Candy colored 501b's

I don't recall anyone posting these up yet so sorry if this is a repost. DX has some colored UltraFire 501B lights with 5, 3 or 1 mode XM-L for $13.50. Look really nice for you folks that love their lights in colors other than black.

* Click the pics to go to the pages on DX ;)


Click the pics. :wink:

Now if they sold that red and the blue in 501A size I'd have to get one of each.

Saw those and wish could just get the host only! That red one rocks! Might even get the wife the purple one, wonder if thats what she wants for Christmas

I found the blue one as a host ($7). I’m tempted. I love that blue.

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ChiggerPepi had pictures of a blue one here where he burned the LED:

There’s another blue light at DX that looked interesting:


Luckily, their still not convincing me to buy a p60 light. Nice try though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesomeness. already have the blue one!

Although, I think mine is a little more Royal Blue. I ordered this one:

I like the blue but when I know I could get a Solarforce host for not much more, I can’t see buying them. The Solarforce feels like quality and these 501s and 502s feel cheap.

Is it just me that thinks that ultrafire brted linked has the look of a mag control ring?

$25 for the Solarforce (plus shipping) vs. $7 for the 501B (free shipping). I agree the Solarforce is certainly way better, but it’s BLF.

$7 is good but for just $5 more you get a p60 drop-in with an XM-L and driver.

Has the look, but it is is listed as a 5-mode light, so I doubt it. Also in gold or black.

Agree. But I already have too many cool white XM-L drop-ins with blinky modes.

I agree its doubtful, just has the look. Be cool if it was though.

How many Ampere do you measure?

Your blue is a little bit different in the branding (take a look at the a) as JohnnyMac’s. Maybe different companies which produce the flashlights - which is better?

I love the red one, I got to order it. It matches my new car!

Joe C

Yeah, the two are DEFINITELY made at different factories.

I just pulled up both on DX and did a side by side comparison of the photos. They’re certainly different, and to be honest, I couldn’t see any way I liked the lighter blue version better. It looks inferior. I’d buy the one I have over again, plus the blue looks better IMHO anyway.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what amperage it pulls with the stock driver, I removed it the day I got it and replaced it with a reprogrammed Nanjg 105c. So mine pulls 2.8 amps now. (I’ve since also replaced the led with a U3)

Because I have an irrational bias against 18650s, but like colored lights (actually, my sons have red and blue ECC gear collections), I was wondering if any of y’all know if those hosts will accept 2xcr123a instead of the 18650? Of course I’d have to switch the drop in also (can always use these in their L2Ms), but will the main tube take two cr123a batteries and can the tail cap/switch handle that as well?

In any event, thanks for posting this up Johnny.