Charger can make the shorter life for the battery ?


I just lost my iphone11 charger and I have used Anker A2023 charger for 3 months, the phone battery was 100% health, but after 3 months with Anker charger, seem the battery situation is not good, checked and found the battery just only 83% health.
I just wonder the battery life also will be shorter if the quality of the charger is not good ? Can some one face the same issue ? the quality of charger can make the battery life shorter if it can provide more A than the phone needs ?
(I checked A2023 and still saw it can provide 5V/1A or 5V/2.4A stably for other devices.)


There is no way you can prove the charger damaged the battery unless you can show the charger is faulty.

I have about 15 Anker chargers and I never had a problem with any of them. They are considered one of the best.

The charger is merely providing current. The phone controls the charging.
Something would have to be quite amiss with the charger to damage the battery. Anker tends to make decent stuff.
OTOH, the manner in which the owner uses the battery has far more impact on battery life.
Try to keep the charge in the 80% > 20% level. In the long haul it will make a difference. With newer phones not having any easy way to change the battery (replacement cheap eBay batteries are generally crap anyway), that becomes more important if you keep the phone awhile.

Do NOT discharge to low battery cut-off, and try to not charge it to 100% and simply leave it there for long periods. Plugging it in just before bed will do some of that every single day. Death by lots of little cuts.

FWIW, a buddy and I got identical phones at the same time. 3 years later I did a controlled capacity test of the batteries, on appropriate test equipment, not the phone itself. I had 76% capacity remaining. His phone battery was 50%.

You might think about getting a USB current tester to check voltage, current, and capacity throughput. This one is not too bad and easy to use. There are hoards of options of these kind of devices.

Lots of things impact your phone’s battery lifespan. If you can afford it, don’t worry about it too much and just change the battery/pay for a battery replacement when the battery drains too quickly on you. Fast charging for one creates a lot of heat which decreases batteries lifespans from what I’ve heard.

Yah, it is quite hard to prove the charger issue. Hmmm, anyway, I will change to use RAVpower instead. Thank you

Thank you a lot for your explaination. I just changed the charger to another brand, hope it is fine.

RAVpower? There are LOTS of those ‘things’. Powerbanks, USB power….which one?
I wish you the best of luck, but I doubt it’s going to make any difference. Without some monitoring tools, how are you going to know?

How many phones even have an option to replace the battery? And even for those that have replaceable batteries finding a decent one that’s also inexpensive is not easy.

a CHARGER can damage a BATTERY ( for instance by not terminating charge at 4.21V )

but the situation with a phone is not that
the CHARGER is inside the phone
the outside thing with USB on it, is just a power supply
that might damage the phone or its internal charge section, if it was severely over 5V
under normal conditions though it does not do that
still you would have to know what it did and when
speculating later does not prove anything

Thank you for your explaination, I feel ok with the new RAVpower one now _,
an update to all of you : Anker A2023 charger I used to charge my Iphone 11 before, I gave it to my……wife, to let her can charge her Iphone 11Pro + Ipad, and after 2 months, she also informed me that she saw her iphone gets the shorter battery time ( _ I will never explain , I just purchased a new iphone charger for her from Apple store)

for an i phone you can’t really get oem battery no matter what the seller says, i tried several “oem” from amazon and ebay, all looked legit, but performed worse than old one i replaced, i think only apple service would put oem cell, but even that is not 100%, pretty sure other phones are no different,
my wife’s iphone 11pro with usb C included charger, charges the phone from dead to full in a bit over an hour, but it does not get that hot, wireless charge however makes it very hot. i had a ipad case with wireless charger, that i most of the time kept on its base, it got so hot that over time batteries inflated like pillows and the screen opened like a book.

Was the ipad wireless charger used an oem unit?

That pretty scary, and dangerous.

:open_mouth: it is quite dangerous. I thought Anker is a good brand name for the charger product so I selected it before, but after your post, I think I also should have a check my RAVpower charger also. When I used SamSung Note 9 before, I used the different chargers without any prob, but after changed to Iphone, I just faced the prob with the Universal USB charger ( the original charger of Iphone may be better ?)

Its very rare that I side with the chinese sweatshop but this is not the fault of Anker. Apple batteries are complete crap. IMHO, this is by design to get you to keep upgrading your product. Lithium batteries can and will last ten years. There is no reason the phone battery should be any different. Anker has nothing to do with Apple’s inferior technology.

So Apple puts a battery in the iphone. The battery is not replaceable and they tell you if you try and do so, they will void your warranty. So when the battery fails after a year, they expect the customer to throw their phone out and lay out another $1000 to buy the same Apple crap again.

How many times are consumers going to get screwed before they say enough is enough and switch brands.

Do you remember Apple’s “generous” phone recycling program? They got people to send in their phone for free to be properly recycled.

Guess what, Apple made $$billions from that program. Turns out there are a few grams of gold in each phone. Guess they did not tell you that BEFORE you sent in your phone .

Do you remember Apple was caught using software that purposely locked out the phone battery after certain time forcing people to change phones. They claimed it was for the consumers safety.

DID YOU KNOW—-Apple products are made by a Chinese company named Foxconn. Foxconn is one of the biggest sweatshops in China. They made the news years ago because their employees were committing suicide jumping out the window at the workplace. It seems they thought the 18 hr work day was excessive.

others phones are no different, equivalent Samsungs, pixels…. are no cheaper than apple, have the same non user replicable battery, and will void warranty if you open them.

as far as 10 years battery, yea, any li ion can do that with 40/80 cycle. but with 10 or less/100 cycle you only get 300-500 cycles, with lithium cobalt chemistry, i still have working first gen ipod touch, it is definitely older than 10 years, but i almost never use it. the battery is still pretty health for its age.

I’m not sure if my “guess explanation” would be right or not:

but it could be the Anker A2023 has “voltage boost” feature — which means, it will attempt to supply as much charging current with slightly less good cables, unlike a less powerful charger.

This would mean the device being charged is charging at a slightly faster speed (a bit higher current) than your usual charger — a faster charging current will result in a bit more heat to the device/battery, so that could degrade the unit slightly faster.

But I think this shouldn’t effect the battery too noticeably (unless it’s overnight charging every time?)

Hmmm, Agreed with d_t_a, yeap, I kept Anker A2023 working overnight as my bad habit : plug the charger to phone then leave it there until the morning.

In post #3 I suggested you not do that. Yes, it’s more convenient. But……it ends up sitting for MUCH longer at 100% charge, which is harder on the battery. That is just a fact of lithium battery life. This would be especially true if it’s capable of fast charging and the Anker allowed that.
Manufacturers are into convenience, not long term reliability in hardly anything any more. Consume, consume, consume……an make more trash.

If you want it charged s…l…o…w…l…y over night get a really low output (like 0.5A) USB and a 6’ cord. That’ll slow it down.

This is nothing new. Apple is one of the most uncompetitive companies out there. Even people trying to fix older apple products are given grief by apple. Worse yet, other companies are starting to emulate them. At this point, the vast majority of smartphones are disposable. Use them for a couple of years and then replace them with a new one. If you don’t, the’ll slow it down so much, you’ll want to buy a new one anyway. Tablets look to be going the same way. It’s sad that this is the way it is, because there’s no need for it be like this.