Choose your BLF LT1 Color Preference!

silver please

If clear ano is unavailable, perhaps an option could be bare, un-anodized Al? Simple metal polish such as cotton wadding-based products (Nevr-Dull) are easy to apply, retain natural OEM shine, and one application lasts a very long time. It's my go-to stuff for polished Al wheels, motor covers etc. on my vintage and modern motorcycles.

An owner might even wish to allow the unfinished and unpolished Al to develop it's natural patina, in keeping with light as tool vs light as industrial art.


Voted for orange, but i like the Coleman green as well.

Either green first, FDE or sand second.

voted red, orange good too.

Interesting that the “top three” has not changed, although they are changing places with each other a little. Yay for Olive Green in the lead! (barely) :partying_face:

Maybe Sofirn will make all three? Hoping! :partying_face:

To me OD Green is the only one that doesnt look like a toy…… but that’s JMO
It seems there were many that also had OD Green as a 2nd choice …… so if 1st and 2nd votes were combined…. OD green would be the leader by larger margin.

Voted for 021/ blaze orange, what else could I vote for as a Dutchmen :wink: (And it looks great as well)
2: 356 Coleman green is nice as well.
3: 7503 Flat dark earth

What about a condorcet voting process, where people can express multiple preferences in a listed order?
ToyKeeper set one up a while ago to find out the preferences for the FW3A LEDs and CCT.

The three that I like the most are winning! I hope I can get all 3 colors.

Voted for blue because its my favorite but hopefully they offer most of these because I’ll be buying at least 4.

–286 Blue (would prefer a brighter tint like Olight uses but any blue good)
–021 Blaze Orange
–574 Olive Green

Those are some very nicely done colors, all of them.

Keep in mind that these are simulations to gauge general interest.
We’re waiting for real factory samples.


I would order the Forrest green and a red one.

Vote for Olive

021 Blaze-Orange
356 (Coleman/Forest) Green
186 Sofirn Red
286 Sofirn Blue

Orange body with blue top~!

I don’t see any hello kitty pink, but in all seriousness these look amazing, and I hope they will be here by batch 2.

Well, I love that the greens (356,574) are kickin’ ass.
’course it ’pends on Sofirn sourcing them.