Choose your BLF LT1 Color Preference!

If they build these in these colors, then buy 1of each and lego the parts. :smiley:

just curious why orange get most votes…fall effect… :slight_smile:

I’m liking the
Olive Green

You may be joking about the hot pink…but I still want!

FDE and Olive

Never underestimate the power of Krylon… :partying_face:

My lanterns will be used mainly in civilized everyday environment (bed light, late diner in the garden, power outage at home) so my first choice is for neutral colors (black and maybe FDE) but if i were to use them in the wild i would go for something that can be spotted easily like bright orange (or radio-active green, hello kitty pink, ...)

So i might for one of each :

  • Black
  • FDE
  • Orange

A bit late to the voting booth…

and… RED!

I’d vote for orange too if it were more fluorescent or brighter somehow…

Come on Red!!!


What about this purple colour that Flying Luminosity posted of the FT03? ✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX FT03 in BLUE & GREEN - Arrived!

Raw milled aluminum like the raw a6

Blue & Red please. I need bright colors in my life.

The more I look at the red, the more I like it. Very visible from a distance in the daylight and it reminds me of the vintage Coleman red.

The red reminds me of Ironman.

Any word on whether Batch 2 might include Color options? :heart_eyes:

We are hoping there will be :smiley:

I’m thinking that the Olive Green actually looks on screen more like I remember Coleman green to be. I know DBSAR did his own comparison to come up with the Forest Green colour, but it seems too light.

The Orange would be my next choice, I think.

The more I look at mine, the more I think it would look really nice in Sofirn Red.

Any update on color options?

Red with gold bezel