Cheapest recoil from ebay ~9$

I got this from ebay. As I see, it is almost (or exactly) the same as UF WF-008, sipik CK361, TORCHLIGHT ZY-C74.
It looks simple, and cheap, but for this price it is ok.
Tailcap current depends the internal resistance of the cell. With a very good Sanyo battery I got 1.6-1.7A. Ouch!
With a good trustfire "only" 1.3-1.4A. The light output is not bad, but not so impressive. I expected more.
I measured 21-22000lux @1m with sanyo cell (1.6-1.7A), and 19-20000lux with trustfire (1.3-1.4A).
The low mode is rather medium with 0.3A, and 5000lux. No memory function (like UF WF-008).
Overall it is ok for the price, but could be better.

left to right:

c8 clone xm-l 25000lux

ebay recoil 21000lux

x2000 xr-e Q5 1.3A 15000lux

Does not look fully focused ,

Yes, you are right, but does not matter so much, when it is in proper focus, maybe a little dimmer...

I think he may have meant the light not the camera?

Of course the light, not the camera.

In that case why would correct focus make it dimmer? I'm confused...

Because that's the truth. I tried it. :) When the emitter is in the proper focus, I got a little less lux. Proper focus= when you see clearly the cree pattern.

I'm not doubting that its true. Its just that I can't understand why its happening. Focus should concentrate the output into a tighter area and therefore equal greater lux. Although obviously the total OTF light could drop.

I dont know. Same situation with my some aspherical lenses. When the cree pattern is out of focus a little bit -> more lux. Maybe aberration of the lens or something like this.

Post it Note to Willie:

Something to try with a light meter, although the die lines looks cool, UN-focus aspherical for more lumen

The mirror on this looks like little more than a slightly cupped disk. If you look at a quality recoil you will see a carefully designed mirror that is carefully shaped and covers the entire inside of the head from the lens all the way to the rear of the head. It is much better than the new SS recoil at DX that is literally just a flat mirror disk at the rear of the head. LOL.

I measured 39.5mm head diameter, so I think it has the same reflector as the dx recoils.

C8 is a better thrower, 32k lux vs 22k lux.

edit: C8 with xr-e 32k lux, C8 with xm-l 3.5A 24-25k lux