CAUTION Nitenumen NE01 overcharging

Hey guys i though i would share my knowledge that the Nitenumen NE01 is over charging cells! I know some people who don’t check cells may have bought this light so just warn them if you get a chance.

I just got it today so i was running some test i am not sure how it is meant to work. My light stays blue when charging and i have managed to get a cell up to 4.25 volts it is a protected cell so i guess it would stop accepting charge soon. I currently have another cell inside and it at 4.22 volts i will leave it for a little longer and see what happens. Okay so this cell is now at 4.26 volts i am not sure if it will stop charging!

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Is your DMM reading the correct voltage?

Just draining cell for first test
will report back here


I’m away in a moment, will check my NE01 on monday if more data is needed.

Yea my multimeter is perfect my cells where on 4 volts even when charging

Thanks for the warning. I will test my NE01 today.

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I have a couple sets of the LGD1 button top cells. These cells can be charged to 4.35volts. I topped one of them off on a Nitecore D2 charger where it was full at 4.2volts. Put it in the NE01, and it’s now at 4.3v and climbing. If it climbs to 4.45v I’m going to stop it, don’t want to damage these cells.

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I wonder if the charger will stop at all that is super high if you charge a standard cell to 4.45 you are starting to push the limits.

I wonder too, but we’re going to find out. This needs to be known before someone burns their house down.

Here it is at 4.3v

My NE01 charges my cells to 4,19V. I tested a couple of cells from different brands and the charging process always stopped at the save level under 4,25V.


It appears to have stopped charging at 4.3v. I’m going to leave it on for the rest of the day. I never did get the red light while charging.

I never trust built in charger.
Thank you for sharing.

Just tested the NE01 I have in daily use. It cuts off at 4.23V after reducing the charge-current down to 60mA. The blue LED just keeps burning, even when the charge-current has switched to zero, so there is no information when it is fully charged. :rage:

I will test the other 3pcs soon. Better I test the one I gave to a friend some days ago as well.

And my first charging I cut off
It was at 4,30v
I could not continue.

I am actually testing two of them. Nitenumen and the Soonfire which is a rebranded Nitenumen. Both are sitting at 4.3v currently

Just tested No 2 and 3.
No 2 shows same behavior as No 1 (see #12), but No 3 keeps loading the battery, I just fully loaded with No 2, with 350 mA. Battery used for testing is a brand new Samsung 18650 30Q button top. As I don´t want to to ruin one of my 30Q, I´m going to rerun the test with one of my older xxxfire batteries.

Well, both of mine bottomed out at 4.3v this evening. Not going to use the usb charger unless I have to at one point or another. What people can do is use the LG-D1 18650. It’s a 4.35v 3000mAh button top cell. Richard sells them for $7.15 each. Maybe some of the chinese sellers sell them too. At least you won’t be over-charging those.

At what point does it become dangerous? Around 4.25-4.30volts? depending on the battery quality i guess.

I don’t necessarily think it’s so dangerous, rather may shorten the life cycles of a 4.2v rated cell. Battery experts may say different I don’t know. Certainly would use brand cells from the big 4, and not some xxxfire cell.

It is not dangerous, but unnecessary “stress” on the battery and as RobertB wrote, it will shorten life cycles as it gains oxidation of the electrodes inside the cell.

NOw this is good info
So the charging is not good, it can overcharge BUT that does not pose dangers it just shortens the lifespan of the cells used?
I am not sure what to do with this info hmmmm, gonna check if Gearbest sells these 4.35V cells