that if/when I get the sample.

I’m in for L2.

I see that you're trying to arrange this with Gearbest. If it's a long duration group buy like it was with the Opus charger, then I'll get one. I just don't have money for it right now, so I hope it doesn't end as quickly as most group buys. And I definitely want the L2 version. If I were to throw out a number, I'd say L2's are worth $10 more.

I don't care about the driver since I plan to swap it with a BLFDD version.

Please add me to the interested list. Even if it's xml not l2, and with no changes to driver I'm still pretty interested.

im in only if it has mode memory or start on high and the same 7000 lumen light 18650 reviewed

I still haven't gotten around to it, but apparently it should be very easy to short the capacitor on these so get rid of next mode memory. Even having it always start on high (preferably low!) would be a benefit though.

Interested, L2 preferred but depends on the price. I hope it will be interesting.

XM-L2 interest only and driver DD on high as per 18sixfifty review.

Count me in assuming the same DD driver.

I’m in

There is a lot of group buy fatigue right now. I sure feel it. This one, though, seems to have the best potential value because of the cell capacity, heat sinking, and throw (I hear). I may be wrong because I don't really follow multi-emitters. Anyone have an thoughts/info I should be aware of?

I would say the 12 XM-L I modded here is way better.

The head of the light in this GB is only 74mm according to GearBest. That is the same as a typical 9 XM-L light, if not smaller. Since its using 12 emitters, you will get smaller reflectors, and less throw. With a 12 emitter light you already have enough floo IMO. I also think the reflector design is bad, and not optimized.

The 12 XM-L light I linked to uses 6 18650 cells instead. Offers better runtime and potentially more oomph at lower weight per mAh.

Ofcourse, its preference when it comes to formfactor and such. The 12 XM-L stubby will also have more amps running through it since its only 2 cells in series, and that can be a con.

Personally, if I wanted a toilet plunger with a head size of less than 80mm, id rather have a 9 emitter light. Easier to make a more usable beam, and still enough emitters to make it overheat in no time if you make it into a hotrod.

Not a fan of the design of this light either. Looks like they took the battery tube from a completely different light. Just looks wrong to me.

If people are going not going to mod it, and get the "good powerful driver", then this is probably great value.

If they are going to mod it in order to get rid of blinky modes, or fix the annoying next mode memory, then they might as well look for the better host. A 9 XM-L light can usually often be bought for as low as 50$. With a GB, probably lower. A zener modded fet driver can be built for around 7$, and max output does not need to be 100% if that is too much. That could give you similar performance, but with better throw and lower price for a modded light.

Just my opinion...

I think you meant flooders? If not, this is certainly not the right thread. :D

I prefer multi emitter flooders with an emitter number that can be divided on cell number (in series) and end up with a nice even number. Easy to mod with FET driver in case the stock driver is junk. Which it usually is.

J12 and 18 does not fit that criteria. But there are ways around it. Ouchyfoot have some interesting mod threads.

A 9 XM-L light can normally be picked up for 49$. Example. If you can get a coupon on top of that, you could be looking at closer to 45$. I cant verify build quality, but usually most of those lights are very similar as far as my experience goes.

May not be the right thread for discussion other lights either...